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Hello everyone i am vaishnavi agnihotri. I was a silent reader of many ffs. I am going to present a matured love story of our favourite couple devkshi.
This is just a promo. I will start the ff if u like it. Enough of my chapad chapad and lets start.
A man is sitting on his bed. Few voices are echoing in his ears.
“Dev!!! I love you….. Will u be with me forever??? Your khargosh really loves you dev!!!! Will you be my side?? Will you fight with the entire world just for me??? ”

“Dev…… You were very small when your dad left us. You had the responsibility of 3 sisters. I accept that you always gave priority to your responsibilities but did you not think about me? How did you allow someone to come between us? How did you allow someone to spoil our relationship? How did you allow someone to love you more than me?”

“Mom loves only you….. Not me….. I dont want to live with you all. Bhai…. I want to marry and go away from this house because no one loves me…”

“Bhai… You do whatever you want we are always with you.”

“Bhai….. Why don’t you accept that you love her….. Why dont you confess your love??”

He is none other than dev. These words always echo in his mind. He imhighly tensed. He takes a glass full of water and finishes it. He has tears in his eyes. He is frustrated. He dont know what to do. He thrown the glass in anger. Some tears fall from his eyes and he is confused wheather he have to listen to his heart or mind…

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  1. Simplesweety1

    Loved It! Welcome To The World Of Fan Fiction’s! Update Soon! And Read My FF If U Like .. The Name Is Kya Ma Manengi ? …… A Devakshi FF
    Till Now 14 Episodes Are Uploaded!

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