Karna in my Eyes, An Analysis


I am writing something on Epic Character Karna.Please forgive me for any mistake.Its completely my point of view & most importantly I am not a scholar.So, with my limited knowledge, a small write up on Karna.( No idea where to ,post, so chosing episode analysis part.Please choose Correct Category)

If anyone ask me Who is your favourite character in Mahabharata, then without any doubt, my answer will be Karna.
Sometimes, I wonder, Why it is??He knew the conspiracy of Laksagriha.He was a part of Dyut Sabha. He also took part in the murder of Abhimanyu.
Answer is very simple. Karna is a common human being & No one is Perfect.But the allegations against him are serious,
Then why some people still love & worship Karna like me?Are we lack judgement?

Lakshagriha Incident, he opposed the decision, but he remained slient for the sake of his friendship with Duryodhan.According to Karna, Duryodhan gave him his due respect, he extended his hand of friendship despite his low caste.So, its his “Dharma” to protect Duryodhan.As Duryodhan made him the king of Anga, its his duty to remain a loyal political comrade of Duryodhan.I always feel Karna’s condition was more like modern days honest IAS Officers, who want to remain honest, but failed because of their duty & about Abhimanyu’s killing, he listened to the Commander of the Army.It hurted the real warrior inside him, but still he did his duty which he think is right.

Dyut Sabha incident.Karna insulted Draupadi.He instigated the situation.Its the reason for downfall of Karna.Draupadi rejected Karna.He should respect her feelings.But No,typical male ego,unable to accept rejection from a woman.Yes, he felt insulted infront of all kings because Draupadi rejected him only because of his low caste.But cant he forgive Draupadi?? How he sliently watched the shameful act of Dushasan?Only to prove his loyality towards Duryodhan?? No No, he did this to satisfy his male ego which was hurt due to Draupadi’s rejection. Everyone was villain including the five pandavas in the Dyut-sabha.But again I wonder, how can he forgive anyone?? Did he get forgiveness from anyone??But, he was wrong that da & word power is equal to the power of arrow. .No one can defend him, not even Karna I think.

Karna always have a passion for Archery, but due to the social system, he always faced rejection.Not because he lacked skill, but for his low caste. How a suta can learn Archery??After facing rejection & insults, he told lie to Guru Parshuram that he is a Brahmin.He always respected his Guru, worked hard & achieved.But his Guru gave him curse, Why?? Because he tolarated pain so that his Guru can rest.After watching his Kavach & Kundal, Cant Lord Parshuram understand that he is not a ordinary person, but a person with divine touch & Lord Parshuram was the Guru of Bhisma who was not a Brahmin & most importantly If Guru Parshuram unable to understand Karna’s caste when both remained together for years, for me the caste issue is a baseless point.His Guru did wrong to Karna. Its my belief.But Karna accepted his Guru’s curse as blessing.He moved on in his life & tried to achieve his dream.

He donated his immortality, his Kavach Kundal to Lord Indra.It need a lot of courage.I respect his confidence.He also gave daan to Kunti, the lives of her four sons.He was unable to send her empty-handed for whom he had to suffer all humilation, who reduced his status.For me, this daan was his forgiveness to Kunti & acceptance to Pandavas.He rejected Lord Krishna’s offer without any second thought.Proud Karna, loyal Karna.

I love Karna, they way he struggled, fought & achieved his dream, his passion.He wrote his own destiny by his hard work.He accepted curse from his Guru & moved on in his life. I love his power of acceptance.His loyalty & friendship towards Duryodhan & most importantly his Daanveerta.He is a man full of pride, but for me, his pride is his way of self-respect.For me, Karna is a trendsetter,Couragious & As radiant as sun.People will always remember him.Some will hate him & some will love & worship him & I will always remain in that second category.

Credit to: Madhumita

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  1. Your analysis is right n this is what Lord krishna wants to teach. When ur indebtness leads you to adharm leave that debt. When ur dharma leads u to adharam change it. Make humanity bigger than ego jealousy and self gain. Karna was a victim of fate but was not bad. His choices and decisions welcomed his end otherwise in dyut sabha according to me biggest culprit was yudhistira as it was he who had bet draupadi. Karnas silence in lakhagraha ego in dyut sabha and adharma in abhimanyus killing unconsciously though he did but Krishna teaches that a Purush a true Purush is one which has control on all this just like Ram a maryadapurshuttom. Although his abandonment of sita lets me think again.
    All in all nice analysis

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment.Son of Sun-God, but whole life tolarate the taunts of society.He was very much human.He was not perfect. Their were many faults in his characters.Jealousy, anger, ego but still he lived his life like king-size.

  2. A very gud analysis .. Yes I love him n i worship him .. He’s a victim of fate

    1. Thanks Razia for your comment.I too love him.

  3. Silpa k sivadasan

    He was a great person
    Victim of society’s injustice

    I thnk he killed abhimanyu to save him frm the torture dhuryodhan had planned for him
    As his death was certain karna didnt want abhimanyu to suffer alot

    Atleast i thnk that

    Wat u told abt him is 100% right
    A very much inspiring analysis
    Keep it up

    1. No u r wrong.he killed abhimanyu for his revange.in war bcoz of arjun he lost his 2 children…at draupdi swayamvar sudama and 2nd at kurukshetra….
      I m not hurting any1 feeling.but it’s true.
      Madhu said that he insulted draupadi coz of his male ego.k i agree wid u.uske use galati ki gehari kam hogi.yeh ti wahi bat huyi rape karne baad koi kahe it’s all happened because of my male ego..bcoz of dis so called male ego each every time they have destroyed woman’s self rrspect.. My sympathy is defiantly wid karn..if u can not stand wid truth,there is no use of his Dandharm.i dnt remembere name of duryodhan’s brother who opposed to draupdi’s vasraharan.i really proud on him

      1. Karna killed Abhimanyu. Well, I doubt. Abhimanyu was killed by 7 warriors.Dronacharya formed the Chakravyuha.Karna cut off Abhimanyu’s bow, Kripa killed his two chariot-drivers and Kritavarma killed his horses. Abhimanyu took up a sword and a shield but these weapons were cut off by Drona and Karna. Abhimanyu then took up a chariot-wheel and threw it at Drona but Karna and Aswatthama saved Drona by cutting the wheel. Abhimanyu then took up a mace and smashed Aswatthama’s chariot. Turning Abhimanyu killed one of Sakuni’s brothers and many soldiers and elephants. Then he smashed the chariot of Dussasana’s son, who took a mace and confronted Abhimanyu. A badly wounded and exhausted Abhimanyu was finally killed by Dussasana’s son who smashed the fallen Abhimanyu’s head with his mace.
        Sudarma was killed in Draupadi’s Swambar by Arjun when he was 9 years old.Shatrunjaya, Vrishasena, and Dvipata were slain by Arjuna.

        Dont want to comment more.U can read the main book of MB for these info.Check Wikipedia also.

        I really feel bad for Draupadi.No one really cares for her.I love Karna with all his faults, without any pretense.Its Vikarna who protested Draupadi’s insult in Dyut-sabha.Bhima killed Vikarna, but yes, Bhima lamented after killing Vikarna.

    2. Already posted details about Abhimanyu’s death.Thanks for liking the analysis & agree with me.

  4. nice analysis . i too agree and like karna only in Mahabaratha. Only in one point i differ though he forgiven kundi and accepted pandavas, by granting her the wish , he has betrayed his friendship of duryodhan. When it comes either this or that it luks blood is thicker than water.

    1. First of all a big thanks for commenting.He betrayed Duryodhan by giving that daan to Kunti.Definately, a yes.But Mahamahim Bhisma & Guru Drona also did the same naa.Karna never lacked judgement. He knew the result of war from the beginning.When Lord himself supporting the Pandavas who can defeat them?But he fought with Arjun.If he able to defeat Arjun, then definately Pandavas will loose their main strength.

      1. Hey madhu i m suggesting u plz read whole mahabharat.2 times in mahabharat arjun gave his best performance than karn.i heard one phrase gyan se bhara aadha ghada sab se jyada shor karta hai.

    2. @un, obviously, Arjun was the best.Afterall, Pandavas were the winners.Face to face combat Arjun killed Karna when he stood defenceless,struggling with the chariot wheels.In my post, where I compare Karna & Arjun?? I disagree with U in that point when U said Karna killed Abhimanyu.He was a part of Chakrabyuha & he was not the killer.He was one warrior among 7 warriors.Karna knew he will never able to defeat Arjun.How could he? when Lord Krishna was the Sarathi of Arjun, while Karna was cursed.
      & before taunting, understand the comment.I was answering the comment that he bertrayed Duryodhan.I wanted to say, he gave daan the life of her 4 sons.He fought with Arjun.Thats proves his loyalty towards Duryodhan, because Arjun was the main warrior from Pandavas side.
      In beginning, I said, my knowledge is limited.So, I am requesting all the scholars please forgive me for any mistake.

  5. You should read the book Karna’s wife by Kavita Kane. It tell the story of Mahabharata from Karna’s perspective. I don’t think karna turned his back to duryodhan. In fact he had the option to leave duryodhan and lead the pandavas in the battle and be assured of victory. But he chose hi friendship although he knew he was fighting on the wrong side and that he would surely meet his end.

    1. Agree wid u.

    2. Karna was a man with tremendous self-respect.I very much admire his this quality.

      1. Madhu u admire him that does not mean he is a very good person.actually when we love some1,he is always perfect for us.no single defect.

      2. When I said, Karna had no defect.He is not a perfect person.But I love him with all his faults.He did what he thought was right.Thank God, he is not a God.He is very much human.I will suggest U read my post again, I never blindly supported Karna.But apart from Dyut-Sabha, I dont find any fault in Karna. May be, I lacked judgement. But I dont care.Its a post where I said my love & admiration for Karna.Not a criticism post to other characters.I know only some is going to agree & others disagree.

  6. I agree karn has suffered a lot.agree with un.karn ne abhimanyu ko isliye mara qki arjun k hatho karn k 2 putron ka vadh huaa tha and dis is a true fakt.duryodhan ne karn ko intana respect sirf aur sirf uske matlb ke liye diya.best example of male ego in our society is acid attacks.. Ans me plz.
    If any man insulted u in front of society, he called u Veshya ya aisa kisi k bhi sath na ho lekin if acid attack happed wid u,can u forgive that person saying it’s all happened just because of his male ego?????
    Ans me….waiting for ur ans…………

    1. No, I cant forgive a person who did acid attack just to satisfy their male ego.Neither here I supported Karna’s act in Dyut-Sabha.
      But I think Sheetal its not that easy equation.why only blame Karna for Draupadi’s insult? Why the Great Dharmaraj skate his wife in dice-game? Why the other brothers maintain their slience?Why other people maintain slience? & Honestly Do U think Kurushetra war happened only to avenge Draupadi’s insult? then, Sorry mam, I dont agree with U.
      When Dushssan was insulting Draupadi koi kuch nahin kaha.Its a duty of husband to protect his wife dignity.But Five Pandavas failed.But they are all great warriors.Then After years when they were back after complete their Vanvaas & Agatvas, Duryodhan refused to return Indraprastha, they declared war.
      Where is justice here? Justice delayed is justice denied.

      1. U r misunderstanding me.i m not blaming only karn….u posted here about only karn…so i replied.humre kehne ka yeh matlb to nahi hai ki karn akela responsible hai us cheerharan k liye.unske pancho pati,us sabha me upastit har insan unse liye doshi hai.humne sirf karn ke bareme opinion diya hai qki post uske bareme….so mahabharat k baki logon k bareme hum kya sochte hai yeh bhi aap apne man se hi decide kar rahi hai aur agree bhi kar rahi hai.u said they declared war….panch pandav galat the waha upstit har insan galat tha par isse yeh to nahi hai na ki karn sahi hai.wo bhi baki sab ki tarah galat hi tha..ya yeh kahu unse behti ganga me apne hath dho liye..unhone apni wife ki respect nahi ki bahot galat hai.par iska matlb yeh nahi hota ki karn ko draupadi ko insult karne ka license mila…humra to mamna yeh hai ki uske apne panchho patiyon k sath rehna bhi nahi chahiye tha.us incidence k baad…sahi mayno me dekha jaye to jis mahabharat k war ko dharamyuddha kaha jata hai wo bas property k liye lada gaya tha aisa bhi lag sakta hai..pehle samne vala kya keh raha hai wo samjo…then decide karo agree karna hai ya nahi…

    2. I already replied that day Karna was wrong. Neither I defending Karna, nor I think Karna defended himself.He knew what he did was wrong.Thats the only wrong he did & thats the reason for his downfall.

  7. karna killed abhimanyu right…

    1. I dont think thats right.

  8. U r absolutely right each words of u spoke my heart ……….karna is my all time fav hero …….:-)

    1. Thanks Shreya.

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