You & Me – Kanchi Fs by ArpitaKrish (Chap-8)

Sorry I’m late. Thankyou all for commenting on previous one. I could not replied because after so much time I came on TU today. Priyanshi sorry I’m posting late cause you know na about last night accident so I was at hospital and came back just sometime before. Still my foot is paining but I’m writing for you. Riyu , bibu dhruvu, kriyu, niyati, ashu love you all unlimited. So now I’m coming to the chapter.


Recap- Kabir pacify Sanchi. Sanchi went to kabirs house. During rain they kissed. Sanchi came back home. Lets see what happen next.

YOU & ME (Chap-8)

At night, Sanchi and Kabir both are reminscing their moments while lying on bed. They smile.

Scene shifts to early morning, Kanchi came hospital and smiles seeing each other. Kabir went to his cabin. Sanchi too went to Prasha.

In Canteen, Sanchi and Veer were talking with each other about random things. Something went in Sanchi’s eyes. She panicked. Veer cleaned. Sanchi thanked Veer. Just then Kabir passes by. He felt jealousy and anger. Although he still did not realise but she is his love. He went.

In Kabir’s Cabin:

Kabir called Mrs. Desouza.

“May I come in Sir?”

“Yes Come In”

“You called me?”

“Yes go and send Miss Sanchi and Yeah Give me file of patient whose surgeory is today.”


In General Ward,

“Miss Sanchi, take this file and go. Dr. Kabir is calling you.”


Mrs. Desouza went.

Sanchi was blushing.

“Kabir is calling me. Wow….we did not talk from morning. Am I looking nice? Wait…wait…what I’m thinking and what is happening to me? Leave it. Sanchi calm down….” She thoughts.

In Kabir’s cabin:

Sanchi knocks.

“Come in.” Kabir said in cold voice.

“Dr. Sanchi, A surgeory is going to happen after 30 minutes. Go and read the file of that patients. I dont want any mistake to happen. Go now.” Kabir said being rude.

“But Sir……I was not assigned before and suddenly…….” her words cut off by him.

“Did I tell you to say…..I’m your senior….Now go from here.”

She become sad and went.

Kabir saw and felt bad.

After 30 minutes in OT, they were operating. It was 1st time for Sanchi and this case was difficult. She was scared. Kabir asks her for a tool. She was so much scared and nervous. She did not listen. Another nurse gave him. Kabir became angry. Sanchi was sweating. After so much difficulty surgeory ends. Kabir was angry on Sanchi because of morning incident and now became more angry. He holds her hand and took her to changing room.

“What was that? I told you that I dont want any mistake”

Tears came in Sanchi’s eyes. She went away from there without saying anything.

Kabir felt bad and went following her.

To be continued………

Sorry It was too short. Today my mood is off so can’t type more. I promised priyu so I was writing. Really Sorry. Bye tc. I need some time.


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