Karn Sangini 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Uruvi Gets Furious

Karn Sangini 27th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karn with Uruvi reaches back Ang desh. Radha does their aarti. Aunts taunt that Uruvi is glowing just after a day’s stay at her mother’s house. Uruvi shows them laddoos in gold utensils and says her mother prepared these for them. Aunts gets tempted seeing pure ghee ladoos in golden utensil, but Radha stops them saying already samdhan/Shubhra sent them already many gifts, they cannot accept more. Radha asks Uruvi to go and rest now. Uruvi walks to her room. Karn sees her sad and asks reason. She says she is missing her mother.

Uruvi walks to living room after sometime and sees aunts playing with laddoos like balls and throwing them on walls. She confronts them to dare not throw her mother’s hard work. Aunts continue yelling and taunting Uruvi. Uruvi continues confronting

them. Karn with Radha walks in and thinks he did not see Uruvi so angry till now. Radha thinks if Shubhra brainwashed Uruvi. Aunts continue taunting Uruvi. Uruvi continues shouting at them. Karn walks to her. Radha stops aunts and apologizes Uruvi for not understanding her mind. She feeds laddoos to Uruvi and herself and Karn and gives some to aunts. Aunts think their plan is failing and they have to do something, else Shubhra will take back gold coins from them.

Radha gives mango to Uruvi and says she kept pooja for child and wants to become grandma soon. Uruvi shies. Aunts thinks they cannot let this happen, else Shubra will kill them. After sometime, a jeweler comes to sell precious diamonds and tells Karn his wife has bought many precious stones from him before. He shows neeladri diamond and says it is just 25000 gold coins. Uruvi excitedly checks it and then sadly says they are living normal life and cannot afford it. Karn watches her facial expressions and reminisces Shubra’s words to just watch woman’s facial expressions to know her mind.

At night, guards inform Karn that emergency court hearing has come. Once he leaves, Gowri runs into Uruvi’s room and hides under bed. Guards asks Uruvi if she saw a woman coming here, she stole neeladri diamond and if it is not found by morning, they will go to courtyard. Uruvi says she did not and locking door scolds aunt to return diamond to jeweler. Gowri says she is worried for her life as she lost it.

Precap: Uruvi thinks she cannot get a dent on Karn’s pride and ahs to do something. She walks into palace hiding and holding bag when Karn sees her.

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