Kanchi OS -the last gunshot….by TRISHA

Hello guys ..I am here with the OS of kanchi – the last gunshot ….so let’s start…

This is today’s era of 21 st century …the modern world …still that soul …that pure soul exists …that knows how to live with a pure heart….

This story is about Kanchi -dr kabeer and dr saachi….and yes ofcourse the villain of their story dr malhotra…dr kabeer- a sincere but arrogant and best doctor of SDCH and dr saachi: a simple adorable hard working and talented young women who just wanted to fulfil her mothers dream…..and dr Malhotra ….of course !!

They were running as fast as they can holding each other’s hand ….he shouted “saachi …r u ok ”
Saachi- yeah …
She was lost in a flashback….


Saachi and kabeer in a hostel room ….

Saachi- oh my !!! This bag …so much heavy !!!
Kabeer have you got rocks with you ….now come and help me out ….

Kabeer- not my work !! You know what that’s why I ask you to have proteinex with your diet!! (Gave an evil smile )

Saachi- don’t you worry me khduus you will pay for this !!!

Kabeer- anyways I am not getting this file anymore would you tell men ?

Saachi- thts why I ask you to concentrate !!(she laughed)

He smirks ?…

Kabeer- you kkkw what you are really a stubborn …

Saachi- I know now go and Fresh n up…fast !!!

Kabeer- ohk ohk

He went for shower after sometime …
Kabeer- saachi !!
Saachi – now what kabeer ?
Kabeer – can you give me my towel I left it outside …!!
Saachi -I am
Not your servant dr kabeer come and take it …

Kabeer- are you sure you want me to come out as I am now !!(he laughed )

Saachi- no no stay there I am giving you!!

He holds the towel but by jerk she got inside…

Saachi- ohk chiii don’t you have any shame you pulled me inside …just to saw you without your shirt …

Kabeer- omg !you saw me without my shirt …I am telling you …you can’t use me ohk …

Saachi- whatt!!! Just shut up ….I thought you are that khduus and you are this weird !!

She turned to go but fell in his arms …
They shared an eye lock ….
After few minutes …
Saachi- leave me na …
Kabeer- just go who stopped you…
Saachi- would you like to leave me !!

Kabeer realised he was holding her by her waist …

Some time skipped ….

Kabeer- you know what saachi ..you must have denied maa for honeymoon this was really not a good idea…

Saachi- she is my mother in law how could I deny her kabeer…

Kabeer- you know well I don’t believe this mrrg …we are just wasting our time here …

Saachi – are you serious dr kabeer ….you told your mom that you love me not my fault and then you said you don’t and I have to agree just bcz she was ill…what shot me kabeer …you never thought about me right never ever !!!! How I feel what I want !! You never wanted you know if I lo….

(Before she could say anything he sealed her lips with his lips)

Few moments passed by …
Kabeer “sshh”
You said enough for today moe just listen to me …..I loved you from the very first day when I saw you….I fell for you every second you came in front of me …I fell for you when you took care of my mom like your mom…I fell for you when you said “kabeer”…I always loved you …but never hd the guts to express…..I am sorry for being late …..

Saachi-you are again doing the same you again didn’t wanted to know what I feel…
You know you never believed this mrrg or may be you did secretly…but I did always just bcz I love you..
She was filled with tears…

He leaned onto her…both shared their first kiss…the kiss deepened …the kiss soon turned into a make out session….

Saachi- would you accept me as saachi mishra ?
After knowing my whole story…

Kabeeer- yes I know ur story and even that how creep dr Malhotra is …and bcz of your gel we had a proof now he soon will be behind bars!!

Flashback end–

She was snapped out of her thoughts by the sound of a gun shot. Then She realized, that they had reached the cliff. They were running for their lives. She turned back to see at least 10 goons in front of her Dr malhotrs’s men.

They pointed the gun towards him.

She threw her arms around Kabeer…For the last time, just for the last time She wanted to feel him.He stroked her hairs gently, soothing her.”I love you,Saanchi ” she told him sincerely. ” I love you too”

“Enough of your nonsense” one of them said. Then, the bullet hit her and slowly everything seemed to blur. She intertwined her fingers with his and then there was another gun shot. Her knees gave up and fell down, blood oozing out from her body and fingers still intertwined with his.

This was the end of their love story.kanchi’s story. No one can say that their story was incomplete. It was indeed complete.Even death couldn’t separate them.They lived together and that day they died together. She smiled at him for the last time and then closed her eyes.

This was their destiny. Maybe they were destined to be this way…

Hope you liked it…pls give ur comments

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  1. hi yaar pls complete ur epi also missing it. and the os was awesome I felt goose bumps while reading it

    1. Trisha139

      THa kyou shreya and sure dear

  2. Swetatitli

    Really it was a very emotional story. You always make me cry with ur writings. U r such an awesome writer yaar. I am in love with ur writings. Ur stories r so gud.??????????

    1. Trisha139

      I Am so Happy you liked this one dear …

  3. Emotional part u made me cry

  4. This was just too good.

  5. god trisha, such an emotional episode, got tears in my eyes, just one line came into my mind, mukammal mohabbat ki adhuri dastaan………………waiting for ur next update soon………..

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks a lot riya …

  6. It’s really superb. Loved it.

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou so much dear

  7. god damn you are so talented person yaar..
    from now onward i am going to call you king sorry it queen na
    “queen of os writting”
    seriously u nailed it
    it was so awesome and sad at end..
    dude one small request i want so long os from u about kanchi
    if u have time means
    it s nice

    1. Trisha139

      First of all thankyou so much for so much praise this means so much to me …and yeah definitely I will do that …..love you

  8. very emotional story.
    totally in loved with ur writing skills
    you are amazing .one day u will kill me with ur writing skills .
    waiting for another os and yrrr ff also
    come sooonwith ur another update

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou alia and sure dear

  9. That was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo touching and a sad story! Didn’t know you were good at it also, good job, keep it up, keep writing

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks a lot dear

  10. VINAL

    Emotional yaar really deep thinking ?????

  11. Seriously..touching story…The way u ended it was amazing…?

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks a lot isha

  12. Superb

  13. AnahitaAnnie

    Trisha I called u queen and empress now I am thinking about a rank higher.. That was soo emotional. I loved the concept.. U are really a fantastic writer.. Loved it..

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