Kanchi Forever (Episode 18)

Hlo guys ….I am back with the next epi of knchi forever …so let’s start …..

It was night ….kabeer and saachi was in their tents….

Saachi- ssh sssahhhh !!!!

Kabeer – may I know who are you talking with …?

Saachi- look here …these mosquitoes so healthy ….thy aren’t stopping noises ….

Kabeer – ohk ! Then do you think saying “ssssh” will help then ….

Saachi- yes of course …

Kabeer – I hope you can use a mosquito repellent…?

Saachi- ssshh don’t need that ….you don’t know the power of this “”ssshhh”….

He turned up upwards from her waist and held close to him …close to his chest ….he could feel her breath ….they shared an eye lock …

Kabeer- (in a soft tone ):I want to know the power of “sssh”

Saachi was whole red ….she tried to avoid the question and get up but as that was tent so she again fell on him …

Kabeer – even nature wants us to be together …

Saachi- I agree …then…

Kabeer – then….atleast let me sleep at this hour of night …I think you will take time talking with your mosquito buddies…

Saachi-huh ! How rude …fine you may sleep …!!

Both parted…

Kabeer- ahm wait by the way who did you liked that information!!

Saachi(tries avoid the question)-I guess you must be sleepy …so go ahead …

Kabeer – why do want me to sleep early ….I hope you don’t have any wrong intentions right ?

Saachi-whaaatttt !!! How can you even think that …I am not like you ok

She silently hit her …and as a move to stop her both came close ….

Kabeer – are you sure you know my intentions (whispered in her ears )…

Saachi-(blushes)-(she keeps finger in his mouth )-sssh and sleep

She realised what she did and immediately removed her hand from his lips…

Kabeer – thanks for showing this power of “sssh”…

He gave an evil smile ….she blushed and both went to sleep ……

It was early morning ; unknowingly she slept in his arms …..they heard loud noises …and woke up …saw themselves in each other’s arms …and parted ….
Whole group came outside …!

Kabeer – who was shouting !!

Veer – siiirrrrr !!! I was shouting look what these three girls did I want to kill them…!!!!

Saachi- would you tell veer what happened …!

Veer – what happened ..!.!seriously you don’t know guys they just packed a handful of raw materials ….neither they got food sandwiches no chips at all ….atleast a soft drink ….that too not…omg I will die today ….and put the penalty on this Ria …..my rats are gonna eat me …..I am fainting god help me …

Kabeeer -SHUT UP veer !!! Don’t be a drama queen this is a camp so we have to life support things for our survival and prepare record with pictures…

Saachi- its drama king …??

Kabeer stares at her with unbelievable look …..

Saachi-ohk ohk cool !!

After sometime …
Pragya – abeo jhansi ki rani tell us what did you both did…

Saachi- shut Up Guys he is my senior

Isha- oh if you are forgetting he is your boyfriend…

Saachi-yeees ! But now he is my senior

Pragya-whtever ….you don’t love us fine !!

Saachi–oh I swear guys nothing happened !!

Pragya-fine !!

Ria listens this from a corner and fumes ! She planned to go close to kabeer ….to break their relation …!

Their time passed using raw materials they adjusted their day well and similarly in the evening the group decided to have a chit chat….

Kabeer -so guys we made a proper record and tomoroww we can enjoy in goa …

Veer -yeeeesss!!!!! A full day off masti tym yippeeeee !

Kabeer -don’t expect much from me dr veer this is just one day !

Veer-yes sir…

Pragya -guys for today we have prepared chits …each one will get one chit and find their dance partner…agree ?

Saachi-no it’s ok you guys continue…I will join you guys later…

Isha – pls pls saachi play wd us …

Saachi-ok guys fine …

All took out a chit…
Ria got kabeer and kabeer got saachi as well saachi got kabeer…Isha and Pragya got veer….

First was Ria and kabeer….
They goth started to dance and saachi looked jealous…

He was dancing with Ria still his eyes were just on Sachi….
And then it was saachis and kabeers turn ..and soon it started raining …..all ran for their tents …..saachi forgot about dance and started dancing herself enjoying the rain …..he stood there admiring her gestures…..rain drops going through her wet hairs slipped from her eye lashes and stayed at her lips for few seconds and then fell again…..he starred at her for sometime …and then holded her hand drew closure to him and had a romantic rain dance….at last both went in their tents …..And the night passed leaving many memories with her…❤️❤️….

Precap: successfully submitted every record and last day of trip…group left for outing ……
Kabeer meets a super jealous saachi….they got married

Hope you guys liked this….

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  1. Yaat toooo good..

    1. Trisha139

      Thankq Prema

  2. Superb episode dear atleast in such a boring day something happened of my choice reading your ff give me a huge smile on my face .a huge hug and thank to u for making me smile . Gd nt ?

    1. Trisha139

      Glad I am able to do something Neera ….very gn and Gm also

  3. Abhilasha

    Rain dance…. O god…… Precap is mind blowing….. Can’t wait to read next!!

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou abhilasha ….I am so happy you liked this

  4. Richa1496

    Awww so romantic… I was smiling while Reading ?… Thank trisha for this superb ff….

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks a lot richa dear

  5. It’s the best.
    Trisha ur awesome.
    Mind blowing.

    1. Trisha139

      I am so happy you liked it dear

  6. OMG ……sanchi gonna be jealous….eagerly waiting for the next part
    Do a favour on me..plz plz plz post as soon as possible
    Really a very cute and jealousy filled part.
    Imagine Ria dancing with kabeer
    And sanchi’s rain dance…no words to describe it
    When the guys were dancing together…did anyone see them?

    U know I am really very curious

    1. Trisha139

      No neither of the remaining people saw them dancing ….and yes I will try to post as soon as possible siya

  7. AnahitaAnnie

    Veer’s dialogues are the cutest thing ever.. And Kabir is naughty.. Loved the nok-jhoks and amazing precap..can’t wait..?

    1. Trisha139

      Glad you liked this annie…

  8. Swetatitli

    Really enjoyed a lot yaar

    1. Trisha139

      Thankq dear

  9. Swetatitli

    Fantastic chapter ????

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks a lot

  10. Amazing no words to say

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks a lot ashnita

  11. Yet another amazing episode from our Trisha dear as alwz…. now atleast u can know why i insisted u for writing novel…. u r just osm….too good & luv u a lot?

    1. Trisha139

      I Am so happy you liked this Ria …and yeah I read that novel about which you were talking about ….love u too

  12. Tejaswini Malhotra


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      Thankyou tejaswini

  13. It was awesome , I hope Trisha you end this trip story soon
    May be u write something interesting

    1. Trisha139

      Yes kitty next will be the last day of their trip and else I will reveal in the next part itself ….glad you liked it

  14. its so nice trishna.
    really great, funny and so much funy
    exciting for upcoming one

    1. Trisha139

      Thankq sundari

  15. My friend plz give a scene after marriage of sanbir that kabir try to ignore his wife sanchi for some reasons so that there will be shock and twist for all of us and i am tell u this because I like your all ff very much they are mind blowing outstanding .and I hope you will fullfil my wish

    1. Trisha139

      SUre hira I will keep your wish in mind …and in the upcoming few episodes I guess they would be mrrd so I will only be able to show this after few 3or 4 or. Ah be 5-6 episodes ….I hope you will cooperate

  16. superb!!!!!!!!!!yaar
    its was just amazng……
    keep writting dear…..
    im excited 4 the next epi n ya make it more intersting and jealousy…..

    1. Trisha139

      Yes sure and thankyou for the cmmnt

  17. Superb episode

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