Karna in Kaliyug- Part 2


Tania saw a figure of a man at a distance whose features were glowing strangely in the darkness.Out of curiosity,Tania approached towards the man.
Tania- Excuse me Mr.
The man turned towards Tania & she stopped in her tracks.She carefully noticed the man infront of her.He looked like a heavenly figure,swathed in an ethreal glow.He is tall & fair.His majestic face gleaming brightly & there was a strange serenity in his lotus shaped intense eyes. He was wearing a strange designed earrings which was sparkling & emmitting a strange rays.He has broad shoulders & trim waist & long thick curly black shoulder length hair.He is wearing yellow colour dhoti & a golden waistband, thick golden bangles in both of his hands & a uttraiya type of clothes in the left side of his shoulder.There was a sign of rising sun on his forehead.Tania was looking at the stranger without blinking her eyes.Her mouth slightly open.In this chilly weather, Tania can felt comforting warmth around her.Her spell was broken by hearing a deep male voice “Devi”. Tania took a deep breath & composed herself.
Tania- Who are You?
The man- Karna.

Tania- ohh, Hii Karna.But don’t you people know that you cant shoot without permission.
But he remained slient & looked at Tania in a confused way.
Tania- What? Why are looking at me in a strange way?Where is your shooting unit?
Karna- What are you saying Devi, What you want?? How can I help you?
Tania ( with attitude)- I am not any Devi, I am Tania Banerjee & I am the SDO of this place.What film or TV Serial shooting going on here without my permission?You people not even submitted the permission money.I will stop the shooting.Where is your team??
Karna- Devi, I still don’t understand what you are saying.But I don’t have any team. I came here alone.
Tania- Listen Karan…
Karna- Devi, you are taking my name in a wrong way, its Karna.
Tania- I will see you people later.( then after a pause) So, you are playing the role of Karna.( then again looking Karna from head to toe) Lookwise you perfectly suit the character of Karna. What is your original name??
Karna- Vasusena.
Tania- Unique name, I must say.
Karna- Devi, Is this place Anga Rajya??
Tania ( looked at Karna in a strange way)- Yes, according to history, once upon a time this place was the capital of Anga, Champanagri & Karna ruled here.

Karna- Yes, My mitra Duryodhan made me the ruler of Anga.
Tania- made you the ruler of Anga??So, you are saying you are Karna, Epic Character of Mahabharata.Son of SuryaDev & Kunti, the eldest Pandava, but fought against Pandavas in the war.( Controlling her laughter)
Karna just smiled looking at Tania. “You are right Devi, I am that Karna”.
But Tania became angry, she felt that the man gave her a taunting smile that how little she knew about Karna.
Tania- Do u have any mirror? If yes, can U please give it to me, I want to search where in my face it is written that I am a fool.(in a sarcastic tone)
Karna- I know Devi, its nearly impossible for you to believe that I am Karna.Afterall, this is Kaliyug & I died long ago in Dwapar yug.
Tania-Then, Why are you making a fool of yourself?You died long ago in Kurushektra?Most probably thousands of years ago.Now, you are standing infront of me,perfectly visible, talking & understanding in my language??
Karna- Its Vasudev’s blessings,but this blessings is only for one month.I came to visit my place in this earth.
Tania- ohhh ( with a smirk,then after some minutes of slience)dekh Bhai,opps sorry dekhiye Bhrata, aapka dimag sach main Kharab hai, but what can I do? There is no Mental Hospital nearby.
Tania noticed that the man, who is claiming himself as Karna looked at her.There is a strange kind of joy in his face,but he remained slient.

Tania- (now completely irritated) Look, I can prove that you are not Karna, he is only a fictional character created by Ved Vyas.
Tania ran towards other direction.Karna looked at her direction.Soon, she came back with a medium size stone in her hand.But Karna stood there without reacting.
Karna (with a calm smile)- What you want to see Devi, my Kavach?
Tania( with a knowing smile)- Tell, tell, that you donated your Kavach, how can I now see it? (then in a frustrated, angry tone)Who sent you?? Huh??I know some of my collegues want to prove that I am a fool.I am not capable to fulfill any responsibility.They hate me.But I will not leave any of them.I am the best among all my batchmates.

& Tania sat their.But Tania herself don’t know why she sat their. She should left the place immediately.Karna, what a joke.But that heavenly feelings, the strange warmth & calmness, that divine glow.How can this possible from a mortal human being? She experienced something different.What is this?She don’t know.Her mind is saying he is an actor, an imposter. But how can a sight of him filled her heart full with joy & calmness.They can only tricks mind naa?? Tania want to know.”ohh, the comforting warmth, so soothing”. Tania felt her eyelids became heavy.
Karna was surprised.He was standing infront of the pond. But suddenly from somewhere this woman came & started talking.She was wearing some ajeeb clothes.Due to Vasudev’s blessings, he can understand her language.Her name is Tania.But many things are confusing about what she is talking,what shooting?whose permission??What SDO??He understand that the lady is not believing him that he is Karna & its normal.But she called him “Bhrata”. How can he leave a lady alone in this lonely place.Karna noticed Tania fall asleep & but she was shivering.He came close & sat just beside her & carefully wrapped the shawl around her.

Tania opened her eyes, she is missing the warmth around her. She noticed in the East, dawn had broke. The sky in the opposite direction was still dark, but in the east, a mixture of yellow and orange, soon the sun started to conquer the darkness.She saw Karna near the pond.He is praying.Soon, the first rays on Sun fall on him.Tania saw first a golden emblem of sun appeared on his chest, then soon his whole body covered with a golden disc.Its like Sun himself is standing near the pond in human form.Tania closed her eyes unable to handle such brightness.

Credit to: Madhumita

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