Kanchi OS – the birthday gift by TRISHA

Hello guys …
Preetha asked for an OS
So I am here ?….

Story continues as it is now …

Saachi passed almost one and a half year in SDCH…
As as for Kanchi … both of them knew there is something special …very special between them …but none admitted that….so let’s start….

It was early morning in dr kabeer’s cabin…
Saachi – may I come in sir

Kabeer – yes sure ms saanchi

Saanchi – sir you called me

Kabeer – if I called you then definitely it was me I guess !!!

Saachi -( khduuusss akduuuuu idiottt arrogant )
Yeah sir

Kabeer – so here are few files you have to look through these ,submit me after completing …and give me the report of children’s ward ….

Saachi – sir you call me regularly call me just to tell this only you can tell me that I have to do same for these days

Kabeer – I tell you
Myself dr saachi because I care for you … I jut wanna make sure if you are ok …. my day starts with you …

Saachi – (rubbing her eyes)

Are you sure this is you dr kabeer …??

Kabeer – SHUT UP (angrily)
I am your senior so it’s my duty to assign you work …

Now leave

Saachi – crap!!!!
?fine sir

She left his cabin murmuring – I just can never understand him sometimes he become so soft like he’s the only saint here and sometimes she exceeds the limit of khduuus pan…. so arrogant …
I am Daman sure god must have left to plant heart in his chest …. no no I guess he must have planted a rock..??

All continued their duties …
Pragya – ahm ahm an chup chap btade aj kya sunaya usne …(now tell me straight what did he asked you today)

Saachi- he can never change ….never…
She told them whole incident …

Isha – vese saachi kbi kbi log mjak me sach bhi boldete h
(Saachi sometimes people say truth as a joke)

Saachi- no he can’t I know him

Both of them
Coughed ….saachi realised what she said ….

She left from there …..

After sometime …saachi was in store room …. she felt as if someone is behind her ….

Saachi (without looking back) – look Isha Pragya if you both are here to talk about that khduuus then i plead you both leave me …!

Kabeer from behind – oh wow I am this famous everywhere I didn’t knew ….
Saachi – turned backside and shocked to see kabeer

Saachi- shit ….! No I mean
They disturb me

Kabeer – whatever I don’t have time for such bullshit …

Saachi – ( 100% hitler ka grandson)(in mind)

Kabeer- anyways tell me what are you doing here in the store room ….

Saachi – sir actually I completed my work so I came here to take some sample papers…

Kabeer – are you serious dr saachi ! This is a hospital and you have to serve patients …if your work is completed then tell me I have lots of work to give you… and for your kind information your study time is after duty…

He shouted on her continuously… she became a bit scared and tears appeared in her eyes …
saachi – sorry sir

He was able to see her tears …. he felt sorry for her …

Probably this was the worst day for her …
At night around 9 pm … saachi in dr kabeers cabin
Saachi – sir everything is done may I go now

Kabeers – no we have an operation to do…
She reluctantly agreed …

They were about to leave … she fell due to sudden jerk
Much to her luck he immediately holded her from her waist and prevented from falling…

They shared an eye lock …
“Tuta jo kbhi tara sajna ve…tu milya te jane Na dugi …” plays

After few seconds they gained consciousness and parted….
Operation finished 11:35 pm she was too tired and sleepy still she managed operation successfully…
Outside the OT…
Kabeer – smiling- good job dr saachi…

Saachi just forgot all her sleepless time just to listen his one word of praise ….
Both moved towards outside
He dropped her to her hostel…
Kabeer- may I have a glass of water?

Saachi – sure sir come

As soon as both reached the small hall … a.ll lights went

She shouted but he was like vanished ….

Suddenly lights came all the preparations and decoration all around ..all of them including Isha Pragya kabeer veer garv shouted — “happy birthday saachi ”
She was super happy …the day she thought worst was actually the happiest day of her life…
In no time kabeer was on his knees….
Kabeer- I know I teased you enough today… in fact from the first day I am always giving you extra punishments for even slightest mistakes…but I have a good punishment for me for all of that…
As my punishment would you mind teasing me my whole life as my better half…I am ready for that…

I love you dr saanchi mishra…

This was the best bday gift she could ever get so far….

All shouted “say yes Sanchi even ria said say yes saanchi ”

she just hugged him and whispered I love you too ….
It was difficult for her to cntrl her tears of happiness that day….

❤️”Who are meant to be , always be”❤️

So guys this is for today
Please tell me how was this …did I gave justice to the story…and sorry for any mistakes…

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  1. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????thank you very much dear ummmmaaaa…love you…omg loved kabir’s scolding in store room…thank u for posting os for me…once again love u dear…

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou so much preetha … all this means a lot….
      Love you too …ummma?

  2. Swetatitli

    It was a very nice os.And yes u gave full justice to the story. I am in love with ur writings????

    1. Trisha139

      Thankq… this means a lot dear

  3. And also i really loved the proposal scene especially kabir’s dailogue….superbbb dear…waiting for more os of urs….

    1. Trisha139

      Sure dear
      I am happy you loved this

  4. awesome yrr
    trisha ure amazing person
    love u yrrr

    1. Trisha139

      Thankq alia once again,..
      Love you too ?
      Btw I submitted one more os..

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