kartik and manish reunion part-2

They all head towards office. The meeting starts. All gets seated and kartik gives his presentation. The clients get impressed with his thoughts and hardwork. The client says earlier i thought that i should give this to verma industries but after seeing kartik hardworks and thoughts i decided to give it you. Congratulations!!! the deal is all yours. They all shake hand and the clients leave. Manish gets very happy and says i m proud of you kartik he opens his arms to hug him but kartik refuses and goes and hug akhilesh. He says thanks chachu it was all possible because of you. Manish gets sad and closes his arms. While everyone enjoy he go and sits in a corner of the cabin reminiscing his old moments with kartik when he used to sing papa kehte hai bada naam karega. HE says i just dont know what to do that my child returns to me. While pointing towards his heart he says it hurts here..it hurts alot his i just dont know for how long i have to bear is hatred which has now become unbearable…

.tears rolled down his eyes. He receives a call from one of his trustworthy. He quickly wipes his tears and receives the call. Good morning sir…rahul this side… congratulations sir you guys bag the deal but there is a big problem. Manish: what!! Rahul you tell the problem i will find a solution. Rahul: sir the deal you bagged today was earlier being given to your rivals but due to kartik sir the deal came to goenka’s industries. Due to this verma has planned to attack kartik….his life is in risk. Kindly dont let him go anywhere alone..they are stalking him. Listening this manish gets shocked and phone drops from his hand. He shouts kartikkkk….and sits on the floor on his knees. He says no no i dont have time to waste i need to take quick action. He went towards kartiks cabin…

there he saw naira and kartik were coming out of the cabin. Manish: wait kartik….where are you going? Akhilesh: actually bhaisahib naira and kartik are goung to celebrate their success. Manish: no no..kartik cant go anywhere. Kartik: Mr. Goenka wherever i go its my wish..its none of your business. Manish: i m your father kartik i m saying it for your well. Manish asks akhilesh to stop him. Akhilesh: kartik if bhaisahab is saying then there might be a valid reason na…u dont go. Kartik: No chachu..i have promised naira that we will go so we will,i won’t stop and that tooo on mr. Goenka’s saying. Manish pleads Naira to stop kartik his life is in danger…rivals want to kill him. Naira shocked. Kartik: Dont listen to him naira…its just his another reason to stop us from going…he dont wants to see us happy together. Come on leave. Manish: why this boy never listens to me…his life is in danger…..i cannot let anything happen to him. He orders his bodyguard to go behind him and take his care. Akhilesh puts his hand on his shoulder to console him. Manish turns and says if anything happened to him i won’t be able to forgive myself. Akhilesh: nothing will happen to him you send the bodyguards. Manish: looks on.

Precap: kartik sends the bodyguards back. Kaira were havibg ice cream while a gunman was pointing his gun towards kartik. Do you think manish will be able to save kartik??

I hope guys you like it and do comment if you like it or wanna give some suggestion to improve it.

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  1. Fenil

    Perfect chppy.
    Superb work.
    Can’t wait for next.
    Manish will save karthik but my wish is that manish bears bullets but don’t unite them so soon.

    1. Muskan2002

      Thanks bhaiya now lets see what i will put into the chappy….most probably ur suggestion as i wished the same too??

  2. Vinni05

    Wow awesome one
    Waiting for next one
    Pls upload asap

    1. Muskan2002

      Thanks vinni? i will try my best to upload asap?

  3. Awsm one… pls post nxt prt asap….

  4. I so wish that Kartik gets shot by the bullet and while he is semi-conscious, he sees Manish helping Naira to get Kartik to hospital, he hears Manish’s caring words for him and also sees how Manish console’s Naira who is broken to see Kartik like that. Further when Kartik is in hospital, he recalls his childhood memories and feels that he should give his father another chance.

    1. Fenil

      Great idea !!

  5. They both will unote

  6. Sethidisha002


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