Kanchi SS-the wedding chaos by TRISHA (second shot)

Hlo guys …this is trisha here…I am back with next shot of our -kanchi’s wedding and yes this one will be little different from other ones and last 4 shots will be purely based on their wedding rituals …preparation ….fun…. romance….etc etc….

So let’s start….

Next day at the hospital ….kusum and jaya came there …

Saachis POV;

Omg I already guessed definitely they had something to tell thts why both of these are here …I greeted them nicely and offered drinks and made them sit in my cabin…yes …as I am a cardiologist now so I have my own cabin …..in no time they started …

Jaya- beta we had something to tell you

Kusum- yes and you will be very happy to know that …
Both of your engagement is scheduled to be on day next to tomorrow and marriage date is also fixed…after two weeks …

I replied in happiness “thts good mom ….I must inform kabeer…”
She stopped me and said “no wait we want to tell him ourself “….

I can’t understand what she was trying to say yet I replied in agreement ….

Nd that engagement I was jumping I never knew it’s just 2days and two weeks …afterlal I was going to complete my first duty as a ….As a life partner …

I was busy in my deepest thoughts…but no longer ….soon woke up by the entry of our mr khduus….I didn’t knew what happened and she said –

Jaya-“son ; we had something shocking to tell you …hope you don’t mind ”

Kusum -“yes pandit ji told us you both can never marry ”

Kabeers POV-

I was just dumbstruck and I never knew what to do now she was my life and how dare that pandit say this …but at that time I just reacted without thinking once …”maa what’s that and who’s that idiot pandit …he’s going to die today ”

And much to my shock both ….nooo…infact trio along with saachi burst into laugher ….they were just pulling my leg….thankgod I understood this ….still “so late” …after all it was me and I was completely nervous ….and that ray of happiness entered my body from my head to toe when I listened those magical words (not I love you)…

Jaya-“you both are going to be engaged day after tomoroww and marry after two weeks…”

Oh my god this was just a surprise for me ….then I just wanted to give a treat to that priest ….hehe …yes khduus still caring …according to my ms khduus…!

We both greeted them and served … then they left for preparations ….!

Now only me and saachi was there -I said “thts seriously not fair ,they did injustice with me ”

As I expected she panicked “ok fine I already knew you don’t want to marry me ok I will deny them khduus bye “…

And me how could have I let her go …I holded her hand and drew towards me …her back lied on my chest and she could feel my breaths ….I again told “I mean saachi ; we can marry in one week …don’t you think two week is a very long time …”

Saachi-“ahm I think two months will be fine ”

She was ahead of me …

Kabeer -“ok ok sorry ? ”

Saachi- anyways leave me I had some work to do …

Kabeer- ok go…

Saachi -my god this person !!
kabeeer …leave my waist only then I will be able to go ”

Kabeer – I never holded you to let you go ….

Saachi- oh god ! You know what you were better that arrogant …this romantic side is really confusing …

He kissed her neck and she sighed in a little shock…that he usually gives her ….

Kabeer – now you can go (I gave an evil smile )… you can never hide you blushing dr saachi…

She smirked and just left still she was blushing and I could saw that easily…

Kabeers POV-

As we all know I am a workaholic person …so went straight into my cabin…actually not whole …I was 51% arrogant and 50% romantic as per saachi…

In my cabin …I was just so much irritated as lights were off …and soon lights were on and I saw huge decoration everywhere ….and that too was our gang ishpragyaveergarv…all stood up saying “happy engagement “congrats sir”

And that time my khduus side turned on …I said “thankyou so much guys ”

Veer – “wow seems you are in good mood ….sir let’s have photos…”

At that time I just let them do whatever stupidity they asked for …

And then…

Garv- sirji seems like you are too happy today pls one last request off for tomoroww pls pls sir…

I said”I know you guys are very happy …I agree to your preparations and thoughts …yet if you remember I am your senior and this was my office ”

Veer – siiir! “Was” means this is still your office…

Kabeer – no longer…you people made this a “bird sanctuary” now and you guys go and complete your punishment -one week record room all of you…

Veer- siir when did you gave punishment?

Kabeer- now !!

Veer – crap !!!

And soon saachi messages him -kabeeeer at least today leave them …they were just happy for us…

He replied – and this is my office …they could have done that after duty…

She- are you going to leave then or you need me to call mom !

He-fine ! You will pay for this ms blackmailer…

She- hehe ? thnkyou thnkyou
And. i Mailed you in white colour…

He – bad joke….whtever ttyl I am in office …

Veer – sir thankyou for leaving us …
Kabeer – I didn’t ..,.

All made puppy faces and turned to go just then…I said-“no punishment for now ” and then that veer came back and kissed me on my cheeks and left ….I never felt so shy when saachi kissed me …but this was tooooo much !!

And soon time flew ……

And that was the day of their engagement ceremony …(authors POV)

She was in white colour saree that was heavily designed and covered her whole leaving a bit of her waist …he just admired her ….and kabeer ….he was wearing a black outfit that suited his personality the most…..both exchanged rings….

The engagement ceremony soon completed….and that was the time for some masti with group….
Both “to be ” bride and groom were asked questions….

Pragya-so first of all saachi …
Veer -ok so frst ques: if dr kabeer saw whole hospital decorated what will he like more balloons or flowers?

Saachi-he will give you all record room punishment for two months…
Veer-don’t scare me ok !
(Kabeer smiled on this)

Veer – second ques; what would be your first baby’s name…!

Saachi-veer! (trying to show anger but she was red)

Veer -ok ok cool down third ques….how many times you fought with him ?

Saachi-our fights are more than patch up!

Veer -ok now dr kabeer…first ques….saachi is afraid of which animal…
Kabeer- (he shouted )”shhh tc I saw something there ”

and as usual she jumped shouting …..
Kabeer-she is afraid of every animal…

Saachi- btw this was a worst joke!!!

Veer-second ques now…

Ria came from behind in a short dres s….

Ria-I would ask this question-do you know kabeer how much characterless she is!!

Kabeer -(shouted )-riaaa !! leave or you won’t be left…

Ria-don’t you trust me ;I myself saw her with someone from last many years…
Group-we know saachi and kabeer are together from last 4 years….

Kabeer couldn’t tolerate this …he raised his hand to slap her but before that she got a tight slap from saachi…!
Saachi- didn’t you learned manners from your mother…no problem I will teach you….

She holded her hand and took her on the backside of house where no one was there…
Kabeer(in mind;don’t know what she is up to)-kabeer silently followed her

Saachi-don’t you know Ria how to behave ….who the he’ll are you to say anything about me ;in short just don’t spoil my day just leave !!
I didn’t wanted to insult you in front of your team mates so took you here …

Ria – just shut up saachi ! You know what I always tried to keep my kabeer away from you but you….you spoiled all my plans…

This time she received a tight slap from kabeer with a good lesson…she apologised to Isha Pragya veer kabeer saachi for her worst behaviour…

And at last the engagement went perfect…

Precap:saachi and kabeer in church…

Hope you guys liked this…pls pls drop a comment it comes as encouragement to write once again with a new idea….

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  5. Abhilasha

    Soooo guddddd……. As always u bring a 32 inch broad smile on my face and my mom was asking what I got at 12:03 am…… Trishu always rocksss?!!!

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