Kanchi Forever (Episode 4)

Hlo guys …thanks for the appreciation …
I have come up with a twist in the story so let’s start hope you will like it …..

That might kabeer in his home …..
Saachis earring was left stuck with his collar..
He was continuously looking at that with a soft smile …. it just remind him of his dr saachi…… she was just in his thoughts all that while …..
Kabeer to himself – whts going on kabeer just get out of her thoughts
What happened was just an incident …..

The day passed …..

Next day early mrng……
Isha and Pragya tried waking up saachi but can’t do both of them left for hospital…
In the hospital dr kabeer called a class for a special announcement …..

He distributed files and at last dr saachi …..
She was not there just then saachi at the door
— sorry sir actually I had headache so can’t come early…..

Kabeer – ok come in

Saachi – in mind ( how can this khduus can be so patient )
May be I did some kind of kaand yesterday….. god just save me today

Kabeer – so I would like to talk to dr ria

Ria stands – yes sir

Kabeer – may I know why you split dr saachi’s drink yesterday

Ria – no sir I didn’t
Kabeer – don’t lie dr
Ria I saw you myself

Veer – thts why dr saachi was very happy yesterday ??

Kabeer – shut up dr veer

Kabeer – so Ria your punishment is you have to manage record for next 14 days

Ria – no sir pls …..
Kabeer interrupting- this is my final decision dr Ria

Class dismissed

Pragya – abeo saachi kya kaand kia kl tune…

Isha narrates her whole incident in the party ….

Saachi – wht thts why I had headache today …..
Thnks to dr kabeer

She left for his office to thank him …

Saachi at the door ….
Just then dr kabeer–
Yes dr saachi come in

Saachi -( wow he knows it’s me )

Yes sir

Sure actually I wanted to thank you for yesterday
Isha told me abt the whole incident and I just wanted to know what happened after that

I don’t remember anything…… and she started so

Kabeer put his finger on her lips –‘ssshhh’

He gave a slight naughty smile
She was just lost in his deep eyes….

Both looked just made for one another …

Both gained consciousness…
Kabeer – dr saachi don’t panic
Fortunately no mess happened and I dropped you to your room ….

In mind ( he remembered whole incident her cute behaviour …. about his khduus nature and all and was smiling inside )

Saachi- ohk sir
Thanks a lot

Kabeer – yeah but be careful from next time and for today you can take rest if you want ….

Saachi- no sir it ok I will continue…

She left

In her ward…

Veer – sajanjie sang chale Hm to …..??

Saachi (angrily ) veer ?

Veer – oho miss pinky no gussa
You were looking verryyyy Happy yesterday ???

Saachi- shut up ok it was by mistake

Veer – miss pinky dil hi dil me muskurana chod do ab Nd chilll

She left

Saachi didn’t remember anything but she knew something has happened but she don’t know whts that

She was fearing she may not have told dr kabeer that she likes him …..

Ria frnds to her- Ria if not with kabeer than you can impress his mom in this period I guess

Ria- I will not spare that saachi and yeah that is not a bad idea…

Other hand Isha was planning to impress her

Both left for her ward
Hlo aunty how r you

Kusum looked slightly shocked as both asked her at the same time …
Kusum- I am good
Nice to see you both here I wanted to talk to you both abt something

Both – sure aunty

Kusum- I am
Looking for a girl for dr kabeer
I have seen many girls like him so I would like to do a small test for my to be daughter in law….

Ria- thts a superb idea aunty

Kusum- yeah but agr kisi ne is bare gollu ko btaya Na I will not leave anyone dekhlena

Isha – sure aunty

So both of you come here after your duty

Precap- kabeer listening to all conversation on ph that is kept aside …(by mistake)

Kabeer smiles broadly listening their talks…
Btw saachi Nd kusum

A new intern in the hospital …
And dr saachi remembers what he said to dr kabeer and “or tum ”

May be it’s not up to expectations and sorry for any mistake
Stay tuned for next episode
Pls give your valuable opinions

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  1. Amazing……

    1. Trisha139

      Glad you like it

  2. awesome..and so cute and nice

    1. Trisha139

      Happy tht you liked this

  3. Hey nice episode dude…more than my expectation but what saachi told that he asked” or tum????”…i camt understand hindi so plZz type in english yaar…superbbb episode…waiting eagerly for next update…

    1. Trisha139

      Kabeer asked her in last episode when she was drunk – and you ? ( or tum )
      Sure dear

  4. Amazed of ur updates. Specially this one when veer teases Sanchi,”Sajanjie sang chale hm to???. Very funny and nice. Loads of love

    1. Trisha139

      Hehe ? yeah

  5. VINAL

    So fast Liked it
    Nice & who is new entry >>>???

    1. Trisha139

      Ina looking to skip this

      1. VINAL

        Dont skip it ,,
        It can be sachis cousin sis who will fall in love with veer..Just idea

  6. Fantastic
    I love it
    Precap is amazing
    Post soon

  7. Mishty

    Woah. Nice. Will be waiting for next update.

  8. It’s an awesome episode. Precap is very interesting.

    1. Trisha139

      Glad u Ike it

  9. For what kabir asked”and you”…what saachi told???plzzz post next update asap yaar…

    1. Trisha139

      And you

      This was mentioned in previous episode when saachi said all girls like you in drunken state

  10. Superb

  11. this was amazing thanks a lot for so fast update we love ur ff

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks for you really support

  12. Swetatitli

    Amazing yaar

    1. Trisha139

      Glad you like it

    2. Trisha139

      Glad you like it.

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