Hyyy lovely people…Its again Dhruvi Maheshwari here……
I m really overwhelmed by ur comments & likes & i got 2 dislikes so plzz tell me if i m going wrong anywhere ….
A big dhanyawaad (not saying thanks??) to all who comment on introduction…..
I m sooo happy tht Trisha & Niyati r back…..
Okk now not wasting ur tym, here is my 1st chotu sa OS (phle hi bol rhi hu kuch jyada expect mt krna?)….
Plzz do ignore grammatical errors…

Lets start:
My story starts from current track when kabir went to Geneva & Veer challenged Sanchi to run hospital without making any mistake for 30 days…..
Meanwhile, kabir also came back to SDCH & he decided 2 help Sanchi…..So whenever Veer & Dr Malhotra tried to spoil Sanchi’s work, Kabir helped her & then 30 days completed & as per their decision, hospital will be of Jaya’s……
In these 30 days, kabir & Sanchi came closer & sanchi has discovered her feelings 4 kabir….
They both file a case on Malhotra 4 killing Dr Sunil Mishra in supreme court & finally they won…
After her internship, kabir & sanchi got married with great pomp & show & Kusum also loves her like her own daughter

After 3 years,
Kapoor mansion is shown decorated beautifully as it was arranged by Kabir 2 celebrate his mom’s 50th b’day…..
Jaya & Kusum were talking. There a neighbour lady come to give them sweets as tht lady is soon going to be dadi (grand mother) & she also asked Kusum about her son’s family…she became upset & said,”ots their wish, whenever they will ready, they will come & tell me”

Unknowingly, sanchi was listening to their conversation from backside….
After the party, kanchi were in their room; kabir was working on his laptop. Sanchi came near her & asked,” Its almost 3 yrs since v r married”

Kabir-” yaa i know, wat u wanna say?”
Sanchi- “Dont u think its tym 4 start a family”
Kabir-” R u sure?”
Sanchi- “yess, i m. I want 2 be a mother”
Kabir-” Ok, firstly v will do our checkup tomorrow”
Sanchi-” I luv u Kabir soo much”
Kabir-“luv u too”

In morning,
Kabir & sanchi went 2 hospital 4 checkup….& they were told tht d reports will be given after 3 hrs…
Kabir told sanchi 2 go home as he had work in hospital..

In night,
Kabir comes & sanchi asked him for reports but Kabir yelled at her,” wat d hell is dis? Dont u see tht i m tired, u can look report tomorrow also, its better not 2 disturb me as i want a peaceful sleep”
Sanchi became teary eyed??? & went 2 sleep…

In morning,
Kabir wake up & said sorry to sanchi 4 her behaviour & show her the reports….Sanchi became happy & hugged him

In hospital,
Isha, pragya, veer, garv & sanchi was in canteen….
Suddenly kabir came there & told to sanchi to immediately meet him in his cabin
She went & ask what happened? But kabir again yelled at her,” what were u doing? Its hospital not ur home, u shouldn’t talk too much…its better 2 focus on ur work”
Sanchi- “but its lunch tym”
Kabir-“Dr Sanchi, is it d way to talk to ur senior”
Sanchi(teary eyed)-“But kabi-” (she was cut off by kabir)
Kabir-” now get lost”

She became much upset & veeshagya asked her tht why she is upset
She told them whole story..
Pragya-” How Dr kabir can do this yrr?”
Isha- ” Haa yrr its not fair”
Veer- “Its okk miss golgappa, everything will be fine”
Sanchi nodded & they all dont know tht Kabir was listenind their whole conversation from backside

At kapoor mansion,
Kabir came & again yelled at sanchi,” r u mad? Dont u hav manners tht u should no to share our prsnl things wid ur frnds”
Sanchi- “kabir, they asked &-”
Kabir- “& u told, woww!!! How mannerless u r?”
After lot of arguments, they went to sleep.

But behaviour of kabir became worse day by day & it was unbearable 4 her…
So she finally spoke out, “y r u behaving lyk dis?”
Kabir- “what?”
Sanchi- ” y r u so rude”
Kabir- “I m not”
After lot of talking, sanchi said- “okk dont tell, but remember, if u wont tell, i will jump from cliff”
It made kabir spoke out,” coz i want u to leave me & live happily with some other prsn” (with teary eyes)
Sanchi asked- ” y”
Kabir- ” coz u want 2 b a mother& i cant giv u tht happiness of being a mother”
Sanchi was hell shocked…
Sanchi-” but reprts”
Kabir-” i changed them”
Sanchi with lot of courage spoke-” kabir, ita true tht i want to b a mother but not at d cost of loosing u”
Kabir tightly hugged her & they cleared all their misunderstandings…
They decided to adopt a child & they adopted a girl child & they named her Trisha( i m happy tht u came back?) Trisha was as beautiful as Sanchi, as talented as Kabir & they all lived a happy lyf..


Sooo….guyz its end here…i seriously hav no idea what crap i hav written but i wrote…I really got a very gd response on my previous one & tht encourage me to write today….
And also all said me to update soon so here it is….
Hope u all will lyk it & plzz drop ur valuable comments….
And ofcourse press either ?button or ? button…
Hope will meet soon
Thanku so much
With love,

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  1. Riyarocks

    Daayan kahin ki…….nehi nhi…..darr mat, iss baar tere pe gaali nhi ulta pyaar aa raha hai…….yaar, itna mast, senti, emotional OS…….maan gye bachchuu……..tussi toh chha gye………wow, I’m sooooooooo happy, apni Trishu waapas jo aa gyi hai……yippee……. ab yehi par end mat kariyo………aage bhi aise hi amazing os post karti reh……& not only os………but ff, fs sab…….luv u meri pyaari daayan

    1. Dhruviii

      Ha ha…nhi tjse thodi na darungi…tu bhi toh mre jsi hi bhatakti aatma h???…jse hi mind mein koi idea aayega post kr dungi kyuki xam ho ya kuch bhi..mje kuch farq nhi pdta???…luv u mri brahmu???

  2. It was so amazing….. It made me emotional….. Do comeback with something new

    1. Dhruviii

      Thanku so much amnaa….i will surely come back with another one…till then tc?

  3. Dhruti

    just superb story……………
    come back asap with a new story………..
    take care…………..love you……….

    1. Dhruviii

      Thanku dhruti…..ya ofcourse, i will come back wid another story…luvv u too ???

  4. Aafiya


    1. Dhruviii

      Thanku aafiya…glad tht u liked it☺☺☺

  5. RuCh23

    ??? I knew it!!! I love this os!! I commented on your intro and just saw the story is already posted!! It’s an amazing is dear, come back soon with another story ???

    1. Dhruviii

      Hey!! I m very happy 2 see u back….kha gyb ho gyi thi tu?…and ofcourse i will come back wid another one

  6. Niyaaa

    Amaz yaar but ye kya tha shot 1 nd u ended it???..hehe wo bhi bullet train p sawar hoke.??lagta h aaj tumme meri aatma guss gyi thi mera ff itna,seriously le liya???.. Just kidding thoda bulletspeed tha but concept wise is amaz.. U rocked that too in ist os?? bas ap yahi mat rukna post more n more.
    Wrna ???.. Kaash show m bhi ye ho har baar k jaisa do din ka break up patch up drama na ho?lovv u yaar daayan dil khush kar ditta.. Bye tc???? milte h ig p??

    1. Dhruviii

      Ky kru yrr xams chl rhe h…aadha din ig pe onlyn rhti hu…aadha din mein se bhi aadha din rabadti rhti hu..fir uss 1/4th tym se mne ye likha h aur bullet train ki speed se isliye kyuki mje nhi pta ki m ky likh rhi thi..i mean jo mann m aaya chaap diya…aur RS ki toh???shatakkk shatakkk shatakkk krne ka mann krra h…..luv u too mri pyaari zombie….bye tc &gn

    1. Dhruviii

      Tx rishu…..???

  7. Swethaa

    its amazing soo emotional loved it

    1. Dhruviii

      Thanku swethaa…happy tht u liked it…luv u❤❤❤

  8. Nice dhruvi ???✌✌✌✌✌

    1. Dhruviii

      Tu baat mt kr mjse???????????

  9. Flyingfatty

    Main mar gyi…….but funeral mein time hain…..yeh sb tere emotional OS ki wjh se hua hain…..jyade taarif ni karungi ab. Bigad jayegi. Love u daayan

    1. Dhruviii

      Hehe …thanku shrishtu….comment padh k maza aa gya…luv u too???

  10. Priyanshipp

    Maza aa gya dayan. Yaar first os me hi tod diya. . Phod diya. .. madod diya … sabko piche chod diya .. luv u loads meri jaan ??? ab trisha ka intezaar h bas .. milte h jaldi

    1. Dhruviii

      Thanku jinny betaal…….mje bhi trisha ka intezar h….luv u too& milte h jldi

  11. it was really amazing
    hope to see you soon with a new post

    1. Dhruviii

      Awww…thts so sweet of u cherry..thanku & ya i will soon come back wid new story

  12. Anu88

    So so amazing and awesome story yaar……….I love it so so much dost……..

    1. Dhruviii

      Glad tht u liked it…..thanku nhi bolungi kyu ki now v r frnds ……itna keh skti hu jldi.hi vpis aaungi next story k saath…till then luv uhh….

  13. Arey wah daayan. .kya debut hai!!!!Pehle hi OS mein dhamakaaaaaa!!Ab jyaada nhi likhungi…tere dusre shots bhi toh padna hai!

    1. Dhruviii


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