Kanf’s Belated Birthday Special Ishqbaaz Os Part 17

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Note :
Anika informs Priyanga, Soumya &Bhavya also about her marriage before going to shopping . I didn’t mention about it earlier.
Actually I forgot to add it. Sorry for that.

At Hotel White Pearl ,11 pm

After Mallika ends the call Anika informs to Kaniz and Gouri that her would be will comes here for meeting her.

That time Anika get a message.

(note :Shivay calls Anika at evening. So Anika knows his number. She saved his number as ” Mr. would be ” . ). When Anika notice she get an message ,she checked it and realized it was her would be ‘s message.

This is all The messages between Anika and Shivay

Mr. Would be ” Hello Anika. Sorry for not able to meet you at evening.”

Anika ” It’s okey. There is no need to say sorry. I can understand, you are busy ,that’s  why without seeing me you are goes to the meeting ”

Mr. Would be ” Thank you Anika for understanding me ”

Anika ” understanding each other is very important for  a relationship ”
Mr. Would be ” You are right Anika ”

Mr  would be ” I’m  Your best friend Mallika ‘s would be ‘s best friend ”

Anika ” I know about it. Mallika informs me about it ”

Mr. Would be ” oh ,Mallika informs you about it ”

Anika” ha ”

Mr. Would be “I go to know from Mallika that you are here at Hotel White Pearl with your friends for friendship day celebration ”

Anika” Ha.  Today is two celebration is going on here. One is friendship day celebration and my bestie Kaniz ‘s birthday celebration ”

Mr. Would be ” hmm, Anika I wants to meet you. I’m here in Hotel White pearl  at Room no 512 . Do you comes to meet me? I wants to talk to you. If you not wants to meet me alone then bring your one friend also with you ”

Anika ” okay, I will be come for meeting you. I will bring one of my friend also with me ”

Mr. Would be ” okay, I’m waiting for you, comes fast. You can join with your friend birthday celebration after that ”

Anika “Okey ”

Mr. Would be ” Oh Anika. I forgot to introduce myself to you. I’m Shivay. I will share more about my life after meeting you. Bye. See you at room no 512″

Anika ” okey. Bye ”

Anika ‘s Pov

Today is very important day of my life. Today is the day I enjoyed a lot with my friends. Today is the day my marriage is fixed by my parents. Today is the day I’m going to enjoy the Friendship Day celebration and my bestie Kaniz’s birthday celebration party with my friends. Today evening my would be informs me that he is coming to meet me. But he have an urgent meeting so he go back to his meeting. I don’t know more about him. I didn’t get the man who I love, I hope the man who is going to marry me will be a nice person. After Mallika calls me, I go to know that he is Siddharth’s best friend . And Mallika says to me that I’m see my would be earlier also. May be I saw him at Siddharth & Mallika’s engagement. After shopping  with friends we all are goes to  our Hotel and get ready for the party. At 10.30 pm we all are reached at our venue. All are looking stunning in their dresses. We all are enjoying together with dancing and singing songs. That time Mallika calls me and informs me that my would be will comes here for meeting me. After her call ends I get a message.

It is none other than my would be ‘s message. He says to me that he wants to meet me and asks to me comes to room no 512 . He says to me that if I don’t want to comes alone then take one of my friend also with me . He is such a nice guy. If he is not a good person then he would not asking me to bring my friend also with me. I says to him that I will comes to meet him. Before ending call he says to me that he didn’t introduce himself to me and says he is Shivay and says he will share more about his life after meeting me. Gouri’s bade bhayya’s name is also Shivay .Is my would be is Gouri’s bade bhayya? No Anika…. It’s can’t happen. Why  you are thinking like that. There is so many peoples are living with this same name . He may be different person. I want to meet Shivay. I will bring kaniz also with me for going to meet him, my would be.


Thank you for reading and thank you for your all’s support towards this os. I will complete this os soon.

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Ahsana ?

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    Finally i read all the parts dear…this is super awesome…the way you have bought all the elements is super cool….sad that you wrote you will be ending it soon….love you loads…keep smiling and take care…

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    1. Ahsana98

      Thank you so much Harika Di. I glad that you are liking my os. Yesterday also I thinks that Harika Di didn’t Says her opinion on my os. I thought u r forget about it. That’s why I didn’t send the link of further parts. Sorry for that Di. And Di there is no need to say sorry for this late comment. U r reads all part of my os and you says your opinion on my os. That means a lot to me. Love you so much Di. And Di I am rewrite my vitharv ff as Shivika ff in Watt pad. It’s title is ” I’m yours you are mine Shivika ff ” . If you have time then do check out Di. And I go to know that you are participating in a os competition conducted by ishqbaazi pariwar. All the best for your os competition Di ?.
      And Di I started to write this os for kanfi, her birthday surprise os. Her birthday is in August now 3 months are passed. And my semester exam is starts on November 3rd. I wants to ends this os before my exams starts. I hope I can able to complete it.

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