Kanchi OS #DARKS & FAINTS#-by yaashi

Hii guys , i was supposed to post second shot of zingaat tipsy confessions,but is chotuse dimag me chotusa idea aa gaya,so i just scribbled it down.pls do read it and dont forget to press like or dislike button depending upon u.
And thanx to all peoples who commented on my previous post.sorry i coulnt reply u guys due to shortage of time ,actually my exams are approaching me with aeroplane speed and i m little busy in study,thats why.
So end of my bakbak and here we go,
So this os is based on current track,sanchi cleared misunderstanding with kabir but under bhaang effect! Veer ,and ishagya saw them dancing together and trio misunderstood sanchi.
So,it start from here.
Next morning,
Sanchi think that she should talk to him again becoz they were not in their sense.
She take baby steps toward his cabin thinking about last night and a weak smile crept on her lips.
She thought how he will react on this!!she didnt wanted to hurt him at all,she never wanted!
She slightly pushed the door of his cabin and walked inside only to find it vacant!
“Where he must be??its already 11 am and he isn’t shown up in hospital yet!he never come so late!!” She thought to herself..
She then roamed in whole hospital in search of her ,but every sign of his presence was absent.
“Dr.awasthy, Dr.kabir have told u to take responsibility of his patient,as he himself had gone to US for some imp work.” Nurse fernandese told Dr.awasthy.

Samchi was shocked listning this.

“Mujhe bataya bhi nai!!” She gets sad.

“But why he should tell u ,u r not his wife!!” Sanskari sanchi appeared in front of her and then disappear!!!

She left from there disappointed and directly headed to canteen. Ishagya were sitting in canteen. They saw sanchi coming to them ,but they completely ignored her.
She goes behind them,but no use.they were highly angry on her for hurting two guys.
She felt bad!!!atleast her frnds should trust her!!
Soon night crept in.
Sanchi was in dazed state.she was simultaneously thinking about her moments with veer and kabir as well.
The moments with veer gave her nothing but pain,unrecoverable one!! She recalled veer calling her opportunistic and characterless girl and she felt like someone stabbed her with 100000 knifes at a time.pearly tears rolled down her beautiful eyes.

Soon dreams pulled her into their embrance and she dozed off!!
For other peoples ,One month passed like a fling ,but for sanchi it was like 100 decades.
She missed him!!really?? . She was unable to understand the reason behind this,but she accepted the fact that she is really missing him badly!
In this one month ,she tried to clear MU’s between her frnds and she was little successful after long struggling.
But veer was is no mood to listen to her at all ,she tried to talk to him; but he either insulted her or simply ignored her!
apart from that,
It was her routine work to peep inside kabir’s cabin to know whethet he came back or not ,but she gets disappointed every time!
She used to go secretly in his cabin and discovered his little virtual world ♡ Sanchi’s Corner ♡ in his PC. He collected her photagraphs in that folder ,but it was locked.
Later,she found another secrete,his password was ‘Kanchi’ ,she easily find it out!!!
“Veer,try to understand!it was a just a misunderstanding .” She again tried for one last time.

But he again insulted her badly and this time his cheek welcomed tight slap from her.
Some more days passed.
Still there was no sign of kabir in sdch.she badly missed him!!
one fine day,
She again peeped inside his cabin ,as usual kabir was not there.
She turned back to leave in disappointment,but something striked her mind. Happiness ran down in her body..
She again turned back to see his phone kept on his table,that means he is back.
“Yippppy” she almost danced mentally!!! 😀
She quickly left his cabin in search of him.

Omg ! Omg ! She almost bumped on nurse fernandese.
“I m sorry ,i was just….” sanchi started her chanting but nurse stopped her in middle
“Dr.sanchi,its ok .i m in hurry .actually mrs. Kapoor met with accident while going to recieve dr.kabir from airport and is very critical” she shook her head sadly.
Sanchi’s heart sank at whatever she just listened!
“Kusum anty!kabir” only these came out of her mouth..
She ran to the OT as fast as she could!her breath was heavy,but her heart was crying!
And there he was!sitting alone on the bench .his hands and clothes were drenched with red liquid amd color of his eyes was matching with it.his chocolaty brown eyes turn completely red
She could easily understand his state.how badly she wanted to pull him in her embrance!!
He was lost in his own world. Within a moment,he was about to lost his mum. His heart cried umpteenth times.
He came back to the reality ,when he felt tap on his shoulder. He moved his gaze in the direction to find her standing there.
She slowly sat beside her.
The aukward silence prevailed between them.
“Should i console him or ask him why he left To US.??” She questioned herself in mind.
” i left becoz,i was not able to face u after what i did ” he said reading her mind.
Her expression changed to shocked first and then confused.
He sadly shifted his gaze toward her.
” everything happened in jiffy! I didnt even asked u if u r comfirtable or not. I never knew that u like someone else” he underlined.
“I don’t” came her quick reply.
He looked at her confused.
” Ok.it was my fault! I should not let these misunderstanding happen!” She pointed out.
Both remained silent for sometime.Sometimes silence is the scream,so true!!!
Sanchi saw veer was watching them from the corner,but she dont care.let him go to the hell with his misunderstandings,she will never care. She heart felt light,so light after long time.
Dr.xyz came out of OT .
“Kabir,she is completely fine and now she is concious too. Dont worry ,u can meet her soon” dr. xyz left from there smiling!
Kabir hugged sanchi in happiness ,but then realises it and broke the hug.
They sat on bench silently for some more time.
“Ok,so finally sab kuch bhul kar kya hum frnds ban sakte hai??” He said in slow voice and forwared his hand ,but she hugged him tightly in response!!
“I will be always there with u in All Darks and Faints” she gave him promise in her mind!!
Kusum weakly smiled seeing them together!!!

So ,i know this was completely a crap!! Let me know what u think guys. Till then bye bye.
And i wore helmet ,so u can throw whatever u want. Pls dont feel shy to give ur reveiws.

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  1. Riru

    Amazing article shivani and eager waiting for ur nxt post till then bye tc and luv u

    1. Shivaniiii

      Thanx dear riru. Glad u liked it.luv u too and take care.bye

  2. Dhruti

    superb os shivani i loved it kashh show me bhi kuch esa ho……………but we don’t what happened in show live it………..btw os was mind blowing and sanchi realise that veer doesn’t care of her explanation and she don’t care if veer misunderstood her or not……………superb os…………….keep writing like this…………..till then tc…….bye…………can i ask you something ? can you continue with this os i mean 2-3 parts of this os please…….i mean if you are comfortable with is?……………………

    1. Shivaniiii

      Awwww,thank u for ur words dhruti dear. U made my day yaar. I will surely think about part two.luv u bye.

  3. awesome fab dear
    is this end or second part is also there
    i think you can write another part for this os dear if possible only your wish
    loved this dear

    1. Shivaniiii

      Thanx swetha.glad u loved it.i will write second part as well .

  4. Priyanshipp

    Wow wow wow siso. I just hope agar ye show me how jaye. Saanchi ko samajh aa jaye ki veer uspe trust nhi krta. Or wo kabir ke liye feelings develop kar le. Ek request h kya tum is os ka next part likhogi. Usme confession dikha dena kaanchi ka. Aage likhna tumhari marzi ye to mera chotu sa request tha. Till then bye and take care . Lol ?

    1. Shivaniiii

      Thank u dear priyanshi!!! I will write confession part. Actually i didnt thought about second part,but i will surely write now.

  5. Riyarocks

    o shivani…tu hai ek raani….raani os ki….o shivani….haha…..I know, this was a stupid line in front of ur lovely os……..but yaar, kaash tu sdch ki writer hoti…..kaash sanchi aise hi show mein veer ko neglect karti(like she did in the end)…….& most importantly….I just loved the way kanchi dosti se phirse shuru kar rahe hain, of course, couple ban ne mein time toh lagega naa;)……btw, tumhara os bahut bahut bahut achha tha…….luv u a lot sweetieeeeeeee……..

    1. Shivaniiii

      Thank i soooooooooo much priyanka dear. U know what! I m smiling while reading ur comment .thanx again.and lots of luv to u.

  6. Niyaaa

    Awsome shivanii kaash show me bhi kuch aisa dekhne ko mile per makers self respect naam ki chizz jante hi nahi..ughh.. Btw os is outstanding per ek problem h ab mujhe iska 2nd part bhi padhna h.. Can u plzzz continue it plzzz plzz plzz if u can.. Lovvv u bye tc

    1. Shivaniiii

      Thanx niyaa di,i will surely give next part now.luv u .. take care and good night.bye

  7. Wow. It’s amazing how such idea came in ur mind. U r such a fabulous writer. Please write 2nd one also. May I know which another one ff u r writing.

    1. Shivaniiii

      Thanx kajal for such sweet words .i just loved ur comment dear. And i dont write long ff but one shots. I recently posted os named zingaat tipsy confessions .

  8. Khamoshi

    It was not at all conpletely crap dear..infact it was completely fab ? amazing one. Hope v get to see same in serial also

  9. Awesome super fabulous fantastic mind blowing os

  10. Abhilasha

    Superbbbbbbbbb……loved it!

  11. amazing

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