Kanchi Forever (Episode 34)


Hlo guys Trisha here !
I have a news for you guys !
It seems like my ff is not working anymore so …
“this is the last episode of kanchi forever !”

Let’s continue to the episode !

Scene 1

Riya was in her room ; on a call …

Riya- you will do this today evening exact 5 o clock got it ! Delay of even a second and be prepared to pay for that !

The call was cut . She left out a smirk ! She turned back just to find veer glaring at her suspiciously !

Riya – what ?

Veer- nothing mr Malhotra is calling u .

She left for downstairs …!

Veer’s still is shown !

Scene 2 : SDCH
It’s 10 am in the hospital everyone is working with full concentration ; (+gossips)….
Kabeer was instructing the board members ; taking a conference !
Saachi was examining the patients !
Isha nd Pragya in two different wards ! Riya wd Madhu nd bala in lab planning nd plotting more instead of work !
Veer was giving injections to patients nd garv was handling the children ward !
Dr krish was too in the conference with board members .

Now there a special guest arrives !

Her POV;
‘Woah looks like a dammn large building let’s see what’s inside ….but wait what I need to do here ….just meet him ask abt his health nd leave ! Oh god ! I am scared .what ! What I just said ….how could I be scared …ok fine now look straight …it’s fine if u r going wdout appointment but he’s ur boyfriend ! Then what I can go my wish my life …oh ms foreigner dr u will never know their rituals ; oh god … so finally decided ….kiana singhania can never be afraid now step forward ….’

At first It was like so crowdy …how many people r there …Nd suddenly I patted my forehead “no stupid these r patients “now don’t loose ur focus nd pls don’t bring ur doctor attitude in between …let’s see where’s krish; my love , yes fine one day old bf yet I love him he’s Pursuing his internship in this clg frm now onwards !

Hey I can saw someone going looks like she’s same …short dress loose hairs curly tangles ….I immediately hurried to her nd said “hey miss may I know where interns will be”

She calmly replied …”yes I am dr Isha nd interns r on their respective duties to which intern u wanna meet exactly ”

I answered “oh that’s ok u may continue ur work I will manage !”
Saying this I left from there ….oh kiana how stupid u are couldn’t u took her help ! Silly nd idiotic me !

Hey I can see a dr going there ….
Veer- hey miss beautiful !how r u?

Kiana – I am very fine ! Now would u mind telling me where r interns !

Veer- oh thts me here tell me wht u want !

Before I could reply a girl came nd dragged him towards herself that was a sports person like girl !
Veer shouted – Pragya yadav can’t u see I was talking to her !

Pragya- yeah dekha hmne ! But I hope u don’t wanna get punished by hitler he’s done wd his conference now come fast !

Fighting for few seconds nd both left !
Wow! Another major failure ! Don’t know where my idiot will be in this stupid clg ! Nd who was that hitler ? Weird !
Seems like their head !

I started waking myself nd atlast saw a room wd big name plate …”dr Kabeer kapoor ”
Thnkgod I found someone …I guess now I would get to know abt some place here !

Normal pov ;
“Knock knock”

“Come in”

“Sir where is dr hitler ?”

“Do I know wht r u asking ?”dr Kabeer replied !

“Sorry sir actually I heard some guys taking abt tht dr I thought him as their head so thought to ask abt an intern dr Krish frm them !”kiana remarked ! “Nd myself kiana ” she added .

Kabeer-oh sit here I will call him !

Kabeer-(in mind)- he’s not an intern nd dr krish nd that kiana oh yeah I remember his gf ! That idiot is gone today ; have some fun Kabeer beta nd of course beware of saachi she must not see u today !

Few minutes she waited nd a young dr entered wd handsome dr Kabeer (I don’t know abt u guys but I found him better)…!

Krish- u here !

Kiana- yes baby !

Suddenly Saachi entered !

Saachi- krish sir u here !

Kiana- sir ? (She gave a big glare to krish nd he just left frm there )

He is gone today nd Kabeer sir btw who was hitler ?

Sachi coughs on this !

Kiana waited for few seconds nd got no reply so left frm there !

Now there were only Kanchi in the cabin .

Let’s see what Krish nd kiana r doing !

He ran in parking area nd kiana too following him!

Krish- look kiana I am sorry nd here I got ring for u God promise look !

He took out things from his pocket at first a pencil got out ….then a toffee …phone…hanky…wallet…

Kiana (patting her forehead)- would u stop this now Krish !
U knw wht u deserve ur punishment !

She moved towards him …holded his collars jerked toward her…her eyes were closed he too closed his eyes bcz of her sudden gesture…in no time he felt her lips pressed against him’s ! Both were involved in the lip lock…after few seconds they parted…this time he holded her hand nd got close to him…sided tangles from her face …cupped her face nd he was abt to kiss her when she put finger on his lips…
Kiana-“this is ur punishment”

Sting this she freed herself from his grip nd left !
Krish- how clever !

Now few hours passed like this it was evening work load was less or almost over …! Saachi was ready to had a knock knock on his cabin for her dare…!

Sachi- mr Kabeer kapoor just bcz of surgeries I let u go today early mrng but not again…!

Kabeer- ur majesty…pls leave me for now !

Saachi- no ! U broke my heart .
(Pretends to cry)

Kabeer- oh fine I will do whtever u will say…!

So finally she agreed him for her hairstyle…!

Fine now let’s see for few minutes what riya is doing !

Riya was shouting on Madhubala frm last 1 hr !

Riya- bcz of u guys I had to wait one more day u idiots! Couldn’t u even click a pic !

Madhubala- sorry yr riya we will do that soon we promise !

Riya – no sorry now I will do this also! Blah blah blah blah!!!!

Now let’s get back to knchi…!

Kabeer was holding the comb trying to figure out what to do with that…!
Saachi- Kabeer looks like u never saw ur mother doing comb ! Else u must have done urs!

Kabeer- I am a dr not an unemployed nd ms my hairs aren’t as confusing or lengthy as urs !

He started wd front combed up to down wd a jerk …!

She shouted”aaaaa…kabeer khduus alkdduuu hittlleerrr wht u were doing it’s hurting”
Kabeer- ohk sorry miss now calm down lemme do ur ponytail !

Sachi- wow my hard work of one week for this hairstyle nd just a ponytail !

Kabeer – I am. Dr not a beautician !

Sachi- you can’t be also!

Kabeer finally tied her hairs in a ponytail! He then tried to fix few tangles wd bobby pins nd ended up messing the whole ponytail…!

Kabeer- shit man !
Saachi- thts ok atleast u tried nd thts enough for me !

Kabeer – in one second u r Jhansi ki rani nd in other u become saint !

He opened her hairs but this time his fingers ran through her loosened hairs….she could feel his touch ! Her hands went through her neck nd sided her hairs on opposite side of neck …
He slowly kissed her neck …cheeks …forehead…turned to lips nd someone knocked the door !

Both parted nd sat formally
he allowed him to come in yet he was cursing the person in his mind !

Precap – big blunder by Riya…do or die condition for Saachi !

So this was in this part guys now u guys will be thinking if this is the last part then precap !
Don’t worry thts not the end !
Yet I am going to take a long leap nd in this Kanchi would separate or not will be cleared in further plot !
Nd after the leap we will have a short journey to go through !

Pls pls post a cmmnt if u like this !

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  1. Keep writing.. you were too gud mahn.Come back.

    1. Trisha139

      THanku nd mahn ?

  2. Niyaaa

    U know what trisha u gave me heart attack seriously daya karo mere kamjor dil pe u know mne first line padte hi cmplt chapter padne ki jagah commnt krne ki sochi per fir laga pad lun baad me commnt krungi if u take break its ok but ff end krne ki mat sochna m abhi tak tumhare ff ki wait m jag rhi thi agar aisa socha to agli baar seriously rotten tomato and flying chappals aayengi tum par sorrrrryyyyy i know m kuch jyada hi kah gayi but plz dont end it soon i want more epi of ur ff

    1. Trisha139

      Sonsorry niyaa der I saw u always cmmnt on my ff but the no of cmmnts have drastically reduced I just wanna know if u guys r still liking my story ? Nd dear thanku for this beautiful cmmnt !

  3. Pls don’t break their bonding u can increase their bonding… Pls pls…

    1. Trisha139

      I will try my best prema !

  4. RuCh23

    Ok Trisha today’s epi was fab like all the others but I’m a little confused on that leap part plz don’t separate kanchi! They were already separated once but it’s your choice ??

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku ruwani nd sure don’t worry

  5. Trisha…. Seriously… What u r trying to do… Firstly in beginning you said in your ff that this is the last ff… And at last u r saying that its not the last episode, you will take a leap, and there is short journey to go through… Seriously are u making fun of kanchi fans…. I was so happy that you are not ending it but at the same time I am angry…as in starting u said its the last episode…. If it wasn’t the last episode.. Then why did you wrote it…. Pls its a request don’t make fun of our feelings…. ?

    1. Hey you should not do like that i think you are new so plz not say like this and secodly you are using my name

      1. Trisha139

        Tht she not my prblm if this is ur name kanchi

    2. Trisha139

      This is my story so I guess what should I do or not nd as for this I am not sorry for what I did this was just a prank ! Nd don’t bother I am done wd all this !

  6. Awesome episode and last part is amazing yaar.but I am furious about the precap.????

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much anu nd don’t worry everything will be sorted soon !

  7. Please trisha kanchi ko separate mat karo

  8. Love u Trisha. Your ffs r too good. This is one of my favourite ffs. please don’t end this too early

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou Roshni ; I am so happy that you are liking this nd sure dear

  9. Plz dont end it soon trisha and plz read my comments on kanchi shot two

    1. Trisha139

      Sure Kanchi nd I did read them nd replied too ?

  10. Sorry guys but i dont thinks so that saveer us better than sabir but if kanchi pair is not a pair in serial plz plz dont stop writinng your ffs trisha so atleast we can enjoy sweet sabir pair plz plzzzzzzz

    1. Trisha139

      I agree wd u knchi so don’t worry knchi will always be live !

  11. It was out standing mindblowing ravishing lovely awesome and dnt separate them it’s up to you but I think u write what ever it’s always unique no doubt for that and luv u

    1. Trisha139

      Awww thanku so much ashnita love U loads for ur this beautiful nature nd ur cmmnt S ?❤️

  12. trisha………not fair……….u literally gave us a heart attack with ur first line………end mein precap dekhkar, i calmed down(but not for long)……….dear plz, its a humble request, don’t end this……. u might not believe but its true…….whenever i open sdch tu page, first thing i search for is an update posted by u(ff,os,fs kuch bhi) ………whether a blackmail or request,jo bhi socho, in any way, we don’t want any of ur story to end up………
    eagerly waiting for ur nxt update asap…………….

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much riya and don’t worry this is not going to end so soon ; at first I felt a bit that comments are drastically reducing but seeing the love of u guys for me for this ff If I could I will never end this one sweetie ! Lots of love hugs kisses frm my side to you ! May god bless u .

      1. trisha, i assure u koi saath de na de, i’ll alwz be there by ur side……..so never ever think abt this again…ok…….

  13. Hi trisha u know dat u always do the best so don’t bother the rest? N I really wished dat wen u get a chance please continue wid ur unspoken feelings I really like dat… n always count me as one of ur fan… watevr u write its a thumbs up??

    1. Trisha139

      I am not that good in expressing my greetings still I literally wanna give a big thanku to you for assuring me to not to worry abt those who don’t like my ff I was really insecure few time before but no more …thnku so much nkh
      May I know ur name ?

      1. Hi dear my name is neeha… n yes i vl always be with u

  14. trishna dear you gave me a heart attack..
    after reading you comment it is just a prank..i become happy..
    comming to your ff..as usual you rock it
    and it was so nice…..don’t quit pa
    waiting for next one and now a days i miss your os
    plz post some os about kanchi

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku sundari Nd honestly me too miss my os seriously I was also thinking abt this anyways I will try my best dear love u sweetie tc

  15. Please don’t stop yr ff
    Today episode was really very nice

    1. Trisha139

      Sure divya patel nd thanku ?

  16. Amazing new love story is Taking a way in ur ff loved Krish and Kiana scenes u r too good in writing Trisha and it’s ur story u can end it but do come. Back again and u first gave a shock to ur readers but sometimes pranks are good for smile

    1. Trisha139

      Yes sanu I agree with you even I wanted to show a new character kiana ❤️Trisha is my favourite Name nd so do is “kiana” so I just wanted to give this name a character a person ! I agree wd u sweetie nd thanku

  17. Trisha firstly u just scared me telling that this is the last ep u know how much important is ur ff to me??? nd u said u r ending it I was dumbstruck for a second bt u relived me at the end. Talking about the ep it was amazing as usual u always leave me in a complete awe, I don’t have words to describe my feelings. U r such an amazing person love u diheart nd loved the ep to the core. Plzzz post soon nd plzz don’t separate kanchi can’t see them away from each other nd the cv’s are just…… getting bored due to them ur ff isjust like lifeline for me plzz don’t end it so soon. Love u a lot ?????

    1. Trisha139

      Awww that was just a prank sweetie nd thnku for This wonderful beautiful comment ; I was on the 9 th cloud whole reading this ! It’s an honour to be to be ur writer ! I am srsly in love wd ur cmmnts…love u tooo sweetie ??

  18. Trisha plzz don’t end this ff so early it’s my favorite . U r a fabulous writer .

    1. Trisha139

      Sure Neera that was just a bad prank by me nd sorry for that ! Thanku sweetie

  19. Moonlight25

    Sweetie…you gave me a heart attack at first but in the end when I saw the precap I was fine..plz don’t end this…we love you and love your ffs as well….you don’t know but whenever I open the page of SDCH the first thing I see is there I can read written by you…so plz don’t end this….coming to the episode…i guess you know the answer it was amazing,perfect…loved how Kabir did the hairstyle…a ponytail…but a messy one…i wonder what that Riya did…its looks something big…And a request plz don’t seperate Kanchi for a long time…maybe just for a little bit but not for long…but the rest is up to you…So bye Sweetie

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much tania thts really sweet of u I am so happy you liked this dear love u bye tc ??????

  20. Hi Trisha these days I am little busy in work that’s the only reason not committing.that didn’t mean I am not reading you’re script. I am sure your fans are facing some problems dear.do remember one thing don’t look at the number of comments you are getting if you have only one reader you have to write for him.otherwise later you feel guilty.I have done the mistake so please donot do the same thing which I done.consider me as your elder sister. It’s a request.

    1. Trisha139

      Its okk di nd thanku so much for ur guidance di I will follow that surely nd thanku once again ????

  21. Abhilasha

    Trishu why did u think that people are not lking this in fact all r loving… And I m madly in love with this…. And precap is really exciting!!! Luv uh loads!!

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much abhilasha nd sure dear

  22. Anee

    Trishu first of all sorry for late commenting but you was gave me attack of 440 volts.anyways ff ws amazing Osm mindblowing as always keep writing OK it’s an order….. Don’t mind.

    1. Trisha139

      Never mind sweetie nd it’s fine thanku for this beautiful cmmnt

  23. Trisha pls continue with your ff….. what u said just made my heart sink……. I was so dissapointed….. But i have a inner feeling thats its not gonna happen…. I believe that u are a great fan of kanchi which will not let you to stop writing about them

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou so much for believing in me Sana tht really means a lot nd I will never disappoint u fans !

  24. Write some os on kanchi also…I love ur writing yaa…

    1. Trisha139

      Already submitted dear

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