Karn Sangini 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Uruvi is Imprisoned

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Vaidya treats Karn and informs Duryodhan that Karn is attacked with a poison smeared knife, Karn tolerated it, else others could not. Duryodhan orders to bring Uruvi and Bhanumati. Shakuni suggests him to remember that Bhanumati is his wife and Uruvi is the one who tried to flee her. Arjun on the other side reaches Uruvi’s room and finds poison bowl there. Bhanumati and Uruvi are brought to Duryodhan. Duryodhan confronts that Uruvi did a sin by trying to flee Bhanumati. Uruvi says he did a sin by forcefully kidnapping her. Duryodhan angrily tries to slap her, but Karn stops him. He tells Uruvi that she will be punished tomorrow in royal hall. Shakuni says they cannot forgive anyone trying to spoil their dignity. Duryodhan asks Karn to throw Uruvi in secret jail till she is punished tomorrow.

Karn takes Uruvi to jail. Uruvi says she did not mean to hurt him and apologizes. Karn says she fought for her side and he fought for her friend, warriors don’t apologize to each other, but respect each other. He locks her in jail and leaves. Someone informs Bhanumati that Duryodhan has kept Uruvi in his secret jail till she is punished tomorrow morning.

Karn returns to Duryodhan. Duryodhan asks to keep keys with him and bring Uruvi himself in rajsabha tomorrow. Karn returns keys and says he will take it in the morning. Maid informs Duryodhan that Bhanumati wants to meet him. He walks to her room. She says she is ready to submit herself if he frees Uruvi. He says she called him for this, he will not budge for her drama, she will submit herself to him some or other day. She provokes him that it is an insult to Kaurav clan that their elder son cannot satisfy his wife, dropping her pallu. Duryodhan walks to her and lifts her. She takes keys and throws it down. Maid picks it and walks to Arjun and informs she knows where Uruvi it.

Uruvi in jail reminisces Karn’s words and smiles. Arjun enters showering his arrows and rescues her from there.

Precap: Karn warns Arjun to leave prisoner Uruvi right there. Arjun provokes him for a fight and shoots arrow.

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  1. Again same mistake. Karn tells Arjun that they both will get a “mauka” for a fight. It should have been “avsar” and not mauka. Hello makers of the serial! Please do not use Bhol-Chal Hindi in dialogues…..of an ancient revered epic….please.

    1. True that.

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