Kanchi SS- the wedding chaos by TRISHA

Hlo guys …I am
Back with one more Kanchi OS….-the wedding chaos…

Kabeers POV:
I was never afraid of anything not even during major surgeries but now I don’t know what is happening…I am feeling so shy…after all I am here for a most important day of my life …it’s been more than4 years I have waited for this day ….yes !!! Right… from now onwards she is going to be officially mine ….Mrs saachi kabeer sinha…I agree I was a little confused about mishra and aggarwal but later everything was sorted …as I love her more than her surname …she will always be just my saachi to me …

I was snapped out of my thoughts by my mom …”kabeer ; where are you lost ” …I replied in a low voice …”nowhere mom ”

After all how could have I forgot I am standing outside her home still unable to get the confidence to talk to her family …I am a little bit nervous …what would happen if her family denied for our marriage …how would I live without her…
She again told “let’s go in ”
I replied …this time in an encouraging tone “yes mom sure”…

We bang the door bell πŸ””…but as per my heart beats it was the starting signal of our wedding …yes “our” my and my saachi” …
We were greeted so sweetly by her mom and her family members ….and soon offered welcome drinks …but yes I didn’t take it …it was just I was sitting as a stupid inside and an arrogant outside…and my mom …she was constantly busy with her mom …
At that time I didn’t needed any soft drink …I was just craving for her one look …my eyes were just searching for her …but she wasn’t anywhere ….
And my luck …soon an angelic figure came in front of her…with a light blue saree and little crystals on that …my eyes was just stuck on her …I didn’t knew when my mom took my name twice ….and at last one glimpse of her …made me come out of my thoughts ….
Kusum-“wow beta you look so adorable today ”
Saachi- “thankyou aunty ”
Kusum-“aunty …no say mom”

Jaya- beta I think tum dono ko baat krleni chahie …(I think you both should talk)

Kabeer – no it’s ok aunty I mean mom …
Kusum- it’s ok kabeer you both go …

We both went in the drawing room …and sat on opposite sofa’s …we both knew we love each other…still that moment …that time even a single word was asking for our permission to get from our mouth…
Suddenly we both saw a little ballon coming from that sofa …written”kuch kuch Hota hai ” on it ….
And then the other came …written”ham apke hain sanam “…
Saachi- Isha Pragya come outside ….
I said just to start a conversation -“Isha Pragya here ?”
Saachi- yes ! They are teasing me from the morning on your name…(her tongue slipped)…I mean just a little bit …

Pragya Isha stood up..
Ishpragya- kabeer sir you tell us you both sat like rocks we had to do something right …
Kabeer – sir ?i guess we r off duty
Pragya – yes ofcourse…or wait a second …no Isha actually it is “kabeer jiju”!

Saachi(blushes)-Pragya (smirks)!!

Isha Pragya -anyways continue your silent talk we both should leave …

In no time they both went outside ….and that stupid silent again prevailed …
And this time a song played ….”saaiyan mere saath tu nibhana ”
I was unable to control my laugh that time and so I did and that too wholeheartedly…in fact that time she also started …
I said “veer! Come up”
Veer- shit ! Sirrrr 😀not fair atleast you must have lemme enjoy a bit sir…
Saachi- I guess I need to talk to dr Malhotra abt your wedding …
I agreed “exactly ”
Veer- you know what guys that is really not fair…first of all you both were not talking even and now taking each other’s side …Nd yes saachi just to inform you have a cockroach below your sofa…(and he ran outside)

And yes as I could expect from my lovely “to be” wife…she shouted and fell in my arms …I stood there just admiring her she looked just like a doll…my doll…yes !! It’s true my words needed permission that day still a line came out whispering in her ears …”you are red again”…

And then not so better our moms came in and we we both were just embarrassed …

We had a coffee and lot of gossip…and me I didn’t talked much with her just her mom and her family…
I was in my deepest thoughts and a voice hit me “r u ready kabeer?”..my mom asked…I said …mom …I mean yes ….means as you say” and yes same happened with her …and at last “yes was our favourite answer ”

Precap- the wedding rituals go on with our fav mischievous group ishpragveer…

So guys this was just a start …I don’t know how is this may be it is boring still I promise next part will be a little longer and yes exciting also…pls pls drop a comment in the comment box and if you guys have any idea you can share that …!!
Hope you guys liked this part …and this a six shot story…


  1. Richa1496


    |Registered Member

    It was awesome dood…. Can’t imagine Dr. Kabir as shy and embarrassed… You nailed it…. Pls update next ff soon… Waiting for it.. And after that pls this os next part…. I know I am being greedy.. But can’t wait to read….. Pls….. πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

  2. AnahitaAnnie


    |Registered Member

    Aww, its going to cute.. And a full six shots for our kaanchi wedding.. Yaay!!!! Thats like a treat for all of us.. And it’s really very cute.. Keep going..mission #kaanchi_admiring session on.. I am just loving all the stories..

  3. Riya

    Trisha dear,u r amazing as always and the episode got a broad smile on my face. U r too good. Luv u dear😘

  4. alia

    wooow trisha u are awesome .ur writing skills are awesome .can’t wait to read another part .
    you are mind blowing person .love u yrr (frnd wala).you are amazing .

  5. alia

    and yaa trisha veer scens was awesome and i think u love cockroaches soo much becoz u never fail to give them importance and girls are afraid of cockroaches very much .
    if i was in sanchi place im sure half population would be deaf .

  6. Sagarika

    Can you please write on how their love story started, like kaveersan love triangle during internship jealousy confession as flashback

  7. sundari

    queen of os ..this super os
    but shot scene for kanchi romance
    trishna i want kachi hot and romantic love story os from u
    and as usual you rock it

  8. VINAL


    |Registered Member

    It was super duper ,exciting,amazing,awesome,mind bolwing……loved it❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️& ishpragveer are very mischevious as always

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