karvachauth – raglak os

Hi guys its sargam back wid an os on our deary couple raglak.
It starts after this leap,swasan r united by ragu’s efforts ,I don’t want to go in their descriptions coz my focus is raglak now.they r in mm .
So lets start-
A girl was sitting in her room wid her head down when she hears a voice from outside”ragini cum outside”.she lifts her head and is revealed to be ragini.her eyes r swollen wid traces of tears still visible on her cheeks.she composes herself and answers-“yes I m coming swara”.
She stands up and looks around the room.
Ragini’s pov-laksh where r u??see this room has only ur essence,ur memories.i m living jst on this remembering u in each and everything around.i tried to go away from here,from our room,from ur memories but I failed miserably ……….coz atleast here I have that feeling of u around me.i cud sense u here.pls laksh cum back now I cant tolerate it……….bardaasht nahi hota humse yeh soonapan,apki kami khalti hai hume,nahi reh sakte hum apke bina……..ab toh aa jaiye.hamare liye na sahi par hamare pyaar ke liye hi aa jaiye naa………..(and she burst into tears again)swara came here after her patch up with sanskar ,I m happy for them but I don’t have u to share my happiness,it was a tym when u cant even see tears in my eyes and now see where ur disappearance has led me to,I am dieing here each moment without u but u are not here.but don’t worry I still have hopes that my laksh ,my love will return to me.
(she wipes her tears and goes to washroom to get ready).
She comes out wearing a simple red sari with her sindoor and magalsutra on.
Ragini(looking at mirror)-our love is not bound to these symbols(looking at her mangalsutra)humara pyaar inka mohtaj nhi hai par humne yeh pehne hai kyunki hum toh yakin karlenge ki aap yahin hai par yeh log nhi karenge aur hame aapse door karne ki koshish karenge. hum aaj taiyaar huye hai waise hi jaise ek suhagan taiyaar hoti hai ,karvachauth ke liye.i know u r alive and today surely my belief will win over every taunt that this society gave me saying that my husband’s dead still I m in a wedding girl look.pls cum laksh I have to prove them all wrong and my love right.
She composes herself and heads down where the environment is one of joy .she could hear the giggling of ladies gathered in the hall for karvachauth ceremonies.she knew that as much as she was affected her family was too but she realized it soon that she has to cheer her family up or they may slip into a gloomy life losing the hope that their son is alive.but it had a 2nd motive too,she didn’t wanted laksh to scold her wen he gets back and see his family mourning over his disappearance.
She steps in hall and sum ladies look at her with shock while others with sympathy.she decides to ignore it and moves towards her sister swara who was sitting in one corner pouting sadly holding her stomach.

Ragini(in cheerful voice)-swara wat happened ,u said u can keep the fast then feeling hungry from now on,???(and winks)
Swara(getting up)-oh ragini no I am fyn, and jst sum tym and then I cud eat but tell me did u eat???u did all the preparations for this occasion ,I hope u didn’t forgot to eat.
Rags(in mind)-swara u told me to not keep fast but I cudnt help it bcoz still I know my hubby is alive and I cant take any risk wid his life.sorry I didn’t told u about it and lied to u but u wud have got worried knowing that I kept fast in my weak health too.sorry I have to lie.
Rags(to swara)-yes swara I ate my food.now cum sit in the hall and enjoy the function.
Swara smiles and rags take her to the sofa.
Rags stand in a corner seeing every1 .
Swara(in mind)-ragini ,I didn’t knew my sis grew so big that she handled everything,mended my and sanky’s relation.getting every1 out of the trauma and filling us wid hope that laksh is alive.i hope ur believe turns true.(a tears escapes her eyes but she composes herself.)
Sum lady start badmouthing about ragini saying that she has turned mad to wear red clothes when her husband’s dead.how bad she is?no one even stops her.
Ragini is listening all this silently ,she has turned really strong in thses months hearing all this but still it pained her heart.but her anger reached its peak ,she didn’t wanted to create a scene so she turned to other side to find a way,to get her anger out in way of dance.music played and she went to centre and strated her dance to distract herself.
(She moves into the centre and does sum steps.)
Everyone is shocked to see her like that but ragini was was only involved in dancing )
sabki barate aayi doli tu bhi lana
sabki barate aayi doli tu bhi lana
dulhan banake hamko raja ji le jana, sabki barate aayi
chaha tha maine socha tha maine
kya kya the armaan dile nadaan ke, aankho me aansu aaye
ho aankho me aansu aaye par koi na aaya
ab to kisi ko bhi apna ke hai bulana, sabki barate aayi
(she does sum graceful steps and dances beautifully but her eyes r aggressive and red with anger)

in aankho me thi ik raat saji, hatho me kabhi chudi si baji
par aankh khuli to aaya nazar, na raat saji na chudi baji
mera tuta tha dil uski jhankar thi
sara vo rang tha mere khune dil ka, ye to hai rona dil ka
han ye to hai rona dil ka kahe ka tarana
ab to kisi ko bhi apna ke hai bulana
sabki barate aayi doli tu bhi lana
dulhan banake hamko raja ji le jana, sabki barate aayi
(she dances remembering her moments wid laksh and emerges herself into dance completely)

chalo jo bhi hua vo khub hua, ab har koi mehbub hua
hai sabke liye ye rat meri, ab to hai yahi aukat meri
hans ke bhigi palak chamkana hai
suni bahe ada se lehrana hai, gam kha ke aansu pi ke
ho gam kha ke aansu pi ke mehfil me gaana hai
ab to kisi ko bhi apna ke hai bulana
[sabki barate aayi doli tu bhi lana
dulhan banake hamko raja ji le jana] (x2)
(she looks at the ladies spitting venom from her eyes but still her eyes get teary and in heart says-laksh)
She spins powerfully many a tyms and that’s wen she feels dizzy and is about ot fall down whispering “laksh”and she sees laksh in front of her and closes her eyes.
After sumtym she finds herself in her bed wid evry1 around looking worried and her eyes finds a pleasant sight ,it wasn’t her dream but her laksh standing in fornt of her.she sat and laksh came to her and she hugged him tightly not letting him go and burst into a bitter cry washing away all the pain she had accumaleted till now.
Laksh(patting her back)-sssh ragini I m here only pls don’t cry now.
Ragini releases the hug and looks at him teary eyed wid a sweet smile on her face.
Laksh-ragini I m so angry on u ,if u were unwell then wat was the need to keep fast??hmmm??
Ragini bites her tongue and looks at swara who warned her to not pull any kind of stunt lyk this.
Ragini-but laksh how do u know I kept fast??
Laksh(taking her hand in his)-ragini I know u very well,main tumhari nas nas se wakif hun so I knew u wud surely do this.see how weak u have turned.
Ragini(pouting cutely)oh laksh!!!!!
Ap-aree now cum break her fast,moon has rised.
Evry1 goes on terrace and laksh breaks her fast while both had maintained their eyelock.
Laksh hugs her tightly and says-I love u a lot.
Ragini blushes and they both have dinner together .
The ladies who taunted her were now praising her for her belief and said that she only brought her hubby back.
Evry1 is beaming with happiness and the most happy is our ragu.
They went to bedroom and laksh starts to speak sumthing but rags stop him.
Ragini-laksh I don’t need any explaination,where u were and y.i jst need u to be by my side always…….and yes keep loving me like this.
Laksh kisses her forehead and takes her in his embrace and both smiles heartfully.

********the end************

Hey guys I hope u liked it,I know it a little fast forward but I really had no tym.
But I hope u liked it .do tell me and thanks for reading.

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