Shubham has created many problems in kartiks life knowingly or unknowingly as a result of which the relation between two brothers have come taken a bitter shape. They are now against each other and want to grab their father’s love which they thing is a toy which can be purchased but on the other side manish loves both his son equally and want them to understand his position and in order to compete with each other kartik and shubham are going to hurt their father which will be the reunion point for them.

So here we goo….
In the morning
Manish gets ready for his daily morning walk and was about to leave when he heard Papa…. He turned around and it was shubham there. Manish: good morning shubham aaj itni subah subah mujhe yaad kiya.
Shubham: good morning papa actually aaj mai bhi aapke saath morning walk pe jaana chahta tha so that we can spend some quality time together warna toh aap humesha office ke kaam mei hi husy rehte ho.
Manish (having a big smile on his face): yeh toh bahut acchi baat hai beta..it would be awesome to spend some time with u. They move walk out of the gate.
On the gate there was one more man standing dressed up in a jogging suit.
He turned and it was kartik.
Manish and shubham came out of the gate.
Kartik: good morning papa.
Manish: good morning kartik. Itni subah subah tum yahan woh bhi jogging suit mei. (Thinking in mind: Wah bhagwan aaj ki subah woh bhi mere dono beto ke saath)
Kartik: yes papa…actually i was thinking to join u so that hum meeting ke important points bhi discuss karle as aaj humme jaldi nikalna hai.
Shubham interrupts: Papa ab subah subah bhi office ka kaam nhiiii plsss aapne kaha tha aap mere saath chaloge.
Kartik: papa u know na office ka kaam zyada important hai and han agar yeh saath jaayega toh rehne hi dete hai hum garden mei baith ke discuss karlete hai.
Shubham: what do u mean ki mai bhi saath jaunga…agarrr aap saath jaoge toh mai nhi jaaunga. Papa meri baat maanege..
Kartik: nhi papa mujhse zyada pyaar karte hai woh merii baat maanege…
Manish: Just shut up!!! Jhagadna band karo. 5 saal ke chote bacche ho kya subah subah shuru ho gye. Ek din apne papa ke liye tum dono saath nhi jaa skte kya aur kartik tum shubham ke bade bhai ho behave like mature man.
Kartik: parr
Shubham: magarr
Manish: kuch parr nhi kuch magar nhi both of u finger on ur lips and follow me. Yeh mera order hai.

Hiii guys this is the firts part…. I know its short but its just a beginning i hope u all like the story line and support me and actually i believe they should have shown it like this manish not a biased father and caring,loving and understanding his all three children and not only being blind for kartik.

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