Kanf’s Belated Birthday Special Ishqbaaz Os Part 18

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At Hotel White Pearl

While Anika and Shivay are talking via messages. Kaniz goes to Gouri’s pass and says

K” Gouri.. Why you are not picking up om ‘s phone call. He is call you a lot of time . But you didn’t take his calls. So he calls me and says inform you about his calls. And says he wants a urgent help from you. He is goes to his room. He is waiting for you, so goes to his pass ”

G” Om is calls me. I didn’t notice it. ”

Saying this Gouri check out her phone calls and saw so many miss calls from Om. And notice that her phone is in Silent mode
” Oh, there is so many miss calls from Om,may be he wants a urgent help from me. That’s why he call me a lot of time. But how is my phone is in Silent mode
(While Gouri enjoying the party Kaniz took her phone and activated it in Silent mode according to Shivomru’s plan)

K” may be it is activated by mistake ”

G” You are right Kaniz, And I’m going to meet Om. Where is Anika? ”

K” She is busy in chatting with her would be ”

G” Oh, her would be also join with us he na. She sacrifice her love for the happiness of her family. I hope the man who is going to marry my bestie will be a good person ”

K” we will be know more about him after meeting him ”

G” ha. Kaniz I’m going to Om ‘s room. Informs Anika about it okey ”

K” okey dear ”

Saying that Gouri goes to Om ‘s room. She is don’t know that there is a surprise is waiting for her

After Gouri goes to Om ‘s Room Kaniz send a message to Om

” Plan is done ”

After that Kaniz goes to Soumya’s pass

K” Chutki do you help me? ”

S”Kaniz Di…. which help do you want from me? If I can able to help you then. I’m surely help you ”

K” Rudra wants an help from me. He is goes to his room. But I can’t able to goes there. Because I says na I meet three of my friends at Oberon Mall. I invited them also to our celebration party. They will join with us soon. If I goes for helping Rudra then how can I welcome my friends to our party. So if you have able to help Rudra, then do you goes to Rudra’s pass for me? ”

S” Sure Di… I will help Rudra for you ”

K” thank you so much Chutki ”

S” Di… Why you are saying thanks for helping you? U r my sister he na? So there is no sorry no thank you between sisters ”

K” Okey my dear sissy. I’m take back my sorry. Are you happy now”

S” Ha, I’m happy . And don’t repeat it again, okay ”

K” Okay sissy. Love you so much ”

S” Love you too Di, and Di where is Anika Di? ”

K” She is busy in chatting with your jiju ”

S” I hope my jiju will be a good person and he will take care of my Di ”

K” Today he is join with us for meeting Anika and you will know more about him after meeting him ”

S” really, I very excited for meeting my jiju, and Di I’m going to Rudra’s room. Di informs about it to Anika Di, I will join with you all ”

K” okey Chutki, I will inform about it to Anika”

After that Soumya goes to Rudra’s room for helping Rudra. She is don’t know that there is a surprise is waiting for her.

After Soumya goes to Rudra’s room. Kanfi send a message to Rudra
” Plan is done”

Kaniz is very happy for her best friends and her brothers and sisters. Today will lead to most memorable day of everyone ‘s life. But she is sad also because she can’t able to meet her besties Ahsana, Neha & Sumitha till now. She is know that they will surely come here for meeting her. So she is waiting for them with a surprise for them. Tomorrow is her birthday, Kaniz is sad because her besties and brother ‘s are forget her birthday.


Sorry for this short update. I will update soon. Thank you for reading. If you are like this part then do Says your opinion on this part. I will update soon.

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