KAPOOR SISTERS Beyond Love part-3

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At raginis house

in morning

in ragsan’s bedroom sanskar & kittu are sleeping peacefully. Ragini comeout from washroom wearing a peach saree. She smiles to seeing them she comes towards them and kisses both of them’s chick.

Ragini- Sanskar wakeup. its too late you have to go office.

Sanskar- Ragini why does wake me up first? Why not kittu?

Ragini- sanskar you are just a kid. now get up and get ready soon.

she cups his face and went to the kitchen.

in kitchen

sujata- arre ragini beta you woke up him?

ragini- yes mom.

in between their convo laksh enter in kitchen

laksh- waah smelling good. What are you making guys?

Ragini- alu ka paratha yours favorite.

laksh- thanx bhabi you are bestest bhabi of the world. Then tell me where are you going in vacation?

Ragini- Rajatpur our village. why?

laksh- Wo woh swa…ra.. was sayi..ng that i m also commming sooooo????

Ragini- Ho gayi tum dono ki bat???? Yep you are also coming with us.

in that time swara calls ragini

Ragini- Hmm shona tell???

Swara- Hi di gd mrng. di you were telling yesterday that laaaksh is al..so coming with usss.

Ragini- Hmm so what happend?

swara- But laksh was telling that you not told him.

Ragini- but he knows now and he is also coming. par teri itni interest??

Swara- leave that di. mmmuuuah you are the best bye luv u luv u.

ragini cut the phone making a huff.

Sanskar also come down.

Sanskar- breakfast ready?

Ragini- yesss.

Sujata- where is kittu?

sanskar- in room mom.

sujata- im going to her.

laksh- Bhabi please send my food in my room.

they go away from dinning

Sanskar- Food is delicious. just like you jaan.

Ragini- Sanskarrrr

after having food sanskar goes to office kissing ragini’s forehead.

In Road

Shristi is driving scooty in road.

Shristi- Hey bhagvan i dont know what will happend bas i get raghav malhotra’s appoinment then my job will be safe. please bhagwan help me.

Shristi losses her concern in driving and hit a tree beside road and falls down. some people come and help her to get up. but she is not much strong to walk. so she calls preeta for advice and help. But her phone is not reacheble. then she calls ragini.

ragini- Hmm sweetu tell what happend?

Shristi- Di i met a accident.

Ragini- whattt!!! where are you? tell me im coming.

Shristi- di di relax. Its not that much. I call preeta di but her phone is not reachable.

Ragini- She is out of town. Tu ek Kam kar call sameer. He is also in that hospital ok.

Shristi-Ok di bye.

Ragini- Bye take care haan.

After cutting call shristi calls sameer.

Sameer- Hello shristi??

Shristi- Woh sameerji i need your help.

Sameer- tell me what do can i do?

Shristi- woh i met a accident so…

Sameer- whaat!! are you fine??

shristi- yes i just want need a small treatment can i come to your clinic?

Sameer- Sure come im here.

Shristi- thanx. bye.

After cutting call shristi took her scooty and drives to sameer’s clinic.

At Bengaluru

In a hotel

preeta and karan is sitting in balcony

Preeta- Karan you are becoming so crazy day by day.

Karan- and why do you think so?

Preeta- Yeh surprise bengaluru trip!!!

Karan- Its a very small thing jaan. what does you did for me thats very huge.

preeta- I can do every possible thing for you.

Karan- I know jaan and so i will do every non expected thing for you.

preeta- every????

karan- dont go extend.

preeta- you know karan you are one of the precious thing of my life.

Karan- and you are my inspirition.

preeta- what happend to you karan?? you are becoming serios today.

karan kisses in her chick.

preeta- what was it???

karan- unserious thing.

preeta huffs and they both take eachother in their emmberace.

precap- shristi at sameers clinic. preetan romantic trip. ragsan family time. crazy swalak.

thanx guys for reading

lots of love

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