Kanchi Forever (Episode 6)

Hlo guys
I am here with epi 6 of kanchi forever …..

Let’s continue with …

Isha and Ria in kusums room

Kusum called kabeer few time back and didn’t noticed that she forgot to cut the call and neither kabeer
He wanted to know what’s going in her mind as she behaved differently just few minutes before like she don’t want him to be in her ward…..

Kusum – so you both came

Ria – yes aunty

Isha – yeah

Kusum – do you people know cooking ?

Ria – coughs — yeah almost
Isha – yes yes why not

Kusum- you know which ice cream flavour is kabeers fav

Ria – chocolate
Isha – strawberry

Just then saachi enters

Saachi- sorry for interrupting aunty but I don’t think he likes any of them
In fact I don’t think he even eats icecream
Icecream is for normal people and he is a typical kh….

She stopped just realised wht she said….

Kusum – what
Saachi – no no I am nothing
I think I should go

Kabeer ph was on speaker
He listened to her and smiled whole heartedly

All left …for their rooms

Next day ..
Saachi in dr kabeers room

Kabeer- saachi I
Want to see record of last 1 month
You have to take that from store room …

Saachi – ohk sir

Ria listened them
She made a plan

Ria – dr kabeer saachi is stuck in the room she called you

Kabeer – you could have helped her , why me ?

Ria – she didn’t let me help her

Kabeer to record |store room…
Yes saachi wht happened
You seem alright

Saachi – yrs sir I am
Wht happened

Kabeer – look now don’t act smart

He told everything to her

Saachi – sir I swear I didn’t did this … Ria has lied to you

Kabeer – what the hell
Ria ! You are gone today

Trying open the door…..
Some nurse locked that door assuming no one is there …..

Kabeer – what the hell ….!!!!!
I have slots of work to do

Saachi- trying to open the door

Kabeer – r u mad
Or am I a fool I tried opening but cant
It’s locked

Saachi- yes sir , I was just trying nothing more

In mind ( how short tempered he is. )

Ph network was gone of both

Saachi – sir files r done

Kabeer – are you serious dr saachi
We are stuck inside and you are telling me that work is done wow
Slow claps

Saachi angrily went on other side
Saw a mouse and shouted -aaaaaa

Fell and lnded in his arms ….

Both shared a deep eye lock
This calmed his anger ….
Kabeer – I didn’t knew the head intern is afraid of rat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚laughs

Saachi- I don’t knew that mr khdus can have time for smile (she murmured )
He listened but ignored

Saachi to herself Ek to store room upr se hitler ke sath

Saachi – I have not even told Pragya Isha that I am here
Wht now omg….
Shit yr

Kabeer shockingly holds her arm drew her closer to him leaving no space for air to paas

And suddenly pinned her to the wall-lost in each other’s eyes

Felt each and every second ….’ssshh’

In calm tone –
Kabeer – I guess we should think about what can we do to get out

She was shocked by his sudden movement stayed still for two minutes and then replied -yes sir

Precap: kanchi had her foot on the broken glass…
In the morning veer looked jealous and so is Ria ….
Saachi even after denying in kabeers arms like this is the best place for her , the safest place ever ….

This we can say the journey from strangers to life partners

Please give your reviews and ideas for next track …


  1. Sandhya

    It’s a very good episode. Introduce any occasion like saachi’s birthday or something else😊.

  2. Preetha

    Omg…yaar u r just awesome author dude…i have no words to express my happinessa…uuummmaaa…and yes i want os on typical khadoos falling for saachi who has feelings for him but scared to hell on him..

  3. Neha

    Hello I am a regular reader of ur ff still never get time to write according to me this time some rain scenes like in the movie half gf and some romantic songs or pls organise the freshers party

  4. Preetha

    OMG dude😱😱😱😱😱 please dont take such a drastic step of ending ff,each and every minute am eagerly waiting for ur ff so please dont end yaar…

  5. Neera

    plzz write long episode because your episode are awesome to read . Loved today episode keep writing plzz update daily

  6. AnahitaAnnie


    |Registered Member

    I am loving how u are taking ur time to post so many chapters.. Thank u for giving us such a treat.. I am relieved after hearing u won’t end it.. I nearly got a heart attack.. And coming back to the ff.. It was perfect like always.. The Precap is 😍😍

  7. ruhi bhatt

    When u r going to update nxt episod plz update fast.
    today I mean. ..
    plzzzzzzzzz. …….

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