Kanf’s Belated Birthday Special Ishqbaaz Os Part 20

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At Hotel White Pearl,At Party venue,

After sometimes Neha and gangs also goes out of the room. After they goes Kanfi’s three friends are join with their friendship day party. Kaniz welcomed them and introduced them to others. Now in this room only Kanfi and her friends, Rajveer and Bhavya and priyanga are here . Priyanga is trying to calls someone .

P” Ranveer.. Where are you? U says na you will join with us at our friendship day party. It was now 11pm. When did you comes? ”

Ran” I’m here sweetheart ”

Priyanga is looking at the direction of voice and find out Ranveer is standing in front the room. She goes to Ranveer’s pass and hugs him.

Ran” sorry priyanga for being late”
P” it’s ok Ranveer

( Priyanga and Ranveer are loving each other. Ranveer is Anika’s younger brother. He is elder to Soumya. Shivomru knows about Priyanga’s love towards Ranveer. They are accepted their relation for the happiness of their sister. But Shivomru are didn’t meet Ranveer till now. Ranveer is malayalee. So Shivomru are says to Priyanga asks  Ranveer  to  comes to their celebration party. So they can able to meet him. Ranveer didn’t informs his love towards Priyanga to Anika ,Soumya and  his family. Anika calls Ranveer and informs him about her meeting with Gouri and Bhavya and asks to him to comes to Kerala for meeting them. Ranveer informs Anika he will meet them on August 6th.)

Priyanga introduce Ranveer to others.

Ran”Priyanga …where is your brothers? ”

P” Shivay  bhayya will join with us soon with my bhabi. And Om bhayya and Rudra bhayya are goes to their room. They will comes after sometimes. ”

All are enjoying with dancing.

( Note : Ranveer don’t know that Bhavya who he is meet now is none other than his best friend Bhavya)

Shivika, Rikara and Roumya’s confession is happening in same time. But I writing it separately.

At Om’s room

After sometimes Gouri comes to Om ‘s room. She opened the door, the room is full of darkness. Light is didn’t on.

G” Om…. Where are you? What are you doing in this darkness? ”

But Gouri didn’t get any response, she is trying to on the light ‘s switch . When light is on   Gouri is surprised seeing the scenario in front of her eyes. The entire room is fully decorates with colorful lights and balloons . Her eyes are searching for Om. Om is comes from Gouri’s behind and hugs her. And says .

O” Gouri I wants to say something to you. And I know after hearing about it you will surely angry on me ”

G”  you first say Om then decide do angry on you or not ?”

O ” Gouri… In these two months of our married life we both are shares a lot of memories together. Now we both are entered into our parenthood  . Like you are thinking our marriage is not a arranged marriage. It is love marriage Gouri. I was first see you at ur college. I was comes there for discussing with college authorities about my art exhibition conducting by Patna university. After two weeks my art exhibition is started. After comes there my eyes are searching for you but I didn’t find out you. Few days later you comes to the art exhibition. I don’t know how much happy I’m after seeing you. I am realized that I was falling in love with you. I reveals my feelings for you to Shivay and Rudra. They Says to me  propose  you on the last day of art exhibition. At the last day of art exhibition I’m waiting for you for confessing my love towards you but you didn’t come to the exhibition. I go to know that your sister met with an accident and you and your family are goes to Delhi for meeting her. After art exhibition ends I goes to Delhi and find out you at City hospital. I thought it is not correct time for confessing my feelings for you. I’m comes there everyday and helps your sister and family without anyone’s knowing. After  some months I talked to my parents about my love. They are agreed for my marriage. It was dadi who talk to your uncle about my marriage proposal for you. And your family also accepted my proposal and after two weeks we both are married. I thought to confess my feelings for you on our marriage day but when I see you my all words for confessing my feelings for you was losted. I tried so many times for confessing my love but failed it. I thought to today is best day for confessing my love towards you  I knows you will surely angry on me for not revealing about it to you earlier. Please forgive me Gouri ”

After confessing his love towards Gouri, he is waiting for knowing her response.
For his surprise Gouri is don’t show angry towards him. Instead of anger, she was smiling and tears are coming from her eyes. Om didn’t expect this response from her  .

O” Gouri… Why you are crying, are you not forgive me? ”

G” it’s tears of happiness Om. I don’t know that you too love me like I love you before our marriage ”

O” matlab”

G” Om I too falling in love with you at ur art exhibition. I don’t have internet for visiting the art exhibition in my college. One day I visited that exhibition with my friends. One art work of you from that exhibition attracts me the most. It is the picture of two besties. And I feels that it is me and Anamika. I buy that picture too. I falling in love with your art first. When I saw you I was falling in love with you too, I too thought to confess my love towards you at the last day of art exhibition. But Bhavya met with an accident, so me and my family are goes to Delhi. After months my uncle took a proposal for me. I’m not interested in that proposal because I didn’t forget you till now. But when I saw the groomI was shocked and surprised too. It was you. First I thought it is my dream. I realized that it was not my dream it is real. I’m going to marry the same man who I love. I can’t express how much happy I’m after seeing you. After two weeks we both are married. I too thoughts to confess my feelings at our marriage day and like you I too lost words when I saw in front of me. I tried so many times but failed. So I decided to confess my feelings after our baby comes into the world ”

O” Really, so we both are same. Falling in love  with each other but didn’t able to confess love and we both are confessed our love after coming to parenthood. ”

G” I’m very happy Om. Not only me, our baby also very happy for seeing his/her aritist father is becoming romantic ”

O” Love confession after coming to parenthood  that was memorable he na Gouri? ”

G” You are right Om. I’m very lucky to get a life partner likes you. I falling in love with you but didn’t able to confess my love towards you . I thought I lost you but After few months you are coming to my life, God is great dear. Destiny make we both together ”

Om kneels down in front of Gouri and take the diamond ? ring ring ? from his pocket and says

” Gouri I’m loving you from the eternity, I wants to live my life happily with you and our childrens till the last breath of my life. I’m always with you, I don’t want to lose you, you too always with me he na Gouri as my supporter and my friend and my life partner. I too very lucky to get a life partner likes you Gouri. I  LOVE YOU… ”

G” I LOVE YOU TOO Om…. I too wants to live my entire life with you and our childrens happily. Thank you so much Om for coming to my life. Thank you so much Om for those memories we both are shares in these two months. We both are best friends and best life partners and we both will become best parents also , Thank you so much Om for making this day most special. I didn’t forget this day. It is most special day of my life ”

(Rikara ‘s marriage is happened suddenly. So they have no engagement is happened)

I’m is slipped the ring into Gouri’s finger  and he kisses in her belly. And says

” Hello, my champ. I knows my baby is very happy today like his/her parents. Papa loves you baby… Eagerly comes. Papa and Mamma are waiting for you ”

Later Om hugs Gouri. After sometimes they are broke their hug. Rikara is very happy. This day is very special for their life .Later Om says to her close her eyes. He wore Gouri a beautiful diamond necklace. She is looking more beautiful with that necklace.

G” Thank you so much Om for this beautiful gift, I loved it ”

O”  you are welcome Gouri and this gift is not equal to the gift you  will gives to me Gouri”

G” are you talking about which gift ”

O” I’m talking about the gift that will coming  to our life after 7 months. ”

G” our baby. I too says thanks to you Om for gifting me that most special gift in my life ”

O” you are welcome Gouri ”

G” and thank you Om for fulfilling my wish of meeting my bestie. If you not fulfills my wish then I didn’t meet Anamika after a long years, Thanks a lot Om ”

O”Gouri… there is no need to say thanks for fulfilling of your wish of meeting your bestie ,it’s my duty only. I here for fulfilling all the wish of my wife ”

G” I’m very lucky to get a life partner likes you. If you not with me then I can’t able to meet Anamika. In these days I enjoyed  alot with Anamika and shares a lot of memories. I’m very happy. You make my day more special but I am sad too Om. Because tomorrow I will again going to leave my bestie ”

O” you are not sad for going to leave your bestie. God is great dear. He is make we both together. Like this he will makes your friend always with you ”

G” How can she is always with me Om. I didn’t understand anything? ”

O” You will soon understand about it dear ,now we should goes to the party, all are waiting for us and we should must says thank you too Kanfi, because it was she only help me for getting you alone ”

After hearing this Gouri remembering her talk with Kanfi and realized how her phone is activated in slient mode ”

G” That means the whole plan is Kaniz only ”

O” not only kaniz ,Shivay and Rudra also with me for planing this. And not only me, today is very special for my brother’s life also. It was Kaniz who helps us for making our day very special ”

G” I didn’t understand anything Om what you are saying ”

O” I says na. U will understand about it soon dear. And kaniz help me for making my day very special. We should make her birthday more special ”

G” you are right Om,we should join with them ”

Saying this Rikara are goes to Room no 356 for joining with all of them.


Thank you for reading. If you are like this part then do comment . I wish to complete this os before my exams starts. But I can’t able to complete it. So I will continue my os after my exams ends. Meet u all after my exams ends.


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