Kanya Apu’s VishRomeo 1

Kanya Apu’s VishRomeo…
Loc:Border of Tibet..
A hut..
1 Candle waves its light..in the front of the hut.
A girl in wearing Kashmirian style with veil n color beads as ornaments..sees above,the Sky n Moon..
Thinking Something..
A little dog comes in running towards hut..with a pink flower n paper roll in chain in its mouth..
The georgy girl even in her heart,Apu sees tiz n smiles..
Apu takes the little on her hands n takes the flower..n roll..
Taking some food n give tat to little..
Apu takes her flute n playing raag..aftr reading paper roll..
“I’m coming frm Tripura..I m here to show tiz..only..my 1948 coin is not for anyone”A newlybeard man says tiz to museum..After hearing tiz,someone near asks another..”Who is he?”
“Sir..U don’t know him?!!He is Malay,makes the great Indian history little in his gallery n his lead to Youth n his writings”…
….Thread of Luv soon…..
Hope U like tiz frndzz..Post ur cute comments (incl -ve also))..Tanq for reading,frndzz

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  1. Kathy

    Wonderful beginning harshan… Eagerly waiting to read the rest…by the way harshan what do u mean by …. His lead to youth n his writing… Excited for the next episode …?? keep writing…

  2. HarSHaN

    Actually he is..In 2nd epi..☺Kathy

    1. Kathy

      Oh… Them waiting……??

  3. Kathy

    Well Apu in Tibet… I mean in the border… N Malay is in Orissa … How they gonna meet…. I know it’s too early to know… ?? but….

    1. Kathy

      So excited …

    2. Tats a magic..

      1. Kathy

        I guess …

  4. Shai

    wow beautiful locations given to the leads!!!!!!! it looks like a movie!!!
    way to go harshan!!!!

    1. Tanq Shai..

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