Karn Sangini 28th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Uruvi Is Trapped?

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Uruvi asks Gauri to return jeweler’s diamond. Gauri cries that she knows she is a habitual thief and got tempted seeing diamond, so she stole it and when guards ran behind her, she threw it somewhere, now only Uruvi can save her. Uruvi says she does not want to save a thief, she should go and accept her crime. Gauri pleads for the sake of Karn’s dignity, she should help her. Uruvi agrees. Gauri reminisces jeweler giving her gold coins on Shubhra’s orders for tricking Uruvi. She thinks she should start her next plan and suggests Uruvi to pay 25000 gold coins to jeweler and save her. Uruvi asks how will she have so much money. Gauri brings Shubhra’s gifted gold pot and suggests Uruvi to sell it to jeweler and get 25000 gold coins. Uruvi hesitates at first, but then agrees and asks her to go and sell it and get money. Gauri thinks her plan will fail if Uruvi does not go and acts as slipping and twisting her leg. Uruvi agrees to go and sell pot.

A couple’s case comes in Karn’s court. Husband complains that his wife does not want to stay with him. Wife complains that her husband does not earn and sits idle at home, she needs food and clothes along with respect and love. Karn orders husband to respect his wife’s feelings and go to work to fulfill her needs, else he is just a man for namesake and his wife can walk away from him. Husband says he is her husband. Karn says he is husband and not boss. Wife praises Karn’s administration.

Radha sees Gauri in Uruvi’s room and asks what is she doing here. Gauri gets tensed. Kali enters and says she was checking if Karn and Uruvi will get intimate or not. Radha says this is bad and asks them to go, thinks Karn and Uruvi will unite tonight for sure.

Uruvi takes pot towards jeweler’s shop hiding her face in veil when Karn passes by and asks if she needs any help, he is his king. She stands tensed. He walks towards house. Uruvi thinks she has to finish her task and reach home before Karn.

Precap: Newly married brides request Karn to protect them from monster as monster kidnaps brides. Karn asks any one bride to accompany him to kill monster. They hesitate. Uruvi comes forward.

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