Kartik proposes Naira, Heartbroken Gayu (episode 2)


Hey guys, I am back with the second epi. I will update this after 3 days regularly. I am really happy that you guys asked me too continue. For Gayu lovers or likers I am sorry because I had make Gayu heartbroken. I will later introduce a new character as well.

Epi 2…
Naira: W-wh-h-at are you saying, are sure or you are just joking.
Kartik: I was eagerly waiting for this day, and I am 100% saying the truth.
Naira: Ha ha ha, you must be joking, na?
Kartik: I never joke on a matter of love, Naira please say yes.
Naira: About what.
Kartik: About being soul mates.
Naira: I think, you are taking it very further, give some time to think.
Kartik: Ok.
Naira leaves.

Scene shifts behind the trees showing Gayu.
Gayu (crying): I can’t believe that Kartik loves Naira, not me, why Kartik why, why did you that, I had so many dreams about you, everything left destroyed.
Gayu falls down in the floor.

Scene shifts to Kartik.
Kartik: Today is the happiest day, finally I proposed Naira, I have to call my little helper to say Thank You.
Kartik calls Mishti on the phone.
Mishti: Hello BFF.
Kartik: I finally proposed your didi.
Mishti: What.
Kartik: Yes and it wouldn’t be possible without your help so Thank You.
Mishti: You forgot again, dosti mei no sorry no Thank You.
Kartik: Ok baba, bye.
Kartik disconnects the call.

Scene shifts to Akshara on SM.
Akshara talks to Naitik on the phone.
Akshara: Naitik, how many more days, everyone is missing you so much.
Naitik: The work in Kenya is finished.
Akshara: That means you can come here now.
Naitik: Sorry Akshara, now I have to go to London, it will take 2 months to finish all the work in London.
Akshara: Ok, bye Naitik, love you.
Akshara disconnects the call.
Akshara: Wait minute, I can actually suprise Naitik, we could all go on a family trip to London, in this opportunity we all can visit and see London.

So guys, what did you think say it on the comments. Silent readers please comment. Gayu’s upcoming partner will be shown on the London track.

Precap: Akshara finalises the tickets to London.

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  1. Nice episode cynthia
    Plz update alternate day
    3 days are a long wait
    But its ur choice ..epi. Was nice
    But make it a bit long

  2. Amina2000

    love it

  3. superb , introduce a love interest of gayu , waiting for the next episode , update soon if u can

  4. Wow thank you Cynthia.Waiting for next epis?????

  5. Sarayumane


  6. Nice dear
    Love ur dp????

  7. I think vivaan is good for gayu

  8. Hey pls upload regularly
    I am really eager
    I just love the story
    And pls make the episode long ……
    Pls pls pls

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