Karn Sangini 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Karn, Uruvi Share A Moment

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Gaura hugs Shubhra saying she is not her servant now, but her relative as she is Uruvi’s husband’s aunt. Radha asks Uruvi to get water for her mother. Uruvi walks to kitchen. Servants bring gifts in. Shubhra says she could not come empty hand to her daughter’s house, so she brought a few gifts. Greedy aunts take gifts in. Uruvi serves water in brass tumbler. Radha says they have only brass utensils and not gold ones. Karn enters and says maharani Shubhra is their guest and she will be treated royally, they have taken oath to sacrifice royal treatment. He asks Uruvi to give royal guest house to her mother and asks why she is looking dirty. Radha says she cleaned whole house in excitement of meeting her mother.

Shubhra takes Radha aside and pleads why she is troubling

Uruvi so much. Radha takes her near Uruvi’s room where she shows Karn’s greedy aunts requesting Uruvi to gift them her mother’s brought gifts. Uruvi says they need not request her and take whatever they want. Radha shows them to Shubhra and says these greedy aunts will make Uruvi’s life a hell. Shubhra asks to forgive her mistake and not trouble Uruvi. Radha says she will if she has accepted Karn as her SIL and daughter’s husband. Shubhra stands silently. Radha asks why there is double standards then and continues that she will not forget her insult and will make Uruvi dance with ghungru like a suth. Uruvi walks in. Radha seeing her image changes her tone and hugging Shubhra says she is very happy to see her here and thanks her that her bahu smiled seeing her mother. She says letus have food, Shubrha will be served royal food while Uruviu will have suth’s food. Uruvi having pearl millet roti says it is very tastier than wheat roti. Gauri taunts so tasty that Uruvi threw it to dogs and had to pick it back like thieves, etc. Shubhra sits crying from inside and tells she came to take Uruvi to Pukeya for paghphera ritual. Karn enters and says she can take her till she wants. Uruvi says she will return after a week. Shubhra thanks Karn.

Karn helps Uruvi packs her clothes. Their eyes meet and their romantic chat starts before Uruvi leaves with her mother.

Precap: Shubhra tells Karn that Uruvi wants feast for 7 days and says if he wants to read woman”s mind, he should close his ears and open his eyes and brain.

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