Kanchi OS -an unending tale of love by TRISHA

Hlo guys ….this is trisha here with one more OS of kanchi ….
“Sundari” asked for an OS so …here we go ….let’s start…

It was early morning …
Nurse – dr saachi ; dr kabeer called you in his cabin !


She left for his cabin ….and stood inside …
Kabeer – come in ms khduus

Saachi- how do you know that was me ….

Kabeer – uumm ! I can feel the beast inside you ?

Saachi- huh ! by the way ….may I know why did you called me up ?

Kabeer – yes sure …we are going somewhere today evening and will return early morning !

Saachi-wait a second !! Is dr kabeer ….mr workaholic trying to tell me he is taking off for half day …!

Kabeer – ahm directly yes ! Atleast I can take my girlfriend out with me for a long drive …

Saachi- if your. Forgetting tht is your office and I am dr !

Kabeer – hope you didn’t saw the time it’s our break time …!!

Saachi- Hm fine so where r we going. ….?

Kabeer – tht will purely be a surprise ….I have sent something to your room pls took on that and get ready sharp at 5 pm …!

She turned to go …
He immediately closed the door and she tourned so that her back stood with the close door …
Kabeer -who told you to go !
Saachi-ssh leave me thts office kabeer ….!!

Kabeer – I love you ….

Saachi- I hate you now lemme go ….

Kabeer – are you sure you hate me …

Saachi -(she sighed for a while )…I mean yeahh almooo..sss….t…

Kabeer – u know what veer was right ….he told me you don’t love me

Saachi- no definitely not I love you …!!!

She realised she just confessed !!

Saachi- I mean …that….

Without saying a word he gently placed his lips on hers ….she tried to push him a little bit but then she too responded to the kiss ….after few seconds both aparted and she was totally red …and ran outside….

It was evening …-

He came to pick her ….she was in her plain gown that he gave her to wear that evening ….

They were moving towards their destination …;

Saachi- dr kabeer I never knew you r this silly….

Kabeer – thts not silly ….thts romantic…!!

Saachi -hmm

Veer called up saachi –

Veer – miss golgappa where r u I searched u everywhere ….

Saachi- dr veer i am in my room ….I was feeling a bit ill so came back…!

(Ph was in speaker )

Veer – fine but did you informed that khduus kabeer…!!

Kabeer smirked on this ….!

Saachi-veer he is dr kabeer not khdus kabeer (she silently smiled )…

Veer – acha khudh hi to btaya tha tumhe uska naam …

Saachi- shut up veer !

Veer – had hai bhlai ka to jamana hi nahi rha(there is no time for goodness)…so rude saachi …!!bye !!

Kabeer – ahm ! Kk right …!! Khduus Kabeer !!!

Saachi- no it’s nothing like that he was just trying to say that …

He interrupted-no need to explain I know !!

He gave an evil smile …

Both reached their destination …he closed her eyes by his hand and tasked her to open her eyes..!

She was mesimerised by the view it was too point of the hills ….and whole city was viewing from that point ……and suddenly the lights went off …everywhere ….
Kabeer – this is me when you were in not my life…

And suddenly all lights came ….

Kabeer – this is me when you came in my life …

Then the lights summed up and wrote ” I ❤️ U ;will you ? me ?

In no time he went on their knees……with a ring in his hand …..

He could see the tears in her eyes….she responded in yes and both shared a passionate kiss….

After sometime ….
Kabeer – by the way it’s Valentine’s Day today …!!

Saachi- holy shit can’t you tell me in the morning I could have planned something !

Kabeer- seriously ! You are so desperate….
(She blushed on this)

A voice shook him up “hello hello papa where are you lost”
He came back to present …
Kabeer – nowhere my bccha …

Sana- you were about to tell me your and mma’s story tell me na pls papa…

Kabeer – ahm I will tell you that tonight first of all let’s go and meet your mma in the icu….doctors said she will be fine by two days…..

Both went in…
Saachi- hlo my baby r u alright ? I hope u didn’t teased your papa much !

Sana- no mom pinky promise I didn’t !

Saachi- good girl….

And sorry kabeer tht was all my fault !

Kabeer – no saachi tht was destiny neither I have allowed you to go alone nor this accident would have happened…!!

Veer (from behind)- ohoooo u both r so emotional anyways how r u ?

Saachi-I am fine !

Veer-I am not asking you ms khduus…
Sana- yes mom dr veer was asking about me !!!

Kabeer -oh god you both r too …..

Sana and veer -we know we know “annoying naughty stupid etc etc etc”

Sana -now parents pls excuse me I have to go with dr veer !!

Saachi- veer you have made her too naughty seriously…

Kabeer – I agree !

Pragya- abeo hme koi bulaega andr…

SanaOk ran to Pragya and Isha saying-“maaaasiiiiii ” and hugged both of them…..

So the little cute one made her parents remember their story once again….

Hope you guys liked this

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  1. It’s so good Trisha.
    When r u going to write Os which I requested.
    Plzz write it soon.
    Anyways this is also suprb.
    Just too good.

    1. Trisha139

      THANkq so much dear ….actually I had 3 to 4 os left so ….pps would you mind telling again which type of OS you asked for

  2. Abhilasha

    Wow cuteness… Romance……. Naughtiness…… All overloaded… Trishu a big wala teddy hug from me for this…. Love uh and ur story to infinity!!!!

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou so much abhilasha …luv uh too dear

  3. Soooo cute:-)

    1. Trisha139

      Thankq vasundhara

  4. Such a cute story & the moment when sana & veer said we know we’re annoying etc etc haha….so hilarious…can’t just stop laughing…sana is so adorable and so r u our sweetie Trisha…u r too good dear as alwz…..

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou so much Ria so glad you liked it

  5. No words to say

  6. wow trishna a big thanks to you accepting wish and writing an os for me.
    It’s is really a big gift and suprise for me.
    you once again proved that you are”QUEEN OF OS”
    coming bag to story it was really awesome,amazing and wonderful.
    the way you told os is really nice.
    kanchi love confession remind me of the great super romantic movie:rab ne banadi jodi and kanchi daughter its really amazing and their nok jok wih veer isha pragya its so cool
    so once again rocked it
    well done
    keep rocking

    1. Trisha139

      Most welcome sundari…thnks for the title….your words meant a lot yaar really love u

  7. It’s superb dood, os is mixture of love , naughty , romantic , etc I love it
    Pls update next soon

  8. Swetatitli

    Lovely story yaar. Loved it a lot. Plz keep writing ???

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou so much dear

  9. It’s so cute os ???????????????????

  10. It was mind blowing ,superb os full of all emotions. loved your all ff and OS. U r making me addicted with your writing .u are a fabulous writer dear . Keep writing ??

    1. Trisha139

      THa kyou so much Neera …tht means a lot

  11. Hii every one I too love kanchi pair a lot but I’m really very disappointed with that show as they were preferring sanveer only ..

    1. Trisha139

      Right and ye she hello

  12. Amnaa


  13. i think u are fab ur os ff are best just luv them

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