Kartik proposes Naira ; Heartbroken Gayu (episode5) London Track

Hey guys, I am back with epi 5 and some of you requested to make it bigger, and guys I will try to make it bigger. So on todays epi I will introduce Gayu’s love interest, so here is the introduction.

Aryaan Aditya Shetty: Loves children a lot has a elder sis called Anushka (Anu). His dad owns a business of jewellery in London. He is a doctor.
He will be played by Parth Samanthan.

Naitik comes to the airport, Naira, Akshara, Naksh hugs him.
Naira: Papa, Why did you made is wait so much, ha.
Naitik: Princess, your papa is very sorry, will you fogive him.
Naira: Yes, but in one condition.
Naitik: What.
Naira: That you won’t leave us ever again.
Naitik: Okay, princess, your command is accepted.
Naksh: You know how much we missed you, its like more than a million. And especially Mumma missed you more than us, but she didn’t let us see her sorrows.
Akshara turns back and cries.
Naitik: Akshara, Akshara, won’t you look at me?
Akshara(crying): No
Naitik: Just look at me, I wanna see you, for the sake of me please (Apko meri kasam).
Akshara: Naitik.
They hug.
Naitik: Where is Gayu?
Naksh: There she is.
Naitik: Gayu come here.
Gayu comes to Naitik.
Gayu: Mamu, why did you do that.
Naitik: Ok baba, sorry.
Gayu: Ok, I forgave you.
Naitik: Ok, lets go.
They all sit on Naitik’s car and goes.

Scene shifts to a disable school.
A young boy is shown giving baloons to the disable children. All children kisses him. Some calls him and says ‘Doctor Aryaan, Doctor Anushka is calling you’
Aryaan goes to Dr Anushka’s cabin.
A girl is shown turning around.
Aryaan: What happened, di?
Anushka: Yes, and please don’t call me di here, and I have called you to inform that a famous businessman’s daughter (who is disable) will stay here. So please take of her, and don’t forget to go to the hospital as well.
Aryaan: Yes di.
Anushka stares at him.
Aryaan: I mean, yes Dr. Anushka.
Aryaan leaves.

Scene shifts to Naitik’s house in London.
Scene shows Akshara,Naksh,Naira and Gayu entering the house with Naitik.
Naira: Wow, this house has pictures of all of us.
Naitik: So this is the sitting room and the dining room.
They go to upstairs.
Naitik: This is gonna be your room, princess.
They go inside the room.
Naira: Wow, I can see the whole London from this window, oh there is the London Eye, I always wanted to visit it.

Scene shifts to Kartik on Maheshwari Mansion.
Kartik: Where is Naira, I couldn’t find her since ages, she didn’t even reply me ha, idea, I should ask Rajshri aunty.
Kartik goes to Rajshri.
Kartik: Aunty have you seen Ma’am, I have trying to call her and she haven’t called me back on the phone.
Rajshri: Akshara, Naksh, Gayu and Naira has gone to London.
Kartik: Ok.
Rajshri leaves.
Kartik: It means I won’t be able to meet Naira, actually I can…I can go to London and then propose her in a romantic weather of London again, cause last time I proposed her was rubbish.
Kartik calls someone on the phone.
Kartik: Yaar, please book me a ticket to London.
Someone: Ok.

Scene shifts to a hospital.
Aryaan: I m tired, do I have to do this surgery.
Nurse: Yes doctor.
Aryaan: No way.
Nurse: But the person won’t survive if you don’t do this surgery, all the doctor’s are busy and he is only 8 years old child.
Aryaan: Ok, I will do this surgery at any cost nurse.

Scene shifts to Kartik.
Kartik receives a phone call.
Someone: Your ticket is ready the flight is after two hours.
Kartik: Oh thanks yaar, I wanted to go to London soon as possible and you made it possible today.
Someone: Its okay yaar.
Kartik disconnects the call.
Kartik: Naira, I am coming.

Precap: Kartik and Naira dance in the song “Tera hone laga hoon”

What did you think of todays episode say it on the comments also silent readers please comment. And guys the character Anushka is gonna be Naksh’s love interest as many of you don’t like Naksh being sidelined, need actresses for her roll so suggest me some. And new title for this FF.
Stay happy guys!!!☺

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  1. Make it large. Otherwise nice story

  2. Brilliant
    The kaira scenes coming
    Gayu new lover
    Fantastic imagination by u cynthia

  3. Loving this kaira then gayu and naksh have also been taken in mind plus parth is perfect for gayu’s lover interest how qbout mouni roy for naksh love interest

  4. Wow three love stories great dear

  5. it was awesome , finally naitik is back and i am very happy that u r giving importance to all the characters . the two new characters u introduced seem to be interesting dear . update next epi soon , cant wait to see kaira and gayu and naksh’s love stories

  6. Cynthia

    The new two pairs are called,

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