Kanya Apu’s VishRomeo 2


FlashB:Apu,a Luvly Girl in border of Tibet..n Malay in Orissa,maybe a nomad..How they meet?Soon..
While Malay saying “my 1948 coin is not for anyone..”to museum
..Two near him talking about him..
One asked “Who is he?”
2:”U dont know..?!!He makes great Indian History little in his gallery n youths of India follow his footprint…U know,before he is an extremist n now he is a gud writer frm tiz Orissa”
1:”Oh..I’m frm Rajasthan..Is tiz Malay the same one the newspapers say”
The policeman crossed them n Malay..While seeing Malay,he salute..
Malay accept his salute showing by his head’s nod..
Malay put his coin in his pants n left from tat place…with thinking Apu…
Loc:Border of Tibet
Early morning…
Hearing the little puppy’s sound,Apu wake n prepare her tea
n to the puppy..
Then,the georgy n cutie goes to BuddhVihar(Temple)…
Apu steps her leg on steps n reached Buddh n ring bell..n takes a flower frm Buddh’s feet n worship it..
N make it placed in left hair end..
While placing flower,Malay’s memories come…for Apu..Apu smiles in mind n strts walkin down in steps..
Hope U like tiz frndzz..Tanq for reading n post ur cute (incl -ve)comments..

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  1. Kathy

    Good episode naren… Then… Apulay knows each other … N Malay is a writer now… Story with suspense … Luv the Tibet part… Wel described it just like am with Apu…?? excited for the next episode harshan… Make a long one next time pls .. Keep writing

  2. HarSHaN

    Tanq Kathy..I ‘ll make tat long in the next..Maybe U guess how Apulay met!?

  3. Shai

    a romantic classic!!!!! so apu and malay have a past…also malay was an extremist…Wow…u gave a new angle to the character!!!!!
    waiting for the next…

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Shai..S..U guess.. angle makes Apulay Luv..

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