Kanchi Forever (Episode 7)

Hi guys ….
I am
Not going to end this ff so soon ….
We have a long journey with kanchi ❤️
So here I continue with the next ch –

Kabeer and saachi stuck in the store room –
Kabeer- do you have any idea if anyone can open it now…

Saachi – no sir.. now it can only be opened in the morning tomoroww…
As for now … luck is all we can think of….

Kabeer – dr saachi …. there is an opening above the door … we can try calling someone for help

Saachi – sure sir you can do this

Kabeer – ahm …. wait a second ms head intern …. you are going to do this
Neither of us is so long so you will do this and I guess I have to hold you ….

Saachi -(in mind – who have told you to hold me if you hv so problem )

Ok sir ?

Kabeer holds her from waist and make her look through the opening ….

Saachi – hey is there anyone for help….

Still no one responds …..

She was already feeling awkward in such a situation….

Kabeer- don’t you think dr saachi … you should join some gym or yoga classes

Saachi – are you trying to say I am fat ?

Kabeer – no no I didn’t mean that I mean just little bit ….

Saachi fumes …?
He gave an evil smile …..

Both were just fighting like typical husband wife…..

Kabeer – dr saachi …. ouch…. would you mind getting down or you are planning to break my

Saachi -huh … why not

He brings her down but by the time she looks in his eyes they both share an eye lock

Kabeer holding her tightly …he was just lost in her innocent eyes which were trying to say many things …..

Suddenly ph alarm rang of saachi mrng 3:00 am….
Song played- raja ki aegi baraat ????

Both parted…..

He bursts into huge Laughter…
She felt embarrassed

Kabeer – don’t you think 3 am is too early to wake up …and specially this ring tone ??he tonted her
Saachi – sir it was just by Isha …. both kept on teasing me on your na….(name)

Saachi coughed- aagh aagghh I mean normally….

He understood the matter but didn’t

Remaining few hours passed in deep silence btw the two which reminded them of each and every moment they spent together …. the eternal love they had for each other ….the silent talks btw their souls ….?

Around 4:45 am
Saachi was walking around waiting for someone to open the door she just stepped on glass and her left foot was badly injured –aa she shouted in pain

Kabeer was restless
Immediately came to her
picked her in his arms and made her sit on the nearby table

Her foot in his hands trying
To manage the cut…..

Kabeer – r u mad saachi can’t you saw what was wrong with you

I guess you should be given punishment of not taking care of you ….
He shouted is there anybody
Just then a sweeper came and opened the door

Without wasting any time
He carried her in his arms ….

A lot of concern
Her ……a lot of care …. his feelings were out now …..

She was not able to believe if that khdus is kabeer or this impatient innocent being…..

On the other hand veer and Ria were fuming in anger this time ….

Kabeer made her sit on bed
Bandaged her and made her comfortable

During all this time she was just looking at him
How cute he looked …he can be soft hearted ……
He looked at her when she was already starring at her…. he realised how impatient he behaved ….unknowingly he showed her how much he care about her….

Asking her to rest he left…..

This wasn’t the end both were just thinking about the time they spent together …….

Neither of them knew why they are so lost in each other’s thoughts …they were just lost…..

Precap: in the class
Ria – sir saachi stole my notes ..you should check her bag….
Saachi – I didn’t sir I swear
Kabeer – dr Ria can you tell the first point of your notes

She just stood sealing her lips…

Hope you liked this
Pls give you opinions on this

Any new idea Will be welcomed …..

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  1. Amazing episode
    Precap is ????

    1. Trisha139

      Glad you like it dear

  2. Mishty

    And the precap- Hahaha genius Kabir!

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks dear
      I am happy you liked it

    1. Trisha139

      Happy that you liked it

  3. Dude…i just want to see and give you and be_witch a tight hug for ur awesome ffs…plzzz post next asap yaar…???????

    1. Trisha139

      Sure dear
      This means a lot to me

  4. Awww cute:-)

  5. nice precap……..riya’s going to fall in her own trap……..

  6. The episode was very nice. The precap is awesome. Very eagerly waiting for the next episode after reading this mind blowing precap

  7. Swetatitli

    Nice ch.loved kabir’s concern for sanchi

    1. Trisha139

      Glad you like it

  8. Nice ep & precap is the best

    1. Trisha139

      Will try to update soon dear

  9. Trisha139

    Next epi will be the last guys … sorry but I am quite upset with the reviews …

  10. Awesome episode plzz write little longer bcoz your episode are very interesting and update daily

    1. Trisha139

      Sure dear
      Glad you liked this

  11. AnahitaAnnie

    It was really very interesting.. Love the precap.. Can’t wait for the next one..

    1. Trisha139

      I have posted
      Will update soon

  12. its really nice ,cute and funny

  13. nice episode kabeer ne sanchi ki help ki I proud of u kabeer and precap jeanius kabeer Riya ki bolti band karne ke liye.plz .

  14. Fummy story just love it

  15. r u tired.
    so why r u nut updating today plz update yrr plzzzzzzzzz.

    1. Trisha139

      I have updated that dear and it has been published also …

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