Kartik proposes Naira, Heartbroken Gayu (episode 3)


Hi guys I am back with epi 3, as I mentioned in the last article that I will do it after 3 days but sorry guys I couldn’t do it because I had swedish language test, I had too much of homework and after school I needed time for resting. Hope u all understand guys.

Epi 3…
Epi starts with Akshara telling the whole family about the idea of trip to London.
Devyani: Akshara thats a great idea but…
Akshara: But what Choti ma.
Devyani: Bhabi ma is not that well, and how can I leave her and go to London.
Raj Shekhar: Devyani ji is right, and sorry bahu I can’t come too, I have look after the business.
Akshara: I understand, umm, how about you Karishma.
Karishma: Woh actually Mishti’s exams are approaching and I have to help her.
Devyani: Why don’t you, Naira, Naksh and Gayu go there instead.
Raj Shekhar: I totally I agree with you Devyani ji.
Akshara: Ok if all of you are insisting.

Scene shifts to Gayu.
Gayu comes to Singhania House from the back door, she stumbles and falls.
Song: Tujhe yaad na meri ai from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai starts playing.

She goes to her room.
She looks at a pic of Rashmi.
Gayu: Ma, I really don’t know what to do, I really miss you, no one will actually understand my pain, except you.
Akshara knocks the door.
Akshara: Gayu are you there, I have something to say.
Gayu: Yes mami, I am there, come.
Akshara steps on Gayu’s room.
Akshara: Were you crying?
Gayu: Woh, mami I was just missing Mumma.
Akshara: I understand, there is a good news, you , me Naira and Naksh will go to London to see Naitik.
Gayu: Mami I don’t wanna go.
Akshara: That means you don’t wanna see Naitik.
Gayu: Mami is not that.
Akshara: So what is it, Naitik is gonna be so upset when he won’t see you. You want Naitik to be sad,ha?
Gayu: Ok, fine only for mama.
Akshara: Sure.
Akshara leaves.

Akshara: I think, Gayu is sad not for Rashmi, the matter is something else.
Naira comes home.
Naksh comes home too from Krishna.
Akshara decide to inform them.
Naira: Mumma you wanna say something, tell us quickly.
Naksh: Yes mumma.
Akshara: Naitik is now in London, and won’t be able to come here, but we can go there, so me, Naksh, Gayu and you will go to London for vacation and also visit Naitik as well.
Naira: Mumma thats a superb idea.
Akshara: And now I have to get the tickets.
Naira: I can do that for you online.
Akshara: Sure.

Precap: London is shown.

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