Karna in Kaliyug- Part 1


Saturday Evening, Tania was sat in her room with her laptop.She is an IAS Trainee Officer,now posted in Champanagar,located under Nathnagar City in Bhagalpur district Bihar.This posting is a part of her trainning module. She is working under IAS Officer Satyendra Kumar.In administrative level, he is known as a very efficient Officer, But Tania considers him as a headache.Tania never able to understand her Boss.He is a puzzle which she unable to solve.She posted in Champanagar two months before as Sub-Divisonal Officer.All Quarters are full, so she is staying as a paying guest with an elderly couple in their house.Their only son live in Abroad with his family.So, its good for them that Tania stays with there.

Tania was born & brought up in Howrah, West Bengal.Her father was an worker in Railways Electrical Department. But he died in an accident while doing his duty when Tania was only 5 years old .So, her mother got a job of Group-D in Railways in Conpensation Ground.But her father’s family opposed, because her father younger brother, her uncle claimed that job.They even tortured her mother.So, her mother left that house with small Tania & started living in Railway Quarter.Tania studied in Railways School. She was a briilaint student.After completing her Masters in Maths, she aimed for UPSC & appreared in IAS & qualified in her 2nd attempt.
After qualifying school final with a very good results, Tania always wanted to be a Bureaucrat.She want both power & money.

She is also a very proud person & full of attitude.When her mother left the home with little Tania, her Grandmother, uncle all said that her mother will never able to give Tania a good upbringing.Her Father family actually cut all ties with her mother & Tania.So, Tania always wanted to prove herself.When Tania was in College, there was someone special in her life. He was a Junior Doctor in Kolkata Medical College Hospital.Both the families knew about their relation & accepted their relation.But after completing her studies, when Tania aimed for UPSC, her special person, & his family started putting objection, as in their family Bahus & betis don’t work.Tania had to make a decision them, she broke up with him.She don’t want this kind of spineless moron in her life.She started hating men.This incident & many social incidents which are happening all around her turned her into a feminist.But her mother’s favourite online site is Bharat Matrimony. Now Tania often regret why she taught her mother the using of Internet.

Tania closed the laptop & got up from her bed.She ate heavy lunch in afternoon & now she is feeling uneasy.Tania took her shawl & went for a evening walk.Champanagar is a small town. People say that the town got its name long back from the various Champaka trees that grow around and spread the strong aroma of their flowers.This Place is an important destination for both Buddhists & Jains.& According to Mahabharata, this place is the capital of Anga, which was ruled by Karna.Tania came near a big pond.In Morning, some old people came here to bathe & do Surya Namaskar.But during Chatt Puja, many people comes here to do Surya Puja.Tania was never much interested in God & Goddesses & religions.But she read both epics, Ramayana & Mahabharata with great interest.Lost in thoughts, Tania sat near the pond & then after sometimes she started looking here & there. Today, the place is calm & lonely,may be because of the weather change & she checked the time in her wrist-watch.Its late.Its not safe to stay here alone.She prepared to leave but suddenly her eyes noticed something.She saw a figure of a man in a distance.

Credit to: Madhumita

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  2. very nice very different story but today no karna waiting to see tania and karna

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