Kanf’s Belated Birthday Special Ishqbaaz Os Part 12

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@ Obero Mall ,6 pm

After Shivomruveer’s talk Rudra and Rajveer goes to Sk Textiles for join with Aniri and gangs. shivay send a message to Kanfi .

(note :Kanfi  have friendship with Shivay so there is no need to introduce himself to her. )

“Hi Kaniz . I was standing opposite side of SK textiles. Don’t informs about it to Anika and Gouri . I wants to meet you . Do you comes to cafeteria ?  Me and Om are waiting you at there. Eagerly comes there. And informs Anika and Gouri , you is going to meet your friend. join with them after sometimes. Okey. ”

At Sk Textiles

after Shivay informs to Anika he won’t comes to meet her. Anika, Gouri and Kanfi are goes to Soumya, Bhavya, Pringu ka pass . They are shopping at 3rd section of the textiles. That time Anika get a phone call from Mallika.

M”Hello …Anika. How are you? I hope you are doing well. ”

A”Hi …Mallika dear. I’m fine, I hope you also fine dear. ”

M”Iam fine dear. you know I enjoyed alot this get together and trip to ootty with our friends. If you also with us then it will be awesome. ”

A”Sorry dear for not join with you all. Actually I’m  don’t coming to the get together not because of tiredness dear. I’m missing my bestie Revu. That’s why I don’t join with you all dear.”

M”Its OK Anika. I understand that you are missing your best friend that’s why you are not join with us. I knows how much you is missing your best friend. God will help you for meeting your best friend. ”

A”I forget to inform you about it dear. Revu calls me on Friendship Day. And we are meet each other after a long years on that day also.  Now me and Soumya are with Gouri and her family at Kochi .”

M”Now you are not here at Trivandram?”

A”Ha Mallika, me and Soumya are comes to Kochi on August 2 .We are go back to Trivandram tomorrow evening
M”That means you are not see him? ”

A”Are you talking about whom? ”

M”I mean your would be, your  marriage is fixed with a Mumbai based business man he na? ”

A” ha .  My marriage was fixed   today but I didn’t meet my would be. He called me and says that he is coming to kochi for meeting me but today he have an urgent meeting so he informs me that he will comes tomorrow for meeting me, and Mallika.. How you are knows about my marriage because I didn’t tells about it to you .”

M”Do you knows , your would be is my Sid’s best friend. I go to know about your marriage from Sid. ”

A”He is Siddharth’s best friend? ”

M”Ha dear. But what about that man who you met at Mumbai. U r loving him he na .”

A”Mallika….There is any possibility of meeting him again ,We are wishing something but God will give us other things, My family are very happy for this proposal, so I agree for this marriage for my parents happiness. ”

M”you are really a nice girl Anika. I’m very lucky to get a best friend likes you. And Anika you knows him ,your would be. You will really surprises after seeing him. He is really a good person. You are lucky to get a life partner likes him . Congratulations Anika for your marriage .”

A”Thanks Mallika. May be I met him on your and Siddharth ‘s engagement ”

M” ha. May be. And Anika all are says that Civil service examination results will coming today at night. You should give me treat for your results dear .”

A”It was my first attempt dear. I hope I will get good results. ”

M”You will surely get IAS dear .”

A”I hope so Mallika and I will surely give my treat for you. Are you happy now .”

M”Ya dear I’m happy. And Anika you should give me one more treat too .”

A”One more treat for whereby? ”

M”You will understand dear after meeting your would be .”

A”Okey . And Mallika when did you come back to Kerala? ”

M”Anika I’m retun back to Kerala in yesterday evening. Now I’m here at airport. Tomorrow is Sid ‘s friend’s sister ‘s engagement at kochi. So me and Sid are going to kochi  at evening ‘s flight. Our flight is at 7 pm.”

A”You and Siddharth are coming to kochi? ”

M”Ha dear .”

A”then you both surely join with us at night. Today We are celebrating friendship day at night at Hotel White pearl ”

M”No dear. It’s you and your friends celebration party he na? U will enjoy with them. I will meet you tomorrow .”

A”Ok dear. If you able to join with us then came here. ”

M”okey dear. Bye see you later .”


After ending calls Anika informs to Gouri and Kaniz that it’s was her Friend Mallika ‘s call.
After sometimes Aniri and gangs are coming from SK textiles after their shopping. Rudra and Rajveer also join with them. After that they all are goes to Jewellery for buying ornaments for party. Kaniz see Shivay ‘s message on that time. After reading that message. Kaniz excuses to Aniri and says she  is going to meet her friends and will join with them after sometimes. Saying this Kaniz goes to cafeteria for meeting Shivkara  .Anika and Gouri are comes outside of the jewellery.

Anika says “Revu.. Now it’s was 6pm, Neha says to me go back to Hotel when She says only, what will do, we should plan something for not go back to hotel now ,comes we will talk to All about it ”
G”Okey Anamika. ”

Aniri are goes to inside of the jewellery.


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