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and guys hope u liked my promo.. i hv the same scebe from movie.. but in a different situation :

hey guys.. so.. lets begin with the first episode of ff..

21 august 2016 ….
a lady is shown doing pooja..
she is standing in the pooja room of a big villa in mumbai..
” yuvi… sharad.. come here… take the prasad beta.. ” she said..
” thnk u maa.. ” said yuvraj… ( that was non other than prathima…
” so u guys r ready to go to mumbai soon as ur dadi gets ready we will leave for the airport.. ” she said..
” im ready prathima… ” dadi said..
” so.. mausi. and dadi can we leave.? ” asked sharad..

yuvrajs pov :
im the happiest person today.. afterall im gonna meet her after ten long years..

we always kept in touch with each other.. but we never spoke.. we used to send mails to each other…

wait wait.. why am i referring her as she… its actually supposed to be a he according to her character… my pagli.. deewani.. jhalli suhani…
” guru.. guru… were are u lost… we reached the airport.. ” sharad screamed at me bring out from the chain of thoughts in my brain…
” ha.. i know.. common lets go.. ” i said..
” yuvraj.. we all know whose thoughts you were being haunted by.. ” ma and dadi said in unison..
” yea.. u all are thinking about the right person… its suhani only.. y cant i think about her.. afterall she is my bestie.. and we have been apart for ten years.. ”
i said..

we did the check in.. and went to our respective gate and were waiting for our call..

” guru.. are u that close with suhani.. ” asked sharad..

” haann.. she was my everything… i couldn’t even do a single thing without her.. from the time we were born.. we hv done everything together.. till 10 yrs we were always with each other… ”

” then y did you come to mumbai?? ”

” hm.. after papa passed away.. his bussiness was in mumbai… ”

” but then y didn’t u guys call each other even once.. ? ”

“hm mmm… well its a long story… ”

” so what. .. we hv enough time with us.. ”

” kk listen.. we were 11 yrs old.. actually my family and her family were staying together in one house.. as our parents were bestfriends and they didn’t want to separate…
she was my first friend and the one who cared for me the most…

2002 , ALLAHABAD..

” yuvraj.. i sware u won’t beat me in this match… ”
” you are mistaken suhani.. no one can beat the great yuvraj birla ”
” so u think u can beat suhani shrivasthav in basketball.. ”
” after all suhani , u gonna fail.. so better shut your bigmouth.. ”
” ohioo.. so lets see who wins the match.. ”
” Suhani.. yuvraj.. kya hua.. y r u guys fighting.. ”
” lata aunty.. this suhani is challenging me that she will win the basketball game.. ”
” achch a.. lets talk abt it after the match… ”
and the match was over and suhani ‘s team won..

i went and congratulated her..

suddenly one of her team mate came and started teasing me.
suhani started shouting at that girl..
that girl shut her ears and escaped from the situation…
i started laughing..
” hello.. y r u laughing.. ” she asked..
” simply.. ”
” ohh.. i understand.. its common for mental patients to laugh simply without any reason… “.
” excuse me.. miss suha.. sorry sorry.. master suhani.. i was laughing because.. u were the one who was fighting with me sometime ago.. and now you yourself are fighting with another girl bcos she teased me.. ”
” ha.. bcoz you are my best friend and only i hv the rights to scold you.. ”
” waa.. suhani ur my most pagal and best friend.. ”
saying this i hugged her and kissed her..

2016 mumbai airport.

” chal sharad.. lets continue later..
ma.. dadi.. its time for us to board the flight..

sorry guys for the short update..
ull make it longer from the next time..

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  1. Manya

    Good going post soon…………..

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lot ayushi sis…

  2. Ruksy

    this was amazing

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    Top notch writing and im so hooked. Excited for next epi x

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  4. its really amazing words r not enough to decribe every line , i love each and evry line of this epi .ur such amazing writer plz continue and update next episode very very soon …..

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      Thnks a lotp shreya… Thnk u sri… Thnks alot for supporting me..

  5. Aqsxxh

    I finally read the plot of KKHH and I love it! its amazingggg! I will like to see ur own version of it! I am totally in love with it! and I saw where themovie was filmed and it said Mauritius! I was over the moon- hence my parents being born thre!!! <333 Shilppy ur utterly amazing

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Aqsaah sis.. Glad that u loved it.. Dont worry.. Im not gonna write the same story.. The story gonna be mine.. With only slight similarities…
      Ly.. For supporting me.. And being one of my best friend..

      1. Aqsxxh

        😀 i Will always support you Shilppy through thick and thin dear, and I am glad that you have the talent to modify and improve a movie bcos I cant wait to read this!

  6. hey its a wonderfull begining.i like it a lot.ur really an awsome writter.just cant wait to see yuvaraj’s reaction after meeting suhani.pls update soon

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