kartik and manish reunion part-1

We all have seen kartiks hatred towards his dad Manish and Manish’s unconditional love for kartik. As much manish tried to come closer that much kartik wanted to go away from him. It was a bright and fresh morning in the Goenka house. Manish returned from the jogging and saw kartik in the garden of the house working for goenka’s business. He was very happy and tears of proud came out of his eyes…..suwarna came and saw tears in his eyes. she asked him what happened… why are u sad. Manish replied these are tears of happiness. See kartik is working so hard….i just hope now somehow he starts loving me also i m dying to hear papa from his mouth once. I cant bear his hatred anymore…..

i cantttt!!. Naira see all this and say in her mind that everything will be fine soon papa…dont worry..i m sure you will be able to win kartik’s heart with your unconditional love. They all went inside and kartik also went to his room after finishing his work. They all were ready on the breakfast table.

Dadi: best Of luck today you guys have an important meeting…i m sure success will be yours. Akhilesh: yes maa success will be ours as kartik is handling this client and the client is extremely pleased by his hardwork. Manish: looks on and smiles and thinks i dont need any greater achievement than this that my son is with me. They all head towards office. Hey guys i m writing a ff for a first time and chose this topic. Please do comment if you like the idea and ff.

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  1. Fenil

    Perfect topic choose by u muskan.
    Sweet and short chppy.
    Waiting for next

    1. Muskan2002

      Thanks a tonn bhaiya?

    1. Muskan2002

      THanks dear?

  2. Vinni05

    Wow amazing one just loved it
    Waiting for next one
    Pls upload asap

    1. Muskan2002

      Thanks dear….ues i will try to post the next part asap?

    1. Muskan2002

      Thanks dear?

  3. Pls continue

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