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Before that, Please note yesterday I wrote Shivay send message to Kaniz and asks to her come to the cafeteria. It’s not cafeteria.And it is Oberon Mall not Obero mall. Sorry for the mistakes. Shivay messages to Kaniz and says to her came in front of the ABC textiles. It is situated the opposite side of SK textiles.

At Oberon Mall ,In front of ABC textiles ,6 .15 pm

Kaniz comes in front of the ABC textiles after sometimes. Shivkara are waiting for her .

K”Hi Bade bhayya….&Om when you both are come back from Trivandram ”

O”we are coming to kochi at evening only ”

K”Bade bhayya I was surprised after knowing about you are falling in love with a girl. How you change your ideology of leading a bachelor life? Bhabi is really an Angel. She is changed Bade bhayya completely. ”

O”Ha Kaniz, bhabi is really an Angel in Shivay’s life. And we all are goes to her home. And fixed Shivay’s marriage ”

K”Really ,Congratulations Bade bhayya”

S”Thanks Kaniz, we wants a help from you,Do you help us? ”

K”Sure bade bhayya, I will help you but first I want to see my would be bhabi, who changed my bhayya. Bade bhayya do you show her photo to me? ”

S”there is no need of showing her photos to you Kaniz ,because you knew her”

K”I know my would be bhabi? ”

S”yeah ,she is your best friend ”

K”My best friend. Are you talking about which friend bhayya? ”

O”Kaniz do you know who is our would be bhabi is? She is none other than Anika. Your best friend ”

K”is it true bade bhayya”

S”Ha Kaniz I’m falling in love with Anika. But I don’t know that My love and Gouri’s best friends are same person”

O”we are go to know about it from Rudra and Rajveer sometimes ago only. ”

K”Iam very happy Bade bhayya. My best friend is going to become my bhabi, If Gouri know about it then she really very happy. Because Her best friend is coming to OM as her jethji ”

O”I know Kaniz ,if Gouri knows about it now She will very happy ,but there is any possibility of surprise dear .So I wish Gouri will knows about Anika bhabi after Shivay saying about it only ”

K”Awww you are very sweet Om, You are really very good husband. You are fulfilled Gouri’s wish of meeting her best friend. And You are right ,Gouri will knows about Anika and Bade bhayya’s rishta after bade bhayya saying it only. I am imagining how is her expression after knowing about it”

O” ha Kaniz. Gouri is very happy in these days because she is met her best friend after a long years . I knows in her mind she is feels sad too because tomorrow she will leave her friend again and go back to Mumbai. She is really very surprises after knowing about it ”

K”Ha and Bade bhayya you didn’t tells to me how you meet with Anika ?”

S”I will narrates Kaniz ”

Shivay narrates to Kaniz about his meeting with Anika at Mumbai on August 1 .  He is falling in love with her. Shivay follow Anika and go to know Anika is from Kerala. The next day he is coming to Kerala for finding Anika.

(Shivay narrates to Kaniz that Bus stand incident also. After listening his narration of meeting Anika and that bus stand incident, Kaniz realized that the man who Anika seeing at Mumbai bus stand and who Anika loves is none other than Shivay.)

Kaniz ‘s Pov

I’m very happy my best friend is going to become my bade bhayya’s life partner. And Anika is going to marry her love only. She is very lucky to get a life partner likes Bade bhayya. They both are loves each other. They both are soul mates. I didn’t going to tell Bade bhayya about Anika also love him
. They will be realize about it from own self only.

Kaniz thoughts was disturbed by Shivay

S”what you are thinking Kaniz? ”

K”Bade bhayya… I thinking about you and Anika , you both are  soulmates bhayya. ”

S”Thank you Kaniz and I says na I wants your help”

K”which helps Bade bhayya? ”

S”I will says Kaniz, till now I’m very eagerly waiting for meeting  Anika. After knowing about Anika is none other than Gouri’s friend. I decides to don’t meet her now. I wants to propose Anika at night. I need your help for proposing Anika ”

K”Awww Bade bhayya, after meeting Anika you are become ishqbazzi. I’m happy for you both Bhayya. I will help you ”

S”Thanks a lot Kaniz ”

K”There is no need of thanks for helping you Bhayya. You are my brother. We both are not connected by birth. But our relation is connected through heart ♥. ”

S”Iam bring back my sorry. Are you happy now. ?Love you so much sissy for coming to my life ”

K”Love you too bhayya. I’m very lucky to get a brother like you, you are my soul brother”

S”And I want your help not only for me, Om and Rudra also wants your help ”

K” which help I do for Om and Rudra, bade bhayya….?”

O”I will says about it Kaniz”

Om narrates to kaniz about his and Gouri’s marriage is love marriage not an arranged marriage. He is see Gouri at Patna university ‘s art exhibition. And Om is falling in love with Gouri. But didn’t confess his feelings for her till now, and wants to confess his loves towards Gouri at night. After narrating about it.

O”I wants your help for confessing my feelings for Gouri. Do you help me Kaniz? ”

K”Sure Om.  I will help you . I’m very happy for you both also. My best friend get a good life partner, you are always wants your wife’s happiness ”

O”Thanks a lot Kaniz”

K”Om I says na. There is no need of thanks for helping you all. You, bade bhayya and Rudra are my brother ‘s.  ”

O”Okey Kaniz I didn’t repeat it again. Are you happy now. Love you so much sissy ”

K”Love you too Om ”

S”Kaniz you will help Rudra also. He wants to confess his feelings for Soumya ”

K”Is it true bhayya? Rudra is loving Soumya. Is Rudra have a feelings for Soumya or he consider her like her other girlfriends? ”

S”Its not like that Kaniz, Rudra is really loving soumya ”

O”shivay is saying right Kaniz. He is not behave like our old dumbbell oberio. He is changed. Rudra is really loving Soumya. He wants to propose Soumya at night. He wants your help for that ”

K”If Rudra is really loving Soumya, then I’m very happy .I will surely help Rudra. ”

After thinking about the three oberio brothers and their love Kaniz was smiling ☺.
S&O”Hey kaniz why you are smiling ☺? ”

K”Iam very happy for my brothers and my best friends. You three are my brothers. Anika and Gouri are my best friends, Soumya is my sister. And Oberio brothers are bangayi ishqbaazi ”

Shivkara are smiles hearing Kaniz dialogue.

It is time for brothers and sister ‘s moments. After discussing their plan Kaniz and Om are goes to Aniri & gangs pass.


Thank you for reading. I hope you all are liking my book.  If you are like this part then do Says your opinion on this part . I will update soon.

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