Kanfi ‘s Belated birthday special Ishqbaaz OS part – 11

My internal exams are over. I wants to ends this os before my main exams are starts, ie Nov 3rd.

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@Obero Mall, kochi 5pm

O”Rudra Says to Pringu about Anika bhabi. You says na you both are wishing for Anika bhabi coming to our OM as our bhabi. If she knows about it now, she will be really happy ”
R”No bhayya I’m not going to tell Pringu about it now ”
O”ok ”
S”Rudra why you are not saying about it to Pringu now? ”
R”I knows shivay bhayya if I tell about it Pringu now she will really very happy. But there is any possibility of surprise. You and O are not reveals about it to Anika and Gouri bhabi ‘s, because you both are wants to surprise your partners.Like you both I too wants to surprise my dearest sister ”
S”Awwww Om do u hear what Rudra says, he is not like our old dumbbell oberio. He behaves like a matured person ”
O”Ha Shivay you are saying right ”
R”Iam not dumbbell earlier also, I says that foolishness for make you both smile ☺ ”
S”we are just kidding yar. I’m happy for you Rudra. We both are trying to surprise our partners but you are trying to surprise our sister ”
O&S”Love you Rudra ”
R”Love you too bhayya ,and vakt ka time agaya ”
S&O”For What ?”
R”Obro Moment ke liye ”

Shivkara are smiles after hearing Rudra ‘s dialogue. Then it’s obero moment ka time. Shivomru are hugged each other.

BG music ? lafzon ka ya rishta nahi….
Rajveer was Looking at them happily. That time Shivay bring him also in their obero moment. After some times they break their hugg. That time Rudra says
R”Shivay bhayya, O and Rajveer I wants to inform you all an important thing”
S&O&Raj”what is it Rudra ?”
R”Iam also going to propose my love at night ”
S&O&Raj”what ! ”
S”You are going to propose your love?”
R”Yes bhayya today I will confess my love towards her ”
O”You are impossible Rudra. You are never ever going to change. You are always behind girls he na? ”
S”Om is saying right. I thought you are behaves like mature man. Now I take back my opinion towards you ”
R”Bhayya I’m saying the truth. I’m falling in love with a girl ”
Raj”Rudra u are find out your new girlfriend in Kerala also ”
R”Shivay bhayya, O, Rajveer stops . you all are right ,I’m a lady killer. All girls are behind me in college. But truth is I don’t have any feelings for them. But when I saw her my every opinion towards love was changed. Love angel always says if a true love comes to your life, your life was changed. Like Shivay bhayya and O are falling in love with Anika and Gouri bhabi’s at first sight I also falling in love with her at first sight ”
S&O”Okey we are accepted but you didn’t Says about who is your love is ”
R”Iam falling in love with Soumya ”
S&O”Soumya ! Who is her, how you met her ”
(Please note :when Shivkara and oberios are goes to Anika ‘s house for fixing Shivika ‘s marriage, Siddhart

(Anika ‘s Father) tells about oberios about his family. He says to oberios Anika is elder daughter of him. He have an son, his name is Ranveer, he was doing his business at Delhi. And he have a younger daughter, her name is soumya, she
Is doing her MA at Bangalore. Anika goes to kochi along with soumya for meeting Anika ‘s Friend.And Shivkara are knows Anika ‘s sister ‘s name is Soumya. But when Rudra says he is falling in love with Soumya they didn’t understand that she is none other than Anika ‘s sister. Because there are so many people’s are here with the same name)
Raj”Soumya !! Rudra are you falling in love with Soumya. Now I understand what you mean by Soumya also an part of our family at morning ”
S&O”Rajveer do you know her? Who is her ?”
Raj”Shivay bhayya and Om jiju do you both know who is soumya. She is Anika Di ‘s younger sister ”
S”is it true he na Rudra ”
R”ha Shivay bhayya I love Soumya. Like Anika bhabi her sister also an pure hearted person. I falling in love with her ”
O”Its looking very nice. Oberio sisters are falling in love with Varma sisters ( Anika and soumya are sidhharth varma ‘s daughter ‘s. So they are Varma sisters)

Raj”And Om jiju is falling in love with Anika Di ‘s best friend ”
R”Gouri bhabi and Pringu are known about my love towards Soumya . They are says to me propose Soumya at night but shivay bhayya O I was fearing for proposing Soumya. In these days I was very close to her. Now she is my best friend. But I fears what is her response after hearing my proposal. If she rejects me then what will I do? What she thinks about me?,If rejects my proposal then I lost my love and my friendship also, I was fears bhayya proposing her ”
S”Rudra don’t fears to propose soumya. If you are really love her then propose. Before that First believe yourself then propose her in your own way, she will accept Rudra ”
R”Okey bhayya I will try to my best to make her accept my proposal but bhayya How can get her alone. Pringu and Bhavya are always with her. She didn’t go anywhere without them ”
O”And Gouri also always with Anika bhabi and Kaniz. She also go anywhere without them”
S”only one person can able to help us for getting our partners alone and proposing our partners ”
O&R” who is that Person Shivay /shivay bhayya ”
S”She is none other than Kaniz ”
R&O”Kaniz !! You are right Bhayya /Shivay only Kaniz can help us for proposing our partners, but how can we talk to her she is with Gouri and Anika bhabi he na? ”
S” I will message her and says to her to meet me and asks her help. She will help us. ”
S”Rudra are you buy birthday gift for Kaniz ”
R”Ha bhayya I was bring a gift for her ”
S”Then you and Rajveer are goes to Anika and gangs. I and Om are will meet Kaniz and says to her about our plans. Later we are going to shopp for buying a gift for Kaniz goes to jewlerry for selecting ring ”
R”Bhayya me too join with you both for buying ring. I too wants to select a ring for Soumya ”
S”Now you goes to Anika and Bring Soumya, Pringu and Bhavya from Textiles, me and Om are going to talks to Kaniz, you will join with us after that ”
R”Okey bhayya.Bhayya today will change our three brothers life he na ”
S”Ha Rudra. Today will lead to most memorable day of our life ”


I will update next part of my os soon. If you are like this part then says your opinion on this part. Thank you for reading.

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