Kanf’s Belated Birthday Special Ishqbaaz Os Part 19

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At Hotel White Pearl

Anika messages to Shivay, she will be comes to room no 512 with her friend for meeting him. After that Anika goes to Kaniz ‘s pass.

A” kanfi …my would be is messages to me and says that he wants to meet me. He says to me comes to room no 512 with my friend. Do you comes with me for meeting him ”

K” sorry Anika…. I can’t able to come with you. I says na  I’m met my three friends at Oberon Mall. I invited them to our friendship day celebration party. They will comes here after sometimes . If I comes with you ,then how can I welcome to them to our celebration party ”

A” oh ..,it’s okey dear. I  will goes to meet him along with Gouri ,and Kaniz where is Gouri? ”

K” Gouri goes to Om ‘s room. He wants some urgent help from Gouri . So she goes to Om’s room. She says to me inform you about it ”

A” Gouri is not here. Then … I will goes to  meet him along with Soumya ”

K” Soumya also not here Anika…. Rudra wants some help from me. But I can’t able to goes to his room because I wants to welcome my friends to our party. So I asks Soumya to goes to Rudra ‘s room for helping him . She goes for helping Rudra . She says to me inform you about it ”

A” Soumya also not here. Then what will I do? I  says to him that I will comes for meeting him. He is waiting for me ”

K”  Goes for meeting him, Anika…. ”

A” how can I goes to meet him alone?”

K” why you are fearing for meeting him alone Anika. He is your would be. U r going to marry him. ”

A” I’m very nervous dear for meeting him alone. It was the first time I’m meeting him. What will I do?  Hmm  Kanfi …Where is Bhavya? ”

K” she is  with Rajveer ”

A” okey, I will asks to her help for coming with me for meeting my would be ”

Saying this Anika goes to Bhavya’s pass

Kanfi’s pov

What will I do? According to our plan I was successful for sending Gouri and Soumya to Om and Rudra’s pass alone. If  Anika goes to meeting Bade bhayya along with Bhavya then our plan for Shivika will flop. Allah please help me. I hope Bhavya will not goes with Anika.

Anika goes to Bhavya’s pass for asking her help for  meeting her would be. But Anika saw Bhavya and Rajveer is dancing and enjoying each other. Anika thought to not disturbing them. So without talking to Bhavya, Anika come back to Kanfi’s pass .

K” what happens Anika ? Are you not talks to Bhavya? ”

A”.Bhavya and Rajveer  are dancing and they are enjoying this party. If I asks her help then it will be disturb them. So I thought to not disturb them  . My would be will be waiting for me, how can I denies to him ”

K” why you are fearing for meeting your would be alone. Anika you should be goes for meeting him. ”

A” ha dear. I’m going to meet him ”

K” okey dear , goes to his pass and don’t forget to join with us, and bring him also to our party ”

A” okey dear ”

Saying this Anika goes for meeting Shivay. After she goes, Kaniz send a message to Shivay “plan is done ”

Anika don’t know that there is a surprise is waiting for her.


Thank you for reading. I will update soon.

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