Karn Sangini 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Uruvi And Karn’s Unconditional Love

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Radha tells Uruvi that house’s daughter-in-law is equal to Annapurna Devi/god of food and asks her to start adding tulsi in each dish after pooja, she will return soon. Uruvi tries to pick lamp for pooja and feels it hot. She picks it with great difficulty and it slips. She falls down on metal pot and collapses. Karn sees her collapsed, lifts her and takes her to room. Radha asks her to make her sleep on silk bed, nobody will know about it. Karn asks her to spread mattress on earth, it is a question of Uruvi’s oath. Radha brings hard grass mattress. Karn makes her lie on it. Radha asks him to sit while she brings food for Uruvi as she did not have anything since morning. Karn sits pampering Uruvi.

Karn’s aunt fight for last remaining spoon of kheer. Spoon falls down. Radha carries food for Karn and Uruvi. Aunts try to snatch it, but Radha stops them and says it is for Karn and Radha.

Karn looks at Uruvi’s silk shoes, silkk clothes, perfumes, bed, etc., and reminisces her love for them. He thinks she does not need them anymore and is about to set things aside when Uruvi wakes up and excitedly asks if he wanted to give her surprise. Karn says she cannot use them after taking oath. Uruvi say she can at least see them. Radha brings food for Uruvi. Uruvi apologizes that she spoilt whole food and seeing hard pearl millet rotis and pickle asks if a ritual of feeding cow is left. Radha says it is for her. Aunts start drama that Uruvi will not have it. Uruvi says she will. Gauri steals Uruvi’s shoes and silently leaves. Radha reminisces Shubdha insulting her and thinks she took revenge from Shubdha by making her daughter a sootni and live a poor life.

Precap: Surili requests Uruvi to not try eating hard roti and punish herself. She takes roti when Karn enters and she drops it down.

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