Kanf’s Belated Birthday Special Ishqbaaz Os Part 14

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August 5th

At Oberon Mall 6.45 pm

After discussing their plan Kaniz and Om are goes to SK textiles for joining with Aniri and Gang . That time Aniri and gangs are comes outside of the jewellery after doing their shopping.

A “where are you kaniz in these half -hour? ”

G ” you don’t know this Mall, you are visiting this mall at first time ”

K “are yar come down. I says na I’m goes to meeting few of my friends,they are working in kochi in Kerala. They are with me, while talking to them I didn’t notice the time is going. When I come back to Jewellery, I Met Om on the way. ”

A&G ” oh! We fears if you are forgets the root to jewellery ”

K “why you are thinking like that I’m not a small child. And you all are with me he na. ”

A&G “Okey but not going to anywhere without us ”

K “Okey my dear besties ”

G “Anamika ….this is my husband, Omkara ”
Gouri introduce Om to Anika.

G “Om this is my best friend Anika. I calls her as Anamika ”

O “Hi Anika(he was going to say Anika bhabi but he stopped after seeing Kaniz’s face expression), nice to meet you. I am very happy for meeting Gouri’s best friend, I hope you both are enjoyed a lot in these days ”

A “Ha Om. I’m meeting my best friend after a long years and enjoyed a lot in these days with her. Thank you Om for fulfilling her wish of meeting me . I’m very happy for Gouri. Because she is get a good life partner. I pray for you both will live together happily forever ”

O “Thank you Anika ”

G “And Om when did you come back from Trivandram? where is Bade bhayya . He is not coming with you ? ”

O “I come back to Kochi at evening. And Shivay’s marriage is fixed. But we can’t able to meet Bhabi because she is not in her home. She comes to Kochi for meeting her friend. So Shivay goes to meeting bhabi. He will join with us at night. Shivay says he will bring bhabi too in our friendship day celebration party ”

G ” is it true Om? ”

O “ha Gouri …..Bhabi will also join with us in our friendship day celebration at night ”

G&Bh&Pri ” yeah we are excited for meeting bade bhayya/ Shivay Bhayya’s would be ,who changed our bhayya ”

A ” I hear about Gouri’s bade bhayya’s love story from Gouri. She is really an Angel in his life. Even I too wants to meet her. At night we can meet her ”

Kaniz, Om, Rudra, & Rajveer says to their self. That angel who changed Bade Bhayya/Shivay/Shivay bhayya is none other than You Anika /Anika Bhabi.

Gouri sign to Rudra do their plan of Don’t going back to hotel now .

That time Kaniz says “It’s was now 6.45 pm. Friendship Day celebration party is at 10.30 pm he na? Three and half hours too left for the party. I’m comes to Kochi for enjoying these two days with my friends. So I want to enjoy some more time too with my friends. So now we all are going for a movie show, how was your opinion friends”

Pri &Sou ” yeah we are excited. Watching movie with our friends and our dears it’s was an amazing experience he na Anika Di &Gouri bhabi ”

A& G ” you all are saying right. There is three and half years are left for the party. So we can goes for a movie show ”
P&Bh&Sou ” yeah ✌ ”

Anika and Gouri are feels relief . Because without of their plan Kaniz is herself Says that not going back to Hotel now. And go for a movie show with our friends gang.

That time Om says

O ” you guys are enjoy. I’m comes to Kochi after two hours of journey. So I’m tired. I wants to take rest of some time. And friendship day party is at 10.30 pm he na ”

G ” okay Om then you go back to Hotel. And Take our shopping kits also ”

R “Gouri bhabi . I’m also not coming with u all. I wants to go back to Hotel for Decorating the party hall. And O don’t know where is Hotel White pearl, where we are staying. So I’m also going to Hotel with O ”

G ” okay ”

Raj ” Gouri Di I’m also not coming with you all. I’m also go back to Hotel room with Rudra and Om jiju, How can I join with you all alone . And Rudra wants help for preparations for the party. He na Rudra ?”

R “Ha Gouri bhabi.. I need Rajveer’s help also for the decorations work. If he also with me then its will helpful for me ”

G “Okey guys, You three are go back to Hotel, we all are join with you all after the Movie Show. And Om take our shopping kits also ”

O&R&Raj ” okay guys ,you all are enjoy. Meet you all at Party venue ”

A&G&Sou&Bh&Pri&K ” okay meet you all at Party venue ”

Anika and Gouri are sign ? to Rudra and Rajveer . After that They are goes to PVR Cinemas. It is situated at fourth flour of Oberon Mall. That time Kaniz signs to Om that our plan is done ?.

Rajveer and Rudra ,Om are goes to Shivay ‘s pass.

Aniri, Bhavya, Soumya, Priyanga are thinks at night we all are enjoying our celebration party and it is Friendship Day celebration + Kaniz ‘s birthday celebration . Kaniz thinks it is Friendship Day celebration + Shivomru’s Love confession.


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