Karn Sangini 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Karn To Stop Uruvi and Bhanumati

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Uruvi wearing mask and disguised as warrior enters Hastinapur palace to rescue Bhanumati. Bhanumati prays god to save her, looking at poison in her hand. A maid enters with clothes for Bhanumati and gives it to her. Uruvi thinks she has to rescue Bhanumati soon. Duryodhan enters and gets romantic with Bhanumati saying shy is woman’s jewel, but there is no need for jewels in this closed room. Bhanumati says she will die than submitting herself to him. Duryodhan leans towards her and picks wine glass. Uruvi pulls poison smeared knife and walks towards Duryodhan when guard announces that Karn is coming. She hides. Karn enters. Duryodhan asks why did he come at this time. Karn reminds him of his promise to give Bhanumati the respect she deserves. Duryodhan says Bhanumati is his queen, and

it is a pride for her if she gives birth to Kaurav’s heir. Karn says if a woman submits herself by her wish, she feels as if she is walking on flower, else she feels walking on fire. Duryodhan says Bhanumati that Karn stops him from taking wrong path, he always respects Karn’s decision. He promises he will return to Bhanumati only after winning her heart. Once they both leave, Uruvi enters and showing her face tells Bhanumati that she came to take her from here, it is an insult for a girl to be called Duryodhan’s wife. Bhanumati says how willlthy escape from here. Uruvi says she spent her childhood here, so she knows all secret routes out.

Kunti suggests Arjun to go and meet Uruvi and stop her from doing anything wrong as she is always determined to fight against injustice, she may go to rescue Uruvi. Arjun agrees and walks towards Uruvi’s room. In Pukeya, Uruvi’s mother wakes up from sleep worried for her. Fathher asks what happened. Mother says she is worried for Uruvi knowing her helping nature and risking her life. Father says Arjun is with Uruvi and nothing will happen to Uruvi. Mother says on the other side, there is also Karn whose arrows could have defeated Arjun. Father says there is difference in game and real fight, Khsatriya always wins in war.

Duryodhan walks with Karn to his room and thanks him for saving him from doing sin. Shakuni stands fuming. Karn thanks Duryodhan for respecting his words and leaves room. Uruvi on the other side walks with Bhanumati maiking guards unconscious. Karn notices them and catches Uruvi’s pallu. Uruvi slits his hand. Poison starts affecting him and he falls on his knees holding pallu. Uruvi cuts pallu and frees herself saying he knows she is doing right, poison will ward off in some time and he will be fine. Karn does not leave pallu. Guards enter and capture Uruvi and Bhanummati. Karn collapses.

Precap: Duryodhan orders Karn to throw Uruvi in jaail. Karn does same. Arjun walks in front of him and says if sun had not set on that day, Karn would not have been alive today. Karn says he has special association with sun, but it set down before time and saved Arjun, next time, he will not be saved.

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  1. The serial is set in Dwapara yuga wherein usage of certain words should have been taken from sanskrit. Words like mafi(pardon), pyar(love) were not used in the vocabulary of that yuga. Instead, the words should have been kshama and prem. The dialogues should be carefully written after research and such lapses should be avoided. It looks like an ancient revered epic set in jet age.!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. True that.

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