Karn Sangini 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Uruvi’s Hardship Starts

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Karn removes Uruvi’s jewelry. Brahmin gives them cotton clothes. Uruvi feels pain touching cotton clothes. Surili thinks Rajkumar is feeling pain touching them, how will she wear them. Uruvi walks away. Karn feels guilty that Uruvi has to face hardship because of her. People chant Angraj Karn ki jai and maharani Uruvi ki jai. Uruvi returns wearing cotton clothes. Karn reminsces Uruvi telling she likes jewelry and makeup and stands sadly seeing her without makeup and wearing maid’s clothes. Radha reminisces her promise made to Shubhra that she will make Uruvi a soothni.

Radha then takes Uruvi home saying Karn will take time to return home, she will do her grahapravesh. At home, Adhirath’s sisters fight for maids. Shon comments these 3 musketeers came to trouble

them. Kali bua sees Uruvi and thinking her as maid says she will keep her. Surili warns that Uruvi is a princess. Aunt jokes even she is queen then. Radha says Uruvi is Pukeya’s princess whom Karn married in swawyamwar and describes rest of story. Kali yells Uruvi brought ill fate with her. Maids walk away saying they cannot serve Kali. Kali fumes.

Deaf Savri bua introduces herself to Uruvi and yells does not have manners to touch elder’s feet, she will not bless her though. Kali introduces herself and yells she took away maids from her, now she will serve as maid. Gori bua introduces herself next frightening her with knife and does her aarti with knife. Surili identifies her as Pukey’s thief maid whom Shubdha caught redhanded and kicked out of Pukeya slapping. Gori yells to mind her tongue, she is MIL here and not maid. Radha thinks she made Uruvi a soothni.

Uruvi cries. Her tears fall down. Karn enters and holds her tears. Radha says let us perform their grahapravesh, aunts dragged Uruvi without it. Karn and Uruvi try to perform grahapravesh when Radha stops Uruvi and says soothni cannot wear silk shoes. Karn says Uruvi’s feet are very delicate and she cannot even wear leather shoes, how will she step on floor. Surili reminisces Shubdha spreading fur mattresses on floor to prevent Uruvi from stepping on floor. Radha says she will become Uruvi’s shoes and keeps her hand in front of Uruvi’s feet. Uruvi stops her and says she cannot insult a mother and walks on floor tolerating intense pain.

Precap: Karn promises Uruvi that there won’t be anyone between them.
Radha enters saying she has.

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  1. Arey yaar I thought it was mahabharat story some new things we can know but a tho saas bahu drama lag raha hai boring

  2. What kind of saas.. I havent heard that Mata Radha of ang raj karn is such a terrible saas.. What kind of story.. Looks like saas bahu of the mahabharat..

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