Kanchi Forever (Episode 17)

Hello guys …this is trisha here with next part of kanchi forever…thankyou for all your supporting reviews and specially riya…your words meant a lot …so for now let’s start guys ….

All left from their first destination ….kabeer and saachi in one car and remaining in other…
Kabeer- ahm ahm !
Saachi- ?ahm !
Kabeer – ahm ahm ahm !
Saachi- ahm !
Kabeer – what type of person are you I want to talk to you and you are not even replying ..:

Saachi- haha so funny mr . I replied in the same way as you asked your stupid questions…

Kabeer – do you just called me stupid ?

Saachi- yes indirectly ..?

Kabeer – whtever …

Saachi-mr akdu…smiling is good for health …

Kabeer – hahahahaha !

Saachi- oh oh stop this I didn’t asked you to laugh like Ravan…

Kabeer – are you going to tell me i look like ravan…

Saachi-(she smiled evily) :may be ….

They reached their second destination …in about half an hr ….

All group stood together …
Veer – wow sir this look …with long and long of hills is just so mesimerising …let’s play something guys …

Kabeer looked at him angrily …

Veer – ahm ! Ok ok work first …but sir don’t starre me like that ;seems I am gonna die next second !!

Saachi : (just laughed on his that expression )-haha …(she suddenly realised what she was doing )…oops no I mean …nothing !☹️

Kabeer – fine so let’s set up our tents …!!

He messages saachi- miss khduus it’s better to laugh bt not at your seniors starring !’

She replied – ohk ?…

It was evening they were almost done setting up their tents …their were 3 tents each for two of them…

Saachi was outside arranging the food …
Saachi–aaaaaaaaa saaaapppp…she fell …

All ran outside towards her …
Kabeer – whts happened saachi ?

Saachi- kabeer ! Kabeer …saaappp

Ria – hahaha you are afraid of snake hehehe

Kabeer – shut up Ria …
Veer – saachi !shkw him ur khduus attitude like sir …I mean ur golgappa avatar he will leave himself ….

Saachi-shut up veer !! This is so scary …he is moving towards me ….

Pragya – abeo just told up and ran …

Saachi- how can I …can’t oh see Pragya he is going here and there …..listen guys if I died today pls leave thts snake ok he is so cute ….

Kabeer – (patting his forehead)–this girl is just just impossible …dr saachi first of all decide whether he is scary or cute …or you have planned to ran or die ….

Veer clicked her pic without being in knowledge of anyone …

Kabeer – what are you waiting for saachi get up …

Saachi – sir no this is starring at me …

Kabeer – my god this girl now you wanna say he wants to dance with you right …
Ishpragya- actually sir she is too afraid of insects ..

Kabeer -yes I saw still she has so much sympathy for them….
Btw I guess I know …
(He shouts )–saachi cockroach …!!!!

As expected she ran away gasping and shouting “eeee”….
She stuck with kabeer…and both fell on ground …and soon were lost in each other’s eyes ….
They shared an eye lock for few minutes and then…
Veer – ham apke hain kon ?
Both of them became conscious…and got up…

Kabeer – first you are so scary and then you need to fell on me !! What a stupid start to the campaign ….
Veer -siiiir! This is a romantic start !!(mischiefly)

Saachi- he just can’t change
Same akdu all the time….

Kabeer-(really)-now go to your tents ….

Saachi entered the tent…and immediately fell on him…
Backgrnd played “yeh moh moh ke dhaage…Teri unglion se jaa uljhe ”

They had an eye lock…
Kabeer – by the way I have an important information for you …!
Saachi- really!
Kabeer – yes …one kiss burns 40 calories and you seriously need to reduce some weight…!!!
(She blushed)

Precap – masti time

Pls pls drop a comment and tell me how much you liked this …

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  1. Awesome episode dear I loved the part where kabir said first decided snake is scary or cute and last part of kanchi .?

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou so much Neera this means a lot

  2. Only one complain why did u wrote short episode plzz write next episode long .lovely cover photo?

    1. Trisha139

      Sure from next time this prblm will be solved

  3. Richa1496

    Aww that was sooo cute…. I was smiling while Reading this…. It was awsm… But there is a request pls update a little longer….. Eagerly wating for next ff… Update soon pls… ?

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks a lot richa …glad you liked it and yes sure

  4. Awesome plz upload the next episode soon can it be today ? Loving your ff one of my fav

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou mahira and yes I will try my best

  5. ara kya baat hai .you should be writer of the show .
    veer dialogue were awesome .
    waiting for another update .
    trisha one req make it more long .its not enough for me .

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks a lot alia …and yup I agree with you from next time it will be longer

  6. So good Trisha just loved it.
    The last part is just awesome.

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou so much dear

  7. seriously amazing I am thinking that I am in love with it

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks a lot shreya

  8. Best epi either….
    But a request 2 I that make it longer
    But I should be a writter of the show SDCAH….
    Keep writting dear Trisha….

    1. Trisha139

      Thank you Sanju

  9. There is a mistake I wanna wrote u but it’s been I

  10. Awesome yaar no words to say

  11. Awesome episode as usual in ur ffs.

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks a lot sandhya

  12. trisha dear, u gonna really make me go crazy with ur writings, just too good, just can’t stop smiling while reading this(in fact when my mother saw me she questioned me, i said just like that, & she said i hv gone mad….haha)u r such an incredible writer……….just luv u dear……..

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou so much for all the praise riya your words meant so much to me

  13. Swetatitli

    U r just an awesome writer. And ur ff ‘s r just making me crazy. Keep writing dear ???

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks a lot dear

  14. Amazing Trisha waiting for the next episode

    1. Trisha139

      Thankq divya

  15. Amnaa

    U are an amazing writer loved the ending cant wait for the next part

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks a lot amna

  16. Cute

  17. It is very nice please update next soooooon

    1. Trisha139

      THANKU and sure kitty

  18. Abhilasha

    Trishu……… It was so cute…… How u get such ideas…….. Kanchi scenes were really funny and cute…… u have made me obsessed and mad for ur stories….. I really want to see this story in real!!!!

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou for all the praise abhilasha ….your words mean a lot dear

  19. Tejaswini Malhotra

    U are an amazing author Trisha cannot wait for next episode and I hope next episode would be some long and I love to read your fan fictions please update as early as possible actually I am anew memeber

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks a lot tejaswini…so glad you liked it and welcome to TU…and yeah sure I will try to update as soon as possible

  20. Hayaat

    I just luv ur writing..actually i m a silent reader.but ur writing is too good that i cant stop myself from commenting.keep it up.??????

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou so much hayat…glad to see this

  21. Ufff ye u r killing me with ur writing skills
    It’s amazing
    Specially that snake part and last part

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks a lot Pallavi and sure

  22. Tanimalwiya

    Omgggg I couldn’t stop laughing and I am still laughing my sister thought I have gone mad amazing episode loved each and every dialogue keep it up dear

    1. Trisha139

      Awww thankyou so much tanimalwiya…I am so glad you liked it

  23. awesome update trishna,..
    its so funny..
    you rocked it
    waiting for next one..
    trishna what do u think of kabir surname..its so mysterious na
    why he is so loyal to dr anand
    any idea

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou sundari ….actually no one knows about kabeers surname ….he is concentrated for his work or may have a back story let’s see when will that unfold ….and for my OS ff and SA I have planned to give him fictionally a surname ….”sinha”…..as my last fav serial had this cast so ….

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