You & Me – Kanchi Fs by ArpitaKrish (Chap-9)

Hi guys. Your ArpitaKrish is here again with new chapter. Previous one was too short but today I already did my lunch so gonna to write long one. Finger crossed?. I read all of your articles but could not comment because of some network issue. Thanks to all of you for liking and special thanks to my dears Dhruvi, Ziyarashid, Niyati, Aamna, Samidha, Shwetha, Anu, Dhruti, Aafia, Niya, Sirja for commenting. Love you all ???


Recap- Kabir became jealous seeing Sanveer closeness as best friend. He behaved rude with Sanchi. Lets see for next.


Today Strart From Here:

It was evening. Kabir was at his home. He felt bad for what he did today. He decided to say sorry to Sanchi.

At Mishra Mension:

Sunil was reading some file in his study room. Just then he hears a knock.

“Yes,come in.”

“Dad, Coffee.”

“Keep there.”

“Dad, I’m sorry.”

“Sanchi, I’m reading a important file. We will talk later.”

“Please Dad.”

Tears came in Sanchi’s eyes. Sunil melts and hugs her.

“Don’t do this again, Sanchi.”

“I promise, I won’t repeat again.”

Kabir was lying on bed.

“I think I like her. Yeah but……. I should talk to the mom.”

Kabir went to Kusum’s room and told the whole matter.

“Yeah…..Kabir, there is not any bad thing. She is nice girl. Infact I too like her.”

“But Maa, How I will confess to her?”

“Don’t worry. Keep patience. 1st go and say sorry to her tomarrow. After then confess your feelings.”

“Thankyou Maa”

Kabir hugged her.


Sanchi was also lying on her bed. Besides her Prasha were too present.

(Sanchi, Veer and Prasha leaves in hostel due to studies. They come home on weekends only. After talking to Sunil, Sanchi came here.)

Sanchi was thinking about Kabir.

“Why he did this? What was my fault? I will not talk to him” Sanchi was blabbering.

“Why are you being tensed? You know na he is Khadoos then how can he change?” Isha said.

“But he is also my friend.”

“Leave it Sanchi. Why are you wasting your mind?”

Prasha slept and Sanchi was remembering Kanchi moments.

Next Day At SDCH:

In hostel, SanPraSha were being ready for classes. Someone knocked the door. Pragya opened. That person was Kabir. They were totally surprised to see him. PraSha went for collage bidding bye.

“What are you doing here, Kabir?”

“Can we talk, Sanchi? Just 5 minutes.”


Kabir came inside.

“I dont know how to say. I was just angry. Without any reason I gave you that work. Infact I scolded you also. I’m really sorry. I will never repeat. Sorry for hurting you, Sanchi.”

“Its Okay.”

“So friends like before?”


“Lets. I’m also going to hospital.”


Both smiles.


In Class:

“I hope you all understand what I said.”

“Yes Sir.”

Kanchi took glance of each other.

In Kabir’s Cabin:

“Haan Maa, I said sorry. Don’t worry. Soon I will confess. Okay bye Maa.”

He again call someone.

“Sir, You called?” PraShaVeer asked.

“Yes.” Kabir replied and told the whole matter about confessing to Sanchi.

“I knew it. I knew it, bade bhaiya.” Veer teased.

“Veerrr” Kabir pretends to be angry.

“Abeo why are you teasing my jiju” Pragya said. Isha laughed.

“Guys, I called you for help.” Kabir said.

“Okay. We will do it. Don’t worry.”

They share a plan.

In Evening:

“Sanchi, Veer is calling you. He is in record room.” Isha said.

“But what he is doing there?” Sanchi asked.

“I dont know. Actually he is searching for a file.” Isha replied.


Sanchi went. Isha smiles and went to PraSha who were standing behind the pillar. They gave hifi to each other.

Sanchi came to Record Room.

“Veer….Veer…” She was calling.

There were dark inside.

Someone closed the door. She was scared and before she shout, that person kept finger on her lips. Light came. That person was Kabir and A corner of that room is decorated with table and ballons. Kabir took her there. Sanchi was surprised.

He sit on his knees and took out a ring.

“I dont know when, where, how….this happened? I never thought that one day I will fell in love. I never believed in love but now…. when we 1st met, I did not think that you are that Sanchi with whom I will fell in love. But after my accident, in those 2 week, I saw a different Sanchi. Yeasterday when I see you and Veer together, I dont know why I felt jealous and behaved rude with you. Now I just want to say that I love you so much. I love you unconditionally. Will you give your heart to me?”

“I already gave my heart to you. I love you too Kabir.”

He made her wear that ring. They hear clapping sound. PraShaVeer were present.

“Sorry…We came to listen Sanchi’s reply.” Pragya said.

“ThankYou guys for doing this.” Kabir said.

“Our pleasure.” They replied.

“Not fair. You all went to his side.” Sanchi pretends.

Everyone laughs.

To be continued……..

I hope you all liked. Dont forgot to give your reviews. Bye. TakeCare.


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