Kanchi Forever (Episode 3)

Hlo guys … I am
Here with third epi so let’s start……

Kabeer and saachi are having a paper dance ….
Saachi was about to fall bcz of high heels
Kabeer holds her asap and they shared a eye lock ….
It was broken by another announcement for second step….

They folded the paper and this time saachi has to stand on his feet and was so much close to him
The scene froze …
Both were lost in each other’s eyes till the announcement for last round was made …

Only 2 couples were left priya vikram and kanchi…..
Step three …..
The limits of closeness were there
And as it should be …
Kanchi won and both of them were feeling so weird….

Pragya – aha madam ji aj to sang sang dance ??

Isha- vo bhi mr handsome ke sath…
Saachi- vo to ase hi …..

Pragya — han Han bs pta h hmko

Ria was fuming with anger she spilt saachis drink wd alcohol….

Unfortunately saachi drank that

Saachi – Pragya tu Na shi kehti h he is mr
Khduus but soft inside and he’s not like what hes outside …

Pragya – a oh devi maa bs bs kitna ache se janti ho use haain ke naa

Kabeer just passed and saw saachi
He felt as she took alcohol but he knew she can’t do that so he ignored….

Kabeer has seen ria talking with waitor at the soft drink corner…..

Saachi took the mike…..
Hlo everyone … here dr saachi from sdcah….

I am
Veryyyyy veryyyyy happyyyyy bcz of Savitri devis bday ( in a drunk tone )

Kabeer’s shq was converted into belief
He remembered ria ….
And was frustrated but decided to look after ria tomorrow and took mike from saachi hand Nd handled the situation …..

Ask her to come with him outside…

She stopped after the gate…

Saachi– (drunk) waittt ?dr kabeer ap vhi hitler ho Na who never smiles…. hehehe ….
She gave a weird look….

(He was listening to her calmly)

Apkooooo ptaaaaa bhiiiii hhhh abbb ldkian ap pr mrti haaiinnnnn ?

Kabeer- or tum dr saachi

She gave an evil smile ?

Saachi- nooooooooooo onlyy saachiii…..

Kabeer- ok dr…. I mean saachi

I think you should go now to your place you r quite drunk

Saachi- drumkkk noooooo I am happyyyyy veryy happyyy ??

Saying this she feel unconscious in his arms….
He just looked how cute she looked …..

He carried her in his arms like a gentle men and made her sit in his car and took her to her room and gently put the blanket….

He was somewhere secretly admiring her….. simple and adorable ❤️

Precap- saachi in dr kabeer cabin- sorry sir I don’t know why happened how who did I don’t know anything I don’t remember anything…..

Kabeer smiled at her behaviour and put his finger at her lips stopping her from saying anything …

Kabeer- ‘sshhh’

She was just lost in his eyes

Hope you all like this
Please give your ideas for future storyline and comments

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  1. AnahitaAnnie

    Another fantastic episode.. Thats was really very cute.. And the precap is ??.. I know u have updated enough for today.. So update again when u hv time..

  2. haraaayyyy yaar…seriously i didnt expect this much soon….u know what for updating continously and entertaining itself i like you dear…superrrrbbbb…loved the last room scene i.e kabir tucking saachi in bed with adoration and yaar please post in english dude,i cant understand anything…please post in english…awesome episode,waiting eagerly for next update…plz post asap…

    1. Trisha139

      Ok I will try my best for that but few scenes are better in hindi
      I will try to mention the eng meaning wd them

  3. Mishty

    Awwwww. Such a cute update. Will be waiting for more.

    1. Trisha139

      Glad you like this

  4. Very cute….I am getting addicted……

  5. Great !! I loved it!!!! Waiting for the next episode..

    1. Trisha139

      Sure will update soon

  6. Swetatitli

    Ooo how romantic ????????.Nice one dear.

    1. Trisha139

      I am happy you liked it

  7. Fantastic ff. But please make it little long. The kanchi fans can’t be happy with anything we are quite demanding I guess (lol)

    1. Trisha139

      YEah right
      I agree with you ?

  8. Yaar itna Acha likh rahi ho..thoda lamba Karo..to hum fans pe badi meherbani hogi..plsss??

    1. Trisha139

      Hehe ? ?Sure

  9. Its gd ep.bt i felt that a doct should nt be drunk. Just my thought.in my last cmnt some misunds me bt dnt misunds md this time anyone

    1. Trisha139

      Yeah I agree with you but it was oppositions workmnot of the protagonist

  10. Fantastic ep

    1. Trisha139

      Glad you like it

  11. its awesome…day by day i become one of your fan
    you rock it…
    i want more kanchi romance….
    one humble request or may be my one small wish..can you write one os about kanchi…
    its my wish..if you have time means write it…its your wish..
    but any way its awesome

    1. Trisha139

      Glad you like it dear
      Yeah I will…

    2. Trisha139

      Glad you like it dear
      Yeah I will do that

  12. It’s fantastic
    Precap is interesting

  13. awesome you never disappointed me with ur ff .you arw a brilliant writer .
    show veer jealousy also and make both kabir and sanchi locked in room and sharing some cute moments.

    1. Trisha139

      Yeah I was thinking that
      Thanks for ur opinion

  14. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow ur ff is amazing keep it up

  15. Urs precaps ar ealways interesting and full of romances too. It was very romantic and loving.Yes yaar lamba kar do to humlog mehrbaan hoge tumahare???? Load of love.

    1. Trisha139

      Haha ? of course
      I always try but still skip here or there

  16. Abhilasha

    Oh my my… U nailed it sea……. I m in just love with ur ff….. Thank u for this superb update keep it up!!

    1. Trisha139

      Glad you liked it dear

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