Kanf’s Belated Birthday Special Ishqbaaz Os Part 15

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@Oberon Mall, 9.30 pm

After Aniri and gangs are goes for movie show. Omru and Rajveer are goes to Shivay’s pass, then they are goes to Shopping. After that they all are go back to Hotel White Pearl. Shivay booked room no 512 for Proposing Anika. It was situating upper part of the hotel. That room have a balcony. From this balcony we can see the whole Kochi. Om took the room booked for Shivom for Confessing his love for Gouri. Rudra took His and Rajveer ‘s room for proposing Soumya . Shivomru are decorates their respective rooms for  their love confession. After that they are goes to Room no 356 for helping Neha, Ahsana, Sumitha for preparations for the Friendship Day + kaniz’s Birthday celebration.
At 9.30 pm Oberon Mall.

G ” it is a nice movie he na Anamika. The story of two best friends and they are separated in their childhood. And their meeting after a long years. That too at their marriage day. The Hero and Heroin are agreed for the marriage for their parents happiness. It is an arranged marriage. Both of them are not happy for their marriage. On the marriage day hero and heroin are meet each other and they are surprised. Because they both are going to marry their best friend. The truth is that it is a surprise for them planned by their parents. ”

A ” ha dear nice movie. Story of two best friends and their separation and their reunion and their journey after their marriage ”

K ” I enjoyed this movie. I watched Dubbed Malayalam movies earlier but it was the first time I’m watching an Malayalam movie in its own language. ”

P&B&Sou ” It was super movie. Dulquer Salman and Nithya Menon ‘s Jodi is awesome. We all are like their acting. ”

(They are one of my favorite Jodi ‘s)

A&G ” yeah this movie will become super hit ”

K ” guys do you check the time. It was now 9.30 pm. Our celebration party is at 10 . 30 pm he na. So guys coming fast. We wants to reach our hotel early. ”

A&G  ” we didn’t notice it, guys we wants to reach our hotel room before party is starting. ”

P&B&So ” okey ”

Aniri and gangs are started their journey to Hotel White Pearl from Oberon Mall. After half hours of journey they are reached at Hotel White pearl. Aniri and Kaniz are goes to their room for getting ready for the party. Soumya, Priyanga and Bhavya are goes to their room also. They all are open their respective rooms. Their dresses and their ornaments are there on their table . And Anika, Gouri, Kaniz are get one paper note ? from the table and 3 Golden face masks also. In paper written as

” Guys eagerly comes for the party to Room no 356 in Third flour . And Don’t forget to wear that Golden face mask. Guys meet you all at Party venue ”
Bhavya, Priyanga and Soumya also find the same paper note ? and 3 Golden face masks.

Aniriniz & BhPriSou are get  ready for the party.


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