Kanf’s Belated Birthday Special Ishqbaaz Os Part 16

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Part 16

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Note :After calling Anika, Siddhika are calls Shivay for knowing about Shivika’s marriage. They are go to know that Anika ‘s best friend Revu /Gouri is none other than Shivay’s Brother Om’s Wife.  And Anika and Soumya are here in kochi with Shivay’s Brothers and Sisters. Shivay informs  them that he is going to propose Anika at night. Siddhika are happy for their best friends . Mallika says to Shivay that she will be help Shivay .

At Hotel White Pearl ,Room no :356 ,10.30 pm

Anika, Gouri, Kaniz, Bhavya, Soumya and Priyanga are goes to Their celebration venue. All are looking stunning in their orange Gown and minimum make up. Rudra and Rajveer,Om are wore black pant and white shirt and black over coat.

The three handsome boys are mesmerizing on their respective partners Beauty. Now in this room  Aniri and gangs and Omru and Rajveer and Neha  and gangs are here. Rudra introduce to Aniri and gangs as Neha and gangs are his friends.The girls are wore golden face masks on their face. Boys are wore silver face masks on their face. Kaniz has feels that they three girls who Rudra introduce them are her besties Neha, Ahsana &Sumi. But they three are not talks to Kaniz. All are celebrating friendship day. All are dancing on different songs. But not a couple dance. All are enjoying in their group dance.

That time Rudra excuses to them and goes to His Room. After some times Om also goes to His room. Mallika calls Anika and says, may be Anika ‘s would be comes to party for meeting her.


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