Karn Sangini 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Karn’s Firm Belief

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Shubra shows Uruvi’s jewelry and clothes to Karn and says these come from each part of country for Uruvi, but he kept her like a suth. Uruvi thinks now she likes her husband’s gifted clothes and not her mother’s. Karn tells Shubhra that her daughter does not like these precious clothes and asks her to call Uruvi now. Shubhra walks into Uruvi’s room and seeing her writhing in pain due to needle prick scolds maids and orders them to get honey, milk, and sandalwood paste for Uruvi’s bathe and requests Uruvi to stay here like princess till she is here for her mother’s sake. Uruvi agrees. Shubhra walks back to Karn thinking Karn will see what she wants to show him and tells he can meet Uruvi in her room. Karn walks to Uruvi’s room and sees her getting royal

treatment. Shubhra says Uruvi was getting rashes with cotton clothes and injuries with brass jewelry, so she threw them away. Maids massage Uruvi and ask how is she feeling. Uruvi says as if her pain went away in seconds. Shubhra says Uruvi got fed up in 2 days itself. Karn says maybe it is some princess, not his life partner Uruvi, Shubhra can try hard to mislead him, but he will not and wait for his life partner outside.

Karn waits for Uruvi in living room. Shubhra offers him juice and says he will not question Uruvi. Surili enters crying and pleading Karn to protect her. Karn asks Shubhra why she is punishing Surili. Shubhra says she does not want to return to Ang desh with Uruvi. Surili pleads that Uruvi is mad in love now and once her madness evades, she will realize how difficult it is to stay in Ang desh.

Shubhra tries to brainwash Karn that Uruvi does not want to go back to Ang desh and stay in hardship. Karn says he knows his life partner well, she will stay wherever he stays. Shubhra says women speak something and wish something else. Karn says he will love his life partner so much that she will feel silk in cotton clothes and luxury bed on floor. Shubhra says let us see who will win now, if he wants to read woman’s mind, he has to keep his eyes open and ears closed and watch her movements. Uruvi walks in excitedly seeing him and says she knew he would come. She chats with him smilingly. Karn silently watches Uruvi reminiscing Shubhra’s words.

Shubhra’s husband pulls sword and shouts all his courtesans are badmouthing about him, he will not tolerate Uruvi and Karn’s relationship now. Shubhra says Karn has gone from here with doubt in his mind and reminisces bribing Karn’s aunt to develop doubt in Karn’s mind. Husband says before pooran maasi if her plan does not succeed, he will behead Uruvi.

Precap: Precap: Karn’s aunts play with Pukey’s laddoos and throw them on walls. Uruvi stops them and says they should not insult her mother’s gift.

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