Karna in Kaliyug- Prologue & Characters Sketches.


All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

A short Story on Mahabharat Karna.First of all, this is completely a work of fiction.No intention to insult any mythological character. All views are mine.Its mainly a social fiction.


Karna was feeling completely bored in heaven.Its a long time, he is staying in heaven without any work.Now, this excessive comfort getting on his nerves.Vrushali noticed her husband’s bad mood.
Vrushali- Why are you so upset Arya??? What happened??
Karna- I am feeling bored in heaven.Everyday, we follow same routine, no work, no tension, only comfort.Its really irritating here.
Vrushali- So, What you want to do Arya??
Karna- I seriously need a change,I want to travel.
Vrushali- Travel?? But where you want to travel?in hell??
Karna- I want to go on earth.
Vrushali- what???
Voice- Excellent idea Radheya.
Karna & Vrushali heard a voice from behind. They both turned back & saw Lord Krishna was standing there .They both did the pranam.
Karna- Lord, I want to go to earth & you are supporting me??
Lord Krishna- Yes, Radheya, I am supporting you.You are feeling restless here in heaven.Why don’t you go & visit AngaDesh again?
Vrushali- But Lord, Its Kaliyug in earth.Its not a safe time to go & visit their.
Lord Krishna- Your husband is the best warrior of all times.He can manage any situation.You don’t worry.Radheya, I am giving you one month time.Go on Earth, & enjoy your time their.
Karna ( in a happy tone)- Thanks Lord.
Vrushali ( slightly upset)- But times changed Arya..So, how you will understand the language in earth?& no body will able to see you.You will feel lonely.
Lord Krishna( with a smile)- I am giving you blessing, every people will see you in Earth, & you will also speak & understand their language for one month.
Karna felt very happy after hearing this. This way, he can interact with people.He will now experience the changes.He thanked Lord Krishna again.But Vrushali was upset.
Vrushali ( in a upset tone)- What new leela you are starting Lord???

Main Characters

Vasusena Karna-He is one of the central character in The Mahabharata, from ancient India. He was the King of Anga & great warrior & Greatest Danveer of all times.

Tania Banerjee-28 years old, an IAS trainee Officer, now posted in Bhagalpur District in Bihar.Belongs to a lower-middle class family, she is the only child of her parents. Confident,honest, liberal minded, but very witty & sarcastic & full of pride.Many people dislikes her because of her attitude.She is a feminist & hates men.

Credit to: Madhumita

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